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Candidates Nolan and Mills at odds over ISIS strategy

MinnPost photo by Devin Henry
Stewart Mills

ISIS may be a campaign issue in the Eighth Congressional District. Mark Zdechlik of MPR says, “Rick Nolan, a Democrat who represents Minnesotas 8th District, thinks that pouring hundreds of millions more dollars to fight a war in the Middle Eastern is a terrible idea — and that the United States wont be successful in destroying the Islamic State. The congressmans position is at odds with that of his Republican challenger, Stewart Mills, who said the nation must deal with the ISIS threat.

Not so fast, Sandpiper. The Strib’s Dave Shaffer says, “Minnesota regulators on Thursday ordered a broader search for the best pathway to build a major new crude oil pipeline across the state. The 3-2 decision by the state Public Utilities Commission was a setback for Enbridge Energy, which wants to build the $2.6 billion Sandpiper pipeline through northern Minnesota to carry North Dakota oil to a terminal in Superior, Wis., that feeds refineries across the Midwest. The commission ordered further study of the environmental benefits and negatives of six entirely different pipeline routes proposed by critics of Enbridge’s project.”

Commendable: A Strib story says, “In an effort to draw more nurses to rural Minnesota to care for the elderly, the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation has made a $1.9 million grant to pay for classes, internships and work bonuses to nursing students. The grant, announced Thursday by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and senior housing and services nonprofit Ecumen, runs for two years, with some of the work bonuses running longer.”

In a glutted market: The AP says, “Minnesotas corn crop may be larger than first thought, thanks to recent rains. Last month, the U.S. Agriculture Department estimated the state corn crop at a big 168 bushels an acre. … The anticipated huge harvest has depressed corn prices to below the break-even point.”

Martin Gould, writing for Britain’s Daily Mail says, “At least three young Minnesota women are now believed to have traveled to Syria to give aid to the ISIS terror group responsible for the brutal beheadings of American journalists, MailOnline has learned. … The case of one of the Minnesota girls, a 19-year-old, has already been widely reported, after the girls family called the FBI, but Jamal said he believes at least two more girls have gone to the Middle East hotspot.”

Sadly, he’s not one of a kind. Susan Feyder of the Strib reports, “The city of Chaska has placed a 15-year veteran of its police force on administrative leave amid an investigation of citizens’ complaints of racial and ethnic profiling. The officer, whose name has not been released, was placed on leave about 10 days ago, about a week after members of the city’s Latino community met with Police Chief Scott Knight to air their complaints.”

GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson has decided to take a jab at Mark Dayton’s union fostering. Tim Pugmire at MPR writes, “DFL Gov. Mark Dayton’s Republican challenger is accusing him of ‘messing with the livelihood’ of the state-subsidized child care providers who oppose joining a union. Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson said during a news conference today that Dayton’s support of efforts to organize those providers is political payback to the labor unions that helped get him elected in 2010. He singled out the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.”

Also in the Strib, Dennis Anderson chats up Tom Brokaw out in Montana. “Parking his truck high against a slope whose lush grasses will yield to whirlwinds of snow in coming months, Brokaw followed [his dog] Red toward a descending draw thick with foliage. Optimistic about staving off his cancer, multiple myeloma, Brokaw nonetheless has been challenged the past year fighting it. ‘Emotionally, physically and intellectually, [his wife] Meredith has been a rock for me’, he said. Continuing downslope, Brokaw and Red would put up birds — if not on this day, then on another, or another still.”

Our faux Scottish royalty has a court date. Robbie Feinberg at City Pages writes, “It’s official. After months of twists — firings, lawyer changes, and his wife pleading guilty to a joint scheme that stole more than $160,000 from the state — alleged welfare cheat Colin Chisholm will stand trial. Judge Lois Lowry ruled in a hearing yesterday that despite Chisholm’s best efforts to get his charges of welfare fraud dismissed, he’ll face those charges on January 20. But the so-called ‘Lord of Welfare’ wasn’t leaving this hearing without a fight. He at least wants his stuff back.” 

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 09/12/2014 - 09:30 am.

    Some of My “Conservative” (i.e. fear-filled) Friends

    Almost seem to need to have an enemy whom they believe, even here in Minnesota, is going to come charging down their street and take possession of their property, their wives and their daughters, and initiate a police state if we don’t stop them “over there.”

    For such folks the “red menace” or “communism” has now been supplanted by the Marauding Muslim hoards.

    It is in the nature of such folk that the only ways they can conceive of dealing with this “threat” (the nature of which is nothing like they “truly believe” it MUST be),…

    always produces exactly the opposite effect than they are absolutely convinced it must.

    If we follow their advice, we can guarantee that any small threat will morph into a much larger one.

    Of course SOME of those who want to through massive amounts of American tax dollars and other people’s children against the threat of ISIL are simply hoping to pad their own pockets through war profiteering and the political campaign payoffs which will surely result.

    Unlike Stuart Mills, Rep. Nolan has been around long enough to remember that it was another Democratic president that sent us into Southeast Asia with “advisors,” and a second Democratic president who mired us into that horrible, senseless quagmire.

    I can’t blame him for fearing that, if Hillary Clinton follows Obama as President history might very well repeat itself; Ms. Clinton’s motivations as the first female president running dangerously close to those of Lyndon Johnson.

    Sadly, Mr. Mills is far too young and inexperienced to have even the slightest clue as to the realities of our stupidity in Viet Nam nor of the dangers inherent in the policies his “conservative” friends and advisers advocate, although, in the end, it’s likely Fleet Farm will eventually end up selling a whole lot more guns if we follow those “conservative” policies,…

    because, following those policies, we WON’T stop them “over there,” and we’ll give them massively increased motivation to try to discover the best ways to cause trouble in the streets right here at home.

    Add to that the reality that it will not be “liberal” politicians who will take away the public’s guns. It will be those the “conservatives” support who will do so,…

    just as soon as the time arrives when those who finance their campaigns and pull their faithful puppet’s strings decide that the average citizen is waking up to how thoroughly they’ve been ripped off by those at the top of our corporate and financial system,…

    and begin to feel as if guns in the hands of the riff raff might now be a threat to those who have taken everything away from us.

  2. Submitted by jason myron on 09/12/2014 - 01:38 pm.

    Game, Set, Match…

    Thank you, Greg!

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