Klobuchar inspired by cornfield to save sex-trafficking bill

“Cornfield” sounds really Midwestern, wholesome and reasonable, doesn’t it? Describing the inspiration that led her to the compromise that is clearing the way for passage of her bill fighting sex-trafficking, she told reporters (as reported by CNN’s Ted Barret), “‘When we went back for recess people had a chance to cool down and start thinking of solutions,’ Klobuchar said. ‘I actually came up with this in a cornfield outside of Moorhead, Minnesota. That’s where I called everyone from a car and I said, “here’s an idea.” ’ … ‘The cornfield idea was the two funds,’ she said.”

For reference, here’s what a cornfield looks like in April:

Truly inspirational.

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s other senator is not sold on the benefits of a merger between Comcast and Time Warner. The New York Times’ Emily Steel reports, “ ‘The track record is bad on conditions,’ Senator Al Franken, a Minnesota Democrat who has urged regulators to block the deal, said in an interview on Tuesday. ‘They can’t be trusted, and they shouldn’t be.’ ” Franken in particular drew attention to Comcast’s failure to follow rules it agreed to when it took over NBCUniversal.

Tragic. Looking at the fatal bus-on-bus collision in Duluth earlier this month, the Duluth News Tribune’s Brady Slater reports,  “The man who died in a collision involving two Duluth Transit Authority buses in downtown Duluth on April 14 had rushed forward ‘in an apparent attempt to help’ the incapacitated driver of his bus moments before the crash, authorities said Tuesday. … [Michael Joseph] Mooney grew up in Illinois and served 10 years in the Marines, according to his obituary published in the News Tribune. After he was honorably discharged, he moved to Duluth in the 1990s. … He would have been heading to work at the time of the crash.” 

Fargo’s Park Board has declared war on beavers. Inforum’s Archie Ingersoll reports, “The Park Board voted unanimously last week to start culling beavers after residents and park district staff expressed concerns about the animals destroying mature trees in Lemke and Trefoil parks — damage that’s cost the city thousands of dollars.” But some Fargo residents aren’t taking the move sitting down, and have circulated a petition protesting the cull: “ ‘The Red River is about to earn its name,’ the petition says. ‘The beavers living along the banks in Fargo, ND will soon be slaughtered for no good reason.’ ”

In other news…

On Twitter, the Pioneer Press’ Rachel Stassen-Berger noticed that Tea Partiers are targeting House Speaker Kurt Daudt:

Ah, “The Daily Times,” Minnesota’s finest news source.

If Daudt’s upset by this maybe he can talk to Scott Walker about it tomorrow. [AP]

St. Paul’s Gateway Drive will now be known as Nagasaki Road in recognition of the 60-year sister-city relationship between Minnesota’s capital and Nagasaki, Japan [Pioneer Press]

The Minnesota man accused of fatally stabbing a Wisconsin fisherman on the St. Croix last week is pleading self-defense. [Star Tribune]

Erika Rozell and Kylie Stoffer were once bitter high school softball rivals. Now they’re roommates at the University of Minnesota. Pretty good sitcom concept, actually. [Minnesota Daily]

Love it or hate it, the new Spam museum is going up. Another case of pork barrel politics. [Austin Daily Herald]

St. Paul’s billboard nightmare is over/the dream is dead. The (blank) billboard at the corner of Payne and Minnehaha is coming down. [MPR’s NewsCut]

Chaska Police officer fired over profiling complaints [KARE]

Jesse for president. [Pioneer Press]

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Comments (5)

  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 04/22/2015 - 02:44 pm.

    If the Tea Party Types Are Going After Kurt Daudt

    He’s clearly doing at least SOMETHING right (but being Republican, likely doing it in the wrong way).

    Regarding Mr. Acre-Kendell, this being Wisconsin, he’d have been better off using a gun, then claiming “I felt threatened.”

    It’s amazing how we’ve now reached the point where killing someone with a knife is likely to put the one doing the killing in jeopardy,…

    whereas you’re likely to get off “Scott (Walker) free” if you just do it with a gun, instead.

    • Submitted by Dennis Tester on 04/22/2015 - 02:59 pm.

      The right to self defense

      doesn’t discriminate by what weapon you choose to use. The young fellow is claiming self-defense and whether he used a knife, a gun or a rock, if he’s believed by the jury, he’ll go free.

    • Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 04/22/2015 - 06:21 pm.

      If He Had Used a Gun

      and claimed he did so because he “felt threatened” In Wisconsin, he likely would not have been charged under these or similar circumstances, hence no trial needed, no jury, and no further examination of evidence.

      The same evidently does not apply to knives.

      • Submitted by Dan Bosch on 04/22/2015 - 07:13 pm.

        It is strange that MN

        has a system to allow people to qualify to carry firearms, but flat out bans the carrying of switchblade knives, brass knuckles and other types of hand weapons. I realize some smarties will say, “why would you bring a knife to a gun fight,” but if the purpose and expansion of gun carry laws is to allow law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves, then why can’t I choose a less lethal weapon if I feel it is adequate for self-defense?

  2. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 04/22/2015 - 02:59 pm.

    Nominate Jesse?

    Honestly, hasn’t the media given this man all the coverage he deserves? Can’t he just be ignored from now on?

    At least Harold Stassen had some ideas that went beyond self-promotion.

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