Twin Cities high schoolers walk out in support of Black Lives Matter

Twin Cities high schoolers joined a large rally in Martin Luther King Park in South Minneapolis, “…to support Black Lives Matter Minneapolis members who appeared in court earlier in the day on charges related to a December Mall of America protest,” reports John Reinan in the Star Tribune. “A festive mood was evident at the rally at Martin Luther King Park in Minneapolis, with many protesters chanting, singing and dancing to live music and listening to impassioned speeches. The protest also focused on police action against unarmed black defendants nationwide, most recently in Baltimore.” As for missing classes, Minneapolis Public Schools is giving this one a pass: “Typically, students with an unexcused absence may not participate in-after school activities and events. However, today we are making an exception. Today, students may participate in after-school activities and evening events,” the district’s statement read.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis advisor Nekima Levy-Pounds is running to be president of the Minneapolis NAACP. Twin Cities Daily Planet’s Minna Zhou did an interview.

Our leaders at the capitol are acting like adults, as usual. In the Pioneer Press’ Political Animal blog, Rachel Stassen-Berger reports that “House Speaker Kurt Daudt said Thursday that he may be willing to test Gov. Mark Dayton’s resolve.” Daudt was responding to Dayton’s statement that he expected the legislature to wrap up on time and not present him with any policies he considers onerous. Daudt pushed back: “We have to measure whether the governor is resolved when he says he is going to not accept provisions or veto bills because we may get to the point when he is vetoing bills, he is sending us either into special session or to shutdown because he doesn’t like a policy provision or some spending provision.

The Minneapolis police union has a new president. Thursday night’s election saw “Lt. Bob Kroll, who was named union vice president in 2006, beat out Lt. John Delmonico, who has headed the police union since 1999. Kroll received 414 votes and Delmonico had 228. Ballots for the election were mailed in mid-April,” reports the Star Tribune’s Nicole Norfleet. Kroll was profiled by G.R. Anderson in City Pages back in 2007 when the officer made a controversial statement about Rep. Keith Ellison.

The Glean

“Prince has recorded a song that will address the recent riots in Baltimore after the death of 25-year-old Baltimore man Freddie Gray,” according to Jack FM. Earlier this morning, the Maryland state attorney for Baltimore filed charges against six officers involved in Gray’s death.

In other news…

Some lucky Minnesota students are getting a 4-day school week. [WCCO]

More than 800 Minnesota bridges need repair right. Now. [City Pages] 

The Duluth mayor’s race is gathering an air of inevitablity: Simonson won’t run. [Duluth News Tribune]

Independent bookstores are back. [MPR]

A who’s who of Twin Cities chefs are taking part in a fundraiser at Travail to benefit chef Tommy Begnaud, who was hit by a drunk driver. [Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

Prep for Sunday’s May Day parade: “28 Reasons Why Minneapolis Does May Day Better Than Anyone Else” [BuzzFeed]

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  1. Submitted by richard owens on 05/02/2015 - 10:20 am.

    Try the governor’s wholesale gas tax.

    (Or give a better idea that actually raises the money.)

    Republicans, build into the law a circuit breaker that reduces or removes the tax when retail prices resume their $3.75+ price (or a suitable cap). That is your objection, right?

    Infrastructure gets MORE expensive the longer you use it without maintenance.

    Rep.Daudt should not allow his phony frugality wing to start up the Pawlenty shell game.



  2. Submitted by joe smith on 05/02/2015 - 11:52 am.

    As Vladimir Lenin said “give me 4 yrs to teach children and the seed I have planted will never be uprooted”. What are we teaching our children in school now days?

    Of course there was a festive mood, an excused day from class has brought joy to kids for past 50 yrs.

  3. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 05/03/2015 - 07:40 pm.

    How BREATHTAKINGLY Soon They Forget!

    Evidently our Republican friends have ALREADY forgotten what happened last time they tried to “test Gov. Dayton’s resolve.