Small-business group endorses Johnson for governor

MinnPost file photo by Brian Halliday
Jeff Johnson

The job creators have spoken. MPR’s Tom Scheck reports, “The Minnesota Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses announced today it’s backing Republican Jeff Johnson’s campaign for governor. Johnson understands the needs of small business owners better than Gov. Mark Dayton, the group’s executive director Mike Hickey said at a news conference to announce the endorsement. ‘You can’t cherish the job and so often work against the job creator,’ Hickey said. ‘That’s what Governor Dayton has done really during his first four years.’ ” Do we still have job creation numbers for the eight years prior to the current administration?

Ever closer yet to socialist hell-holedom. At City Pages Aaron Rupar writes, “St. Paul is poised to become the second city in Minnesota (after Brooklyn Park) to offer paid maternity leave to city employees. A resolution that has the unanimous support of the city’s seven council members ‘would provide four weeks paid salary to the birthing employee mother and two weeks paid salary to the non-birthing employee parent or adoptee employee parent,’ according to a news release put together by the city.” Will the assaults on our job creators ever cease?

Skullduggery at Mayo? Jeff Kiger of the Rochester Post-Bulletin reports, “A former top Mayo Clinic executive is being sued for allegedly hiding his hiring by a competitor of Mayo Medical Laboratories for months while he continued to work for Mayo while stealing trade secrets. Mayo Clinic filed a lawsuit alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract against Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III, who was president and CEO of the for-profit Mayo Medical Labs for eight years. The case was filed Tuesday in Olmsted County District Court.” Which reminds me, where’s Par Ridder these days?

There may be other health issues grabbing headlines, but Minnesota’s “pot czar” has problems she’ll be dealing with. MPR’s Tim Nelson serves up a quick profile. “Michelle Larson has already been called a lot of things: Captain Cannabis. Mary Jane. The pot czar. … It’s Larson’s job to regulate a pot industry that aids the sick — and no one else. She and a staff of about 10 people will oversee two medical marijuana manufacturers picked by a state panel. They’ll also run the state registry, the list of people approved by doctors to buy the drug. It’s never been done in Minnesota before.” And five years from now, will all the bureaucratic overhead have any relevance?

Good as far as it goes … The Strib’s Adam Belz reports, “Minnesota employers added 7,200 jobs in September and the unemployment rate continued its downward march to 4.1 percent, the lowest level since 2006. The September gains, combined with August figures that were revised upward by 2,700 jobs, bring job growth so far in 2014 to 23,000, according to figures released Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. All of the gains in September were in the private sector. Government shed 4,200 jobs on the month.” And how many of those government jobs were minimum wage?

Steadily pumping up the heat: Alex Friedrich at MPR writes, “The University of Minnesota isn’t using all its legal leverage to block the use of the Washington [football team’s] name and logo at the university’s stadium, say critics who have been pressuring the franchise to change its name. St. Paul attorney Larry Leventhal, a board member of the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media, contends that the team’s use at a Nov. 2 game between the Minnesota Vikings and Washington at TCF Bank Stadium violates the university’s stadium lease agreement with the Vikings.”

Speaking of words that decent people shall not utter … . Seth Bornstein of the AP says, “If you thought last [bleep] was a horror show, with cold blasts from the polar vortex and a lack of California rain, here’s some good news: No sequel is expected this year, federal forecasters say. Mike Halpert of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that the upcoming [bleep] looks pretty average in general. He doesn’t expect a lot of extreme conditions like last year’s cold outbreaks when Arctic air dipped south with the polar vortex. ‘A repeat of last [bleep] is not particularly likely,’ said Halpert.” Keep that guy’s number for next April.

Also down … KARE-TV says, “Minnesota is making significant progress on reducing the number of lives lost to fire, but there is still improvement to be made. That’s the message found in the latest edition of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal Division (SFMD) annual report. … Statistics from the 2013 report:

  • There were 44 fire deaths, a 12 percent decrease from 50 deaths in 2012.

