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Wolf killings of dogs up dramatically in 2015

Plus: Klobuchar seeks more relief for poultry farmers; Minneapolis man accused of threatening tweets in connection with terror-recruitment trial; Lunds and Byerly’s tweak their name; and more.


See!? We’ve got to kill them before they kill… Fluffy. Wolf attacks on dogs are up sharply this year, reports MPR’s Dan Kraker, with “…six dogs… killed and four seriously injured” in the past five weeks. Part of the problem? “The placement of wolves on the Endangered Species List, however, prevents the state from holding a managed wolf hunt. Now wolves can only be killed in defense of human life. … If an attack on pets or livestock is verified, federal trappers can trap and kill wolves caught within a half mile of the incident. In the past nine years, trappers have killed between 114 and 262 in any given year, said John Hart, who oversees the program at the USDA Wildlife Services office in Grand Rapids.”

This is why you don’t want to put all your turkey eggs in one basket. The AP reports, “Sen. Amy Klobuchar says the federal government should consider whether poultry producers struggling with bird flu should be compensated for every bird lost to the virus, not just those that are euthanized when it’s found in a flock.”

Some ill-considered tweets have netted a Minneapolis man serious legal charges. Per AP’s Amy Forliti (in the Pioneer Press), “According to an FBI affidavit, Mahamed Abukar Said used his Twitter account to threaten to kill a federal law enforcement official and demand that the men be freed. In one tweet on Wednesday, Said wrote, ‘the Feds are getting two choices. Either they gon free my bros or the gon have a massacre happen then they gon take me too,’ the affidavit said. … Said also used Twitter to retaliate against a man who cooperated with authorities, the affidavit said, and posted a picture of the informant on Thursday.” Again:

Copy editors rejoice: You no longer need to remember if it’s “Lund’s and Byerlys” or “Lunds and Byerly’s.” The Star Tribune’s Mike Hughlett writes, “Lunds and Byerly’s supermarkets, two well-known chains with the same owner, will soon sport the same name, too: ‘Lunds & Byerlys.’ … The re-branding will kick off Thursday at the Byerly’s store in Woodbury, when new signage will be revealed. Also on Thursday, new employee uniforms and grocery bags will carry the new name at all Lunds and Byerly’s stores.

In other news…

Minnesota may have forgotten about Michele Bachmann, but President Obama hasn’t: the president mentioned the former 6th District representative during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. [Huffington Post]

Minnesota Senate tax plan less aggressive with cuts than the House [AP via WCCO]

The Minnesota Court of Appeals tossed out Michael Harlow’s defamation suit against the Human Services department over information related to his firing from the psychiatric hospital in St. Peter. [MPR’s NewsCut]

Rural utilities no longer in hot water over water heaters if Obama signs Klobuchar bill [Brainerd Dispatch]

Beetlemania continues unchecked: “Emerald ash borer detected in an 8th Minnesota county” [Star Tribune]

After the layoffs of hundreds Iron Range workers, U.S. Steel would please like a break on its mining lease costs. [Minnesota Brown]

Minneopa State Park is preparing for its future bison herd with a — probably unnecessary — fence. [Mankato Free Press]

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Good for her: St. Catherine grad Stacy Tornell works as a sign language interpreter in Fargo Public Schools [Inforum]

Minnesota music mainstay Charlie Parr has a new album coming out tomorrow [Austin Daily Herald]