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Ventura testifies about book’s damage to his reputation and earnings

Courtroom sketch by Ken Avidor

“I’ve been defamed!” watch. Obviously, he took it personally. At WCCO-TV/AP the story goes: “Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he no longer feels welcome at Navy SEALs reunions since publication of a book that accused him of making disparaging remarks about the special operations force. … The former governor also said in court that his income dropped from $11 million over the last decade to $100,000 after ‘American Sniper’ was published. He also refused to answer questions about whether he saw combat or was fired upon as a SEAL.” So at these reunions, do the guys knock back a few and then jump into shark-infested waters?

At KARE-TV we hear, “Ventura says the third season of his True TV show ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was delayed after the release of Kyle’s book … . He also mentioned that the show was not renewed for a fourth season.” That’s crazy! That’s like canceling “Seinfeld’!

MPR burnishes its award credentials with a new documentary report on the Archdiocese’s various sex scandals. Madeleine Baran begins by saying, “For decades, the archbishops who led the Catholic archdiocese in the Twin Cities maintained that they were doing everything they could to protect children from priests who wanted to rape them. Reporters picked up those assurances and repeated them without question. Police and prosecutors took the assurances at face value. Parents believed the assurances and trusted priests with their children. But the assurances were a lie, and the archbishops knew it. Three of them — John Roach, Harry Flynn (pictured above) and John Nienstedt — participated in a cover-up that pitted the finances and power of the church against the victims who dared to come forward and tell their stories.” The nuns taught me that lying was a sin.

Crisis in PurpleLand! At KSTP-TV Jay Kolls reports, “The Vikings have used the south sideline as their bench for many years, so when they offered season tickets this year at TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus, many of the season-ticket holders wanted the same location behind the team’s bench. However, a recent email to those season-ticket holders says the team has decided to switch their bench from the south to the north sideline. That has some season ticket holders upset, arguing they have not gotten what they paid for when they sent in their money.” Presumably they were also paying to see a competitive team.

Speaking of guaranteed Super Bowl glory … Tim Nelson at MPR reports, “It looks a long way away. But opening day for the new Vikings stadium is approaching fast: the construction contract for the facility sets a deadline for the project to be ready for football for the 2016 preseason. … says Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen. … ‘And two years from now, we’ll be opening the doors, July 15, 2016.’ That leaves about 731 days left to get the work done. Right now, there are about 400 people a day showing up at the site to work on the project.” Just the thought of it makes my Helga braids flutter.

It is encouraging to hear that “the underlying fundamentals are far better” … I guess. Says Jim Buchta of the Strib, “Six months into the year home sales in the Twin Cities are struggling to keep pace with 2013, but the underlying fundamentals are far better than last year. … There were 5,531 closed sales, a 2.2 percent decline compared with last year. The median sales price of those closings was $219,900, a 4.7 percent increase and the highest since 2007.”

Yeah, I think the neighbors have a right to know. In the Mankato Free Press, Mark Fischenich says, “At first, it appeared to be just a case of bad luck for residents of Mankato’s Lincoln Park neighborhood: A soon-to-be-released sex offender happened to find a rental home just down the street. But a closer look showed that the 98-year-old three-bedroom house on Record Street was specifically set up to serve as ‘emergency housing for inmates,’ that multiple convicted felons deemed ‘high-risk offenders’ would reside there for at least the next year, and that neighbors and the city of Mankato weren’t consulted or even informed that the house was being set up by the state of Minnesota specifically for that purpose until the deal was done.”

Rep. John Kline has made comedian Bill Maher’s final four! At City Pages Jesse Marx explains, “Earlier this year, HBO’s Bill Maher launched a new website known as ‘Flip A District,’ where viewers could ponder the worst U.S. representative. The hope being that bad publicity would oust one poor bastard from power in the next election. For months, the votes poured in through Twitter, and on Friday, Maher announced the first pol to make it to the final four bracket: John Kline of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District.” He beat out Steve King? Louie Gohmert? Very impressive.


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