Gun fired on Megabus bound for Minneapolis

Megascary situation on the Megabus. According to WCCO’s Ali Lucia, “A Megabus headed to Minneapolis from Chicago had to make an unexpected stop Tuesday night after passengers said a man fired gunshots in the restroom. … A passenger tackled the suspect until police could get to the scene.… One passenger and witness, Kenneth Smith, was aboard the bus headed to Minneapolis to see his family. ‘[The suspect] kept pulling [the driver] all aggressively, he got hostile with me,’ Smith said. ‘I ordered him to go upstairs. He went to the bathroom, and we heard a pop.’” 

It would be wrong to be glib in the face of this news about our beleaguered bees. MPR’s Dan Gunderson reports on a new national survey that “…estimates honeybee deaths in the U.S. at 40 percent for the past year with Minnesota beekeepers reporting more than 50 percent losses. The newest research shows that while winter bee deaths declined slightly, summer bee losses increased — a significant trend, said Dennis vanEngelsdorp, a University of Maryland researcher who led the Bee Informed Partnership survey.” 🐝

92-year-old North Loop resident Jim Fiorentino is cuckoo for clocks. Steve Marsh has a profile in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine: “A solitary 92-year-old man with a massive clock collection tick, tick, ticking away—the symbolism would make Poe blush, but it’s ultimately superficial. Fiorentino’s cuckoo obsession runs deeper than a commentary on the scarcity of time. This is a story about an obsession with stuff. He started collecting cuckoos in the 1970s and now hangs more than 300 of them on the walls of his museum. Most are from the 19th century; a few are from the 1820s. Most are traditional Black Forest cuckoos: dark-stained linden wood, native to a particular area east of the Rhine in Germany. The carving is superb, with classic Teutonic motifs—stag heads and foxes and oak leaves and pinecones—gesturing toward an honest, masculine need to honor the wilderness through rough attempts at mimicry. This is straightforward, humble art in which farmers and hunters and fishermen found beauty. It’s handmade art, mass-produced by village artisans for common folk, as out of fashion as any duck stamp print is today. This is art that was never intended for the salon wall or the postmodern white gallery cube.”

Last week’s episode of the excellent podcast “99% Invisible” was all about Victor Gruen and his most famous invention: the shopping mall. Gruen’s first mall was, of course, Edina’s Southdale. (A commenter on the post claims the first mall was actually Valley Fair Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s beyond the scope of this column to evaluate the claim, but it does reek of typical ’Sconnie me-too-ism.) One of Gruen’s motivations for creating malls? He hated cars, and wanted people in suburbs to walk. So, that didn’t work out so well. But the podcast is worth a listen.

In other news…

The Minnesota Orchestra lands in Havana this afternoon. We’re jealous. [KARE]

Arctic Cat is spending $26 million to expand facilities in St. Cloud and Thief River Falls [KSTP]

And a Minnesota home-care company is expanding into Wisconsin following the shuttering of a nonprofit there [Star Tribune]

Maybe someone should’ve, you know, tested the tests? “Minnesota student testing has more glitches Wednesday” [Pioneer Press]

Time-lapse of construction of the new Senate office building/palace/boondoggle [The Uptake]

Today, in the suburbs: “Lakeville mayor: Where's OUR Chipotle?” [Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

“2 charged in murder of 90-year-old farmer” [KARE]

Things we learn: one of the world’s top manufacturers of spiral staircases is located in Mankato. “Mankato stairwell part of Yoko Ono MoMA exhibit” [Mankato Free Press]

What happens when an abandoned cat isn’t? “Whiskers: the disputed cat” [Rochester Post Bulletin]

Great run, though. “Shakopee 8th-grader is eliminated in National Geographic Bee finals” [Star Tribune]

Janel McCarville is taking a break from the Lynx [Star Tribune]

In cheating, as in most other things, the Vikings are just average [Your Team Cheats]

Meanwhile, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers raised $50k for charity on Celebrity Jeopardy, but biffed on a Final Jeopardy question about iconic Wisconsin company Harley-Davidson. [WCCO]

New Minneapolis distillery coming: Twin Spirits [Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine]

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  1. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 05/13/2015 - 02:37 pm.

    Hello??? NRA???

    Apparently the gun-grabbing bus passenger never heard of the 2nd Amendment. How dare they tackle him!

  2. Submitted by James Johnson on 05/13/2015 - 04:27 pm.

    Coocoo clock collection

    “Most are from the 19th century, some from 1820.” The last I looked, 1820 was in the 19th century.

  3. Submitted by Rory Kramer on 05/13/2015 - 05:04 pm.

    Maybe the author mentioned that some of the cuckoo clocks are from 1820 as that they’re almost 200 years old, only 45 years newer than the U.S., and some people, that is people other than yourself, might find that interesting.

  4. Submitted by Pavel Yankovic on 05/13/2015 - 08:31 pm.

    No doubt…

    that the passenger who fired the gun had a carry permit and the serial number on the gun had not been filed off.

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