Post cereal company consolidating in Lakeville


Now your breakfast can be composed entirely of Post Consumer content! The Star Tribune’s Evan Ramstad reports, “Post Holdings Inc., the St. Louis-based cereal maker that bought the Minnesota-based maker of Malt-O-Meal earlier this year, said this morning it will consolidate its cereal operations in the Twin Cities suburb of Lakeville. … The business will be called Post Consumer Brands and led by Chris Neugent, president of MOM Brands. … ‘Combining our businesses in Lakeville will create a powerful branded platform for both branded cereal and further acquisitions,’ Rob Vitale, Post Holdings’ president and chief executive, said in a statement.”

Some members of the Twin Cities Somali community are enthusiastically on board with the anti-radicalization program supported by U.S. Attonrey Andy Luger. According to MPR’s Laura Yuen, “Members of a Somali-American task force say they’re confident they can win over skeptics as they roll out a new program aimed at preventing terror recruitment in Minnesota. … The program aims to hire an independent researcher to identify the root causes of radicalization, including identity issues, community isolation, lack of role models and unemployment. Inequality and low social mobility have impeded the community and have provided a window for overseas terrorist groups like al-Shabab and ISIS to take hold, task force members said. … ‘They provide money, they provide work, they provide women to marry — they provide a lot of things,’ said Mohamed Mohamud, executive director of the Somali American Parent Association, said of the extremist groups. ‘So we’re trying to overcome that.’

This is big of Zygi. WCCO reports, “ The Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf family have announced that they are now contributing $14 million more to the new stadium, bringing the team’s total commitment to $566 million. … At the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority’s (MSFA) board meeting Friday, the Vikings and Wilf family agreed to commit $13 million of the $14 million toward the stadium’s television system, which includes 2,000-plus HDTV monitors.” The bad news? The TVs will be showing Vikings games.

Just check Google Streetview. “The Tavern on Grand has been ordered to get a little less flashy.… After a complaint by a nearby apartment resident, the city of St. Paul has ordered the owners of the well-known Summit Hill restaurant and watering hole to turn off their decades-old flashing marquee,” reports the Pioneer Press’ Tad Vezner. “The catch: The Tavern can keep its lighting as-is if they can prove the sign was flashing before March 6, 1981.”

In other news…

Minnesota Senate rolls back bee-friendly labeling protections at behest of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. [Star Tribune]

Dairy Queen to stop offering soda on its kids menu. Finally, DQ axes its one unhealthy item. [Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

North Dakotans are all “Liam” whereas Minnesotans are more like “Henry.” “Top 5 baby names in North Dakota, Minnesota released” [Inforum]

Job creation subsidies fail to create jobs: “Geringhoff falls short on hiring goals” [St. Cloud Times]

Uber comes to Fargo. [Inforum]

The Current’s Andrea Swensson on Jay’s Longhorn.

Saints ballpark will recycle rainwater. [WCCO]

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Comments (6)

  1. Submitted by Logan Foreman on 05/15/2015 - 01:31 pm.

    Can MinnPost

    Provide a list of members of the MN Nursery and Landscape Association?

  2. Submitted by Rory Kramer on 05/15/2015 - 02:57 pm.

    Just Google for the MN Nursery and Landscape Association, which I’m thinking most, if not all, nurseries and landscape companies are part of. So, good luck with your “boycott.”

  3. Submitted by Frank Bowden on 05/17/2015 - 12:36 pm.

    pollinator-friendly plant providers

    Boycotting the entire membership of the MN Nursery and Landscape Association is neither a practical nor appropriate suggestion, since some, perhaps many, members will not agree with the organization’s positions on all issues. I just followed Rory Kramer’s suggestion and glanced at the membership list. There are many members, including one of the top providers of native plants in the state, which I seriously doubt sells plants that are tainted by neonicotinoid insecticides. (I tried calling them to verify this, but they are not open on Sunday.)

    Two other suggestions:
    1) Ask the vendor if they can certify that their plants are free of neonicotinoids. If they say no or they don’t know, tell them that you will take your business elsewhere. Negative publicity and market pressure will make a difference.
    2) Buy your plants from suppliers that specialize in native plants. Minnesota is blessed with many native plant suppliers that offer an amazing range of varieties to suit all landscaping needs. (You can ask them if their plants are neonic-free, but the best ones will be.)
    Here’s a link to one list of Minnesota native plant suppliers:

  4. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 05/17/2015 - 03:11 pm.

    I don’t get how Post can make this consolidation move in MN

    Here is Minnesota over taxed and over regulated and any company making a move should move out of here. Oh, wait a minute, that’s the Republican position. Minnesota has a lot to offer companies, number 1 in a lot of livability polls, educated employees, a sound state fiscal system (when Republicans aren’t in charge), affordable housing, medical, entertainment, etc.,etc.) It all makes taxes and regulation a whole lot farther down the list of things that count to them. It must be another Republican red herring Post is debunking.

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