Super Bowl-related tax breaks likely to be on NFL’s wish list

Who dares say no? The PiPress’s Doug Belden reports that the NFL will be asking for … more. “As they’re sorting through requests for more funding from programs and agencies next legislative session, state lawmakers are likely to be asked to help out a huge New York City-based nonprofit: the National Football League. 2015 is the year when any additional tax exemptions for the league related to the 2018 Super Bowl would likely be passed, and stadium officials have confirmed they will be making requests. The question of what exactly Minnesota taxpayers would be giving the NFL as part of hosting the game has been in limbo since Minneapolis’ bid was accepted by league owners in May. … It’s unclear what promises to the NFL were contained in Minnesota’s Super Bowl bid, which was accepted May 20 by league owners. “

Another attorney? Jean Hopfensperger of the Strib says, “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has hired a prominent criminal defense attorney to continue its investigation into possible sexual misconduct by Archbishop John Nienstedt. Attorney Peter Wold has been retained to continue the investigation completed by the Greene Espel law firm in July, Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piché confirmed Monday. Wold has met with at least one man — previously unidentified in the media — who filed affidavits in the misconduct investigation earlier this year. … ‘Why would they investigate again?’ [whistleblower Jean] Haselberger asked. ‘I hope it won’t be an attempt to slander the victims, which would be a poor reward for coming forth.’”

A legislative fix? WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler reports, “A Minnesota lawmaker is proposing much tougher state penalties for violence against health care workers. The move comes after a high profile attack at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood by a patient who beat four nurses with a metal bar he removed from a bed. … State Representative Joe Atkins said the state needs to come up with a plan to address violence against health care workers. ‘Most of them come out [of school], and they’ve been trained on how to handle medical emergencies,’ he said, ‘but they haven’t been trained on how to deal with people carrying an iron bar or a knife.’” Kind of a different skill set.

Officially, they’ve made up. Erin Golden at the Strib writes, “Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and police union president John Delmonico say they’ve had a productive conversation and are ready to move past tensions revealed in the ‘pointergate’ controversy in November. The two met last week, nearly a month after KSTP-TV aired a news story that suggested the mayor had flashed a gang sign while posing for a photo with election canvasser Navell Gordon. … Hodges and Delmonico said they are working on shared goals. While some of their meeting focused on the disagreements that surfaced after the KSTP story, both said it wasn’t the central point of the discussion.”

Hope you like your data raw. For MPR, Laura Yuen says, “The city of Minneapolis has launched a new open-data portal, allowing the public to access raw government data online. That means online visitors will have public access to information on city liquor and rental licenses, crime statistics and 311 calls — without having to request it. The data is raw, so the site won’t appeal to everyone. But Otto Doll, the city’s chief information officer, hopes tech-savvy citizens create smartphone apps that will help residents quickly glean information about city services.”

A crowd favorite is moving on. Stribber Rick Nelson says, “Just a few weeks shy of Lucia’s 30th anniversary, [Lucia] Watson is selling her restaurant, wine bar and bakery/cafe to a group of investors led by Jason Jenny. ‘We have no interest in changing anything about the restaurant’, said Jenny, who described the sale as a ‘basic behind-the-scenes financial change. We have no thoughts on changing the concepts that Lucia has put forward, we think of this as ‘new business as usual.’ From what I’ve seen in the restaurant industry, it’s a major faux pas when you take a concept that people love, and you change it. That’s when you run into problems.’”

Bentley the dog’s two month vacation in Minnesota has ended. Lauren Donovan of The Bismarck Tribune tells us, “Two months after he went missing, Bentley the German shepherd is back home again with his family in Mandan. Bentley is somewhat worse for wear after his absence. He has lost body weight, his paws are raw, he has intestinal problems, pneumonia and a severe ear infection, but his owner, Cindi Leach, says the veterinarian who examined him Monday morning is confident that, in two weeks, with medication, he’ll bounce right back. Bentley, a tan and black dog in his prime, was in Detroit Lakes, Minn., with a man who took care of him for about a month, after finding him loose near his home.”

