Search for suspected killer centers on Anoka airport

Manhunt for suspected killer focuses on Anoka (again): Police are searching the Anoka County Airport once again for Ty Hoffman, the man suspected of murdering Boston Scientific executive Kelly Phillips last month. “Police believe Lyle ‘Ty’ Hoffman may have robbed a TCF Bank on County Road 10 in Blaine, Minn. over the weekend,” reports WCCO. “Three weeks ago, 48-year-old Phillips was shot and killed outside an Arden Hills gas station. Police immediately began looking for Hoffman, his former boyfriend and business partner. That day a search led them to the Anoka County Airport, but nothing was found. … After Blaine police identified Sunday’s bank robbery suspect as Hoffman, officers and deputies searched the airport hangar by hangar and through the air. Officers came back to continue their search on Tuesday morning.”

Over at the Star Tribune, Paul Walsh and Karen Zamora report: “All gates leading into the Anoka County-Blaine Airport, the subject of earlier attention in the pursuit of Hoffman, are being blocked by squad cars from the Blaine Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office. An ambulance was also on the scene. No other details were immediately available about the search, including whether it was inspired by a fresh sighting of Hoffman or whether it’s a resumption of Monday’s pursuit, which was spurred by a bank robbery Sunday.”

The greatest Minnesota get-together? The final attendance tally for the 12 days of the 2014 Minnesota State Fair was 1,824,830, fair officials announced Tuesday,” reports the Star Tribune’s Walsh. “That tops the previous record of 1,790,497, set in 2009. … Several factors played into this year’s robust turnout: agreeable weather, an improving economy … and a transit hub with connections to the new Green Line light-rail line.

In other Fair fare: The Strib has a look at a totally unscientific, but nonetheless fascinating poll of more than 7,600 fair-goers.  The Minnesota House of Representatives poll found that while the public is split on many things (recreation marijuana, for one), there are certain areas of commonality. For one: An overwhelming majority (70 percent) believe the state should refuse to provide any additional public subsidies to the NFL for bringing the Super Bowl to Minnesota in 2018. Another: 64 percent … believe it is time to do away with the state restrictions that keep liquor stores closed on Sunday.

Attorney identified as Green Line victimThe woman who was killed by a Green Line train over the weekend has been identified. Shana Buchanan was attempting to cross the tracks on a pedestrian walkway from the south side of the railway to the north side at the Westgate Station near University Avenue and Emerald Street, according to Metro Transit spokesman Bruce Howard,” reported the Pioneer Press. “The train was likely moving at about 30 mph at the time of the collision, and the train operator apparently tried to apply the brakes.”

City Pages’ Aaron Rupar further IDs Buchanan as a “controversial” attorney who “came under scrutiny from the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board for allegedly repeatedly agreeing to take on a client’s appeal, getting paid, but then doing no legal work and ignoring clients’ attempts to communicate with her. After we wrote about that scandal back in February 2012, Buchanan took to our comments section to defend herself.”

The latest in the Michelle MacDonald saga. On his blog, Michael Brodkorb passes along a press release announcing that the embattled GOP supreme court nominee will file a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings against the Republican Executive Committee. The campaign will also be contacting other, unnamed authorities “about alleged violations for criminal statutes, including Coercion.”

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  1. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 09/02/2014 - 03:55 pm.


    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the GOP-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court. That this leaves substantial room for improvement in the endorsement process should go without saying, but Ms. MacDonald also does not reflect positively on the party’s candidate-selection process.

  2. Submitted by Elsa Mack on 09/02/2014 - 04:53 pm.

    Green Line accident

    I’m confused: what does Ms. Buchanan’s professional past have to do with her getting hit by a train? The article also mentions a history of mental illness; are they implying that her mental illness is somehow to blame?

    Another person quoted mentions that she may not have noticed the warnings because of her headphones. If that is the case, something ought to be done to make the warning signs more obvious, because a lot of people wear headphones on mass transit.

    • Submitted by jason myron on 09/02/2014 - 08:25 pm.

      As if

      bells and crossing arms aren’t enough? How about some personal responsibility and becoming aware of your surroundings. This woman would be alive today if she had had some situational awareness. Here’s an idea…when on the street, sidewalk or skywalk, take out your earbuds and pay attention.

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