1,700 jobs cut at Target

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A bad day at Big Red. Details of the much-discussed Target HQ layoffs emerged this morning; 1,700 Target staffers found out today they are losing their jobs — another 1,400 open positions will remain unfilled, bringing the total job reduction to 3,100.

The Pioneer Press’ Tom Webb and Katie Kather set the scene:

Starting shortly after 9 a.m., the first laid-off employees began emerging from its headquarters on the Nicollet Mall. Then groups came out in waves, some in tears, many carrying boxes. Target confirmed that all 1,700 layoffs are “effective today.”

This new round of layoffs comes in the wake of the failure of Target’s Canadian expansion, which as the Star Tribune’s Adam Belz reminds us, resulted in a separate round of firings:

Cornell decided in January to end the Canada expansion, leading to 17,600 job losses there and about 550 corporate workers in the Twin Cities who supported the Canadian business.

As MPR explains, it’s all about making Target more efficient:

The company announced last week that it would eliminate “several thousand” positions, primarily at its Minneapolis headquarters, over the course of two years. While they did not disclose specific numbers, company officials said they wanted the headquarters — which employs about 13,000 people — to have a “simpler and more nimble structure.”

Target is Minnesota’s fourth-largest employer, after state and federal governments and the Mayo Foundation.

City Pages reprinted the all-staff email sent out this morning by Target Chief Human Resources Officer Jodee Kozlak, which, among other things, lays out the severance package for laid-off employees:

They will receive a comprehensive separation package that includes more than 15 weeks of pay plus additional severance based on their years of service. They’ll also receive six months of benefits coverage at the Target team member rate, outplacement support and access to free executive education courses.

Have you called the Target employee in your life today?

Omg omg omg. The Current is teasingly releasing the Rock the Garden lineup today. As of press time, announced acts for the two-day festival included:

For the latest updates, check back with the Current.

At least one Wisconsin business owner is responding to the state’s new “right to work” law — by expanding business in Minnesota. The Pioneer Press’ Ted Vezner reports that construction boss James Hoffman is hoping to expand his Lakeville, MN offices: “Hoffman said Monday night that the reason is twofold: he believes the right-to-work law will ultimately cost his company money, and he sees Minnesota’s proposal to increase transportation funding as offering greater business opportunities.”

Celebrated novelist and Macalester prof Marlon James describes his journey from Jamaica to Minnesota — and to self-discovery — in the pages of the New York Times Magazine. It’s the quintessential Minnesota story:

I was shocked by my empty apartment, thinking “empty” meant a few chairs and a couch. I bought an air bed from Target. Seven days in, I put on jogging shoes and didn’t stop running until I saw something I liked, the downtown Minneapolis skyline. For a man always fearing what people thought, I was suspicious of “Minnesota nice,” everybody smiling and saying hello while they kept walking. But by the end of the first week, somebody I’d just met gave me a bicycle to get around; someone else bought me coffee mugs. 

We’re not going to speculate on whether this is Rock-the-Garden-related news or non-Rock-the-Garden-related news, but Huffington Post’s Katherine Brooks has a long interview with Minneapolis rapper Lizzo.

In other news…

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  2. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 03/10/2015 - 05:53 pm.

    May God Help, Guide, and Bless

    all you walking wounded former Target employees.

    May you have the friends and loved ones you need to successfully grieve the loss of your jobs (because it IS grief you’re likely feeling),…

    may you soon recover the energy, optimism and good fortune you’ll need to find new, rewarding, and well-compensated work,…

    and may Target Corporation continue in it’s recovery from the massive mistakes and mismanagement of the Steinhafel era.

    It’s my hope that Target will rapidly start to give Amazon a run for it’s money (which they should have done long ago, but which Steinhafel completely ignored),…

    and isn’t there some way they can claw back some of what it cost them to usher HIM out the door?

  3. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 03/10/2015 - 10:15 pm.

    If a job position goes unfilled

    Can it be counted as a job reduction?

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