  • Four of last year’s fatalities happened in homes without working smoke alarms — or no alarms at all.

  • The number of heating fires jumped 25 percent from 2012.

  • Unattended cooking joined careless smoking as the number one cause of fire deaths.

  • There was nearly $123 million in residential property damage, a 22 percent increase.”

Continuing their examination of critical; voting areas, MPR’s Tim Pugmire looks at Twin Cities suburbs. “The Shoreview-Little Canada districts — [DFLer Barb] Yarusso’s 42A and neighboring 42B held by DFLer Jason Isaacson — are among a dozen or so that Republicans and Democrats feel are in play and will decide control of the Minnesota House the next two years. … [Majority Leader Paul] Thissen said he thinks about 12 districts are in play and will decide House control. [Minority Leader Kurt] Daudt said he thinks it’s closer to 20.”



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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 10/16/2014 - 04:46 pm.

    Let’s NOT Forget

    The “Minnesota Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses” is not made up of local independent gas station owners (if there are even any of those left),….

    or the owners of neighborhood or small town mom and pop grocery stores.

    Added to that, the type of people who DO own and operate business concerns, these days, small and large, have been led by Wall Street into nothing but very narrowly-focused, short-term thinking. They simply do not understand broader concerns or longer-term realities,…

    I.E. they do not understand that, impoverishing average workers through low wageus and job cuts will eventually drive down the number of customers for their own businesses,…

    and reduce the amount of money those customers have to spend, all of which is born out by the poor performance of local business in our current -profits are better than ever, but don’t hire any workers- “recovery.”

    If our “Independent Business” friends would like to consider who their REAL enemies are, let them consider how so many of them were seduced out of operating with their own capital,…

    and INTO financing their day-to-day operations with continuing operating loans,…

    (which meant their creditors got to extract a private TAX – misnamed “interest” – out of every penny those independent businesses took in,…

    and what happened to them or their friends and neighbors during the crash of 2008 when those creditors pulled those operating loans out from under those independent business owners,…

    and forced them OUT of business. (In my neighborhood there were quite a collection of successful businesses that shut their doors without warning for that very reason.)

    Gov. Dayton is NOT the enemy of “independent business,” he’ll do anything (reasonably) in his power to help them prosper (even if they might not comprehend why what he’s doing makes sense).

    Their true enemies are Wall Street and our nation’s big-money financiers, who are constantly trying to put themselves in a position to privately tax every penny those independent business people earn,…

    and everyone who keeps trying to tell them that they have a right to be successful without contributing to the public infrastructures that underwrite that success,…

    without contributing to making sure their workers have reasonably prosperous lives,…

    and without making sure their business activities leave the neighborhoods where they do business and the planet intact for future generations.

    Sometimes your BEST, most RELIABLE friends are not the people who promise you the moon and tell you whatever they know you want to hear (that’s how con men operate, after all),…

    but the people who ask of you more than you want to give,…

    and tell you the TRUTH, even when you don’t want to hear it.

    Being a current Republican, Mr. Johnson is, of course in the former class,…

    whereas Gov. Dayton is in the latter.

    Then, again, some of us almost go looking for someone to con us just because we so desperately NEED their ego-boosting flattery.

    • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 10/16/2014 - 06:57 pm.


      It’s a major conservative business lobby (one of the nation’s biggest).

      • Submitted by Logan Foreman on 10/17/2014 - 09:33 am.

        Easy to find info on this right wing front

        Organization. Tied to the tea party and Karl Rove. 98% of campaign contributions to republicans. Talk about lying!

  2. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 10/16/2014 - 10:25 pm.

    So the headline is accurate?

    Relax people. There is nothing wrong with some people choosing to vote for someone other than Governor Dayton. The Governor is a lock for another four years so enjoy the prosperity.

    I did sense some snarkiness from the author about private sector jobs vs. public sector, but pay him no mind, what matters is the Minnesota is essentially at full employment thanks to Governor Dayton’s leadership. Hopefully the unemployment rate is still at 4.1% in four years.

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