One more step for Southwest LRT green light

Metropolitan Council

All but inevitable, it would seem … . Eric Roper of the Strib is saying, “The final municipal approval needed for Southwest light rail is around the corner at Minneapolis City Hall following a key panel vote on Wednesday morning. With reservations about the wisdom of the line and its impact on the city’s lakes, the City Council’s transportation and public works committee voted 4-2 in favor of the line’s basic design. The full council will take a final vote Friday morning on the $1.6 billion line, which runs from Eden Prairie to downtown Minneapolis.”

A lot of attention was focused on the new Timberwolves players at the State Fair yesterday. It is August, after all. One of the better stories of the event was at Grantland, where Steve McPherson writes, “This is how you launch one of the youngest and most athletic teams in Minnesota Timberwolves history: directly into the yawning Technicolor maw of Middle America, festooned in cardboard Oink Booth crowns, coated in cornmeal batter, and deep-fried, a decadent golden brown. The Minnesota State Fair is everything Americana (hot dogs, farm animals, midway rides, prize-winning vegetables) jammed into a coverless blender and put on PULP.”

Power for 2000 homes:  John Myers of the Forum News Service reports, “Minnesota Power and the Minnesota National Guard are expected to sign a partnership today to build a $25 million solar farm that will supply Camp Ripley with much of its electrical needs. The 10 megawatt — equal to 10 million watts — solar farm will cover 100 acres and will be the largest contiguous solar farm in Minnesota.”

A prostitution sting netted six up in Superior. WDIO-TV says, “[Deputy Chief Nicholas] Alexander said one advertisement indicated the poster was a 15-year-old female. The person who responded to the ad continued to communicate with the undercover officer even though he believed she was 15. [Alexander] said that person sent pornographic images to a cell phone he thought belonged to the 15-year-old. After communicating with what Alexander said was many people who responded to the ads, they arranged to meet with the responders at a local hotel. He said that’s where the six men were arrested.”

That’ll be all for you … . Says Paul Walsh in the Strib:  “Life without parole is the sentence for a 25-year-old man who killed his mother and teenage nephew with a Samurai sword in the victims’ north Minneapolis home, only to be nabbed trying to elude capture in Iowa. … Police say Roberts entered the home in the middle of the night, wearing a black stocking cap and sunglasses, and killed the two.”

Boys with toys playin’ Army … Thanks to tipster Jeff for this one from the Winona Daily News. Sarah Squires writes, “The fire truck roared through Winona’s East End on the way to the scene: a two-car accident, two angry men outside the cars ready to fight. Firefighters soon recognized one as Winona County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) Investigator Kraig Glover, the other, a drunken, irate man ready to kill. … The men struggled, the drunk pulled out a gun, turned it on Glover, and fired several shots into his body. Glover fell to ground and stopped moving. ‘Officer down! Officer down!’ the horrified firemen screamed over the radio, quickly moving into emergency mode. Each firefighter measured his own life, the life of Glover, their training. Police officers listening in on patrol wondered, ‘What is going on?’ … The scene witnessed by firefighters June 16 was a situational awareness training conducted by the Winona Fire Department (WFD) and WCSO. The bullets were blanks. The firefighters did not know that it was a training. They thought they had just witnessed a cold-blooded cop killing.”

If that Irish tax dodge doesn’t work out … Stribber Joe Carlson says, “Medtronic is known primarily as a seller of medical devices, but a $350 million deal announced Wednesday shows the massive company wants to start treating patients directly. The Fridley-based company said it would acquire Italian firm NGC Medical S.p.A, of Tolochenaz, in a deal that values the company at $350 million. NGC’s business is managing cardiovascular suites, operating rooms and intensive care units in hospitals in Italy … .”

Three nights of Bob: The Current’s Jay Gabler writes, “ … Bob Dylan announced a fall tour that will stop in Minneapolis for three shows at the Orpheum Theatre: Nov. 4, 5, and 6. … The shows, at a venue formerly owned by Dylan and his brother, are the Minnesota native’s first home-state shows since last summer’s Americanarama tour made stops in St. Paul and Duluth. The first Orpheum show will coincide with the day Dylan releases an exhaustive, ‘complete’ version of his Basement Tapes recordings made with the Band in 1967.”

Is there a Peter Hutchinson moment brewing up North? Catharine Richert of MPR says, “With Democrats in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District divided over mining, a little-known Green Party candidate has the potential to draw votes away from DFL Congressman Rick Nolan and help swing the race to Republican Stewart Mills.”

The listicle engine NerdWallet cranks out a survey-an-hour. The latest declares Minneapolis and St. Paul numbers 3 (!) and 4 (!), respectively. City Pages’ Aaron Rupar digests it, writing, “NerdWallet ranks Minneapolis and St. Paul as the third and fourth best cities in America, respectively, in terms of quality of life. The cities ahead of us? Madison and Lincoln. Talk about a Midwestern bias!” No, really. You first on that move to Lincoln.

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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 08/27/2014 - 06:26 pm.

    What exactly

    Were those firefighters training for? The guy got shot, so all they’d be doing is mopping up the mess, maybe one or two of them getting shot as well. Seriously, what’s the point.

    Also, its fortunate that some “good guy” with a gun didn’t show up shoot the guy wielding the gun. Sounds like a waste of time and money.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg on 08/28/2014 - 10:02 am.

      Recipe for disaster

      From the article: ““When you fail to communicate to the citizens and other emergency service entities, it’s a recipe for disaster”.

      Hmmmmm . . . . . puts me in mind of some other recent local “training exercises” that were not well communicated . . . . . (black helicopters, anyone?)

      What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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