Even if you’re on TV, you have to know the rules. Brett French of the Billings Gazette writes, “Jim Latvala, a 65-year-old fishing guide from Two Harbors, Minn., shot a six-point bull elk while hunting with his brother on the opening day of the Montana season. … But the excitement soon soured when a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden, followed by a TV show videographer, approached. Latvala said the warden told him he had a good chance of losing the bull because he hadn’t tagged it immediately, as Montana regulations require.”

Prosecutors in that junior hockey sex video case up in Moorhead want things sealed from prying eyes. Emily Welker of the Forum News Service says, “Prosecutors in a case against a pair of junior hockey players accused of distributing a video of sex with a teenage girl they allegedly made are asking a judge to seal certain court filings. In a motion filed Friday, prosecutors allege that defense attorneys for the two players are attempting to try the case in the court of public opinion, rather than in criminal court. … In a motion filed in October, defense attorneys claimed the girl was the predator in the encounter and was attempting to have sex with a member of every team in the U.S. Hockey League.”

Need that 100-inch curved 3-D set by, uh, Thursday? Kavita Kumar at the Strib alerts readers, “Best Buy has raised the stakes in the online shopping wars by offering an eye-popping holiday promotion: free two-day delivery on thousands of items through its website. The deal, which went live over the weekend, is an aggressive move by the Richfield-based electronics retailer to win over holiday shoppers who are especially concerned about shipping speed when making online purchases in the home stretch before Christmas. Best Buy has not yet announced an end date for the holiday delivery offer.”

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  1. Submitted by beryl john-knudson on 12/09/2014 - 08:06 am.


    Thanks for the story of Bentley the survivor, in a world where all things are not going too well in this battered old world.

    One could say nations and humans are executing, advocating; justifying or denying acts of terror and torture beyond our wildest dreams or nightmares… and we are trying even to understand how such a mutation from high ideals so quickly has been reduced to such low outcomes now, as naive innocence crumbles, and we cannot make it all better eh?

    Once upon a time this nation at least had good motives wrapped in a flag or a Constitution defined rightfully or rightously as the pursuit of peace, and telling our selves even when war appeared a necessity it’s okay? Call it justified or unjustified for some..but a perceived intent in relation to others beyond our “fruited plains?

    Add the fantasy too, good Joe and Joanna citizen who do no longer have the will or even appear to have the power or ability to control the outcome anymore?

    And then the Bentley story sends another message maybe, where hope rises on four legs this time and a wee small voice tells us again, that we too as humans have the capacity to be survivors still, whatever the conditions given?

    Could be a greater message here, for if there is a god, the Dog walks in his shadow… and go from there?

  2. Submitted by Richard Callahan on 12/09/2014 - 10:24 am.

    Super Bowl tax breaks

    Will the unabashed greed of these billionaires never end?

  3. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 12/09/2014 - 12:05 pm.

    Response to the NFL

    I think “no” should sum it up nicely. I’m not even sure I would want to hear what they’re asking for.

  4. Submitted by Pavel Yankovic on 12/09/2014 - 12:56 pm.

    Tax breaks for the NFL…

    should come as no surprise to anyone after the beatdown they have already given us, otherwise known as the Vikings stadium.

  5. Submitted by Steve Titterud on 12/09/2014 - 02:45 pm.

    MSFA – the lapdog of the Vikings’ ownership and the NFL

    At least the MSFA has gotten around to making no bones about whose interests they are promoting – which is certainly not the public’s interests – see the quote from its chair:

    “I think the other-event ticket tax exemptions are probably something that we would look at. That to me from the NFL’s perspective seems pretty straightforward,” said Kelm-Helgen.

    Magnificent, exceptional public funding of tax exemptions for her bosses is INDEED “pretty straightforward” to Kelm-Helgen. After all, who does she work for ?

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