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Local and federal authorities break up Minnesota-North Dakota drug smuggling operation

REUTERS/US DEA/Handout via Reuters
Crack cocaine

Libor Jany at the Star Tribune reports on the indictments of seven people on charges of running a major drug smuggling operation that stretched from north Minneapolis to Fargo, N.D.: “For months, members of the Taliban and Young ’N Thuggin’ — two North Side crews that for years had been locked in a turf battle with the 1-9 street gang and its offshoot the Stick Up Boys — traveled to Fargo, Duluth and St. Cloud to deal crack cocaine, which sold for sometimes three times as much in those places, according to court documents.”

Some protection for whistleblowers. Chris Steller at the Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Office discusses Rep. Kathy Lohmer’s bill protecting people from frivolous lawsuits after they report suspicious behavior to law enforcement: “Her bill, HF906, would repeal one statute while adding a specific list of actions protected under another known as the anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law. Lohmer’s goal, she told the House Civil Law and Data Practices Committee Tuesday, is ‘preventing private citizens and government officials from being afraid to report a crime.’ “

It’s not us, it’s you. CNN anchor Carol Costello delves into the domestic dispute between Minnesota and the rest of the Upper Midwest: “Minneapolis also has a thriving cultural community, is home to 19 Fortune 500 companies and has a cuisine all its own that is not based on processed foods. And, at the moment — it has what many polite Midwesterners can’t abide by — attitude. You know, Minnesota nice. Definition? As my pal from Wisconsin puts it, ‘sarcastic, pretentious and exclusionary.’ “

Coming this fall: “Desperate Preservationists of Minneapolis” Jon Tevlin at the Star Tribune grabs some popcorn and a front-row seat to the circus involving Mayor Hodges, Council Member Bender, reality TV host Nicole Curtis and a demolished Minneapolis rooming house: “As expected, the Internets took over and Curtis fans flooded [her] Web page with comments, most of them reasonable. A blog cherry-picked the worst of them — sexist, threatening and foul-mouthed — and posted them as if they were a continuous thread. It made it look like all of Curtis’ fans had conked themselves with a ball-peen hammer.”

What will it do if it catches one? Dave Orrick at the Pioneer Press reports snowmobilers are being rerouted in Voyageurs National Park because a lone wolf has started chasing the recreational vehicles: “My guess is it’s practicing, practicing its hunting behavior, which is running fast after fast prey,” [wolf expert David] Mech said, clarifying that he doesn’t believe the wolf is seeing snowmobilers as actual prey. “There’s no food reward in this. I don’t know if we can call it playing, just practicing. But we really don’t know.”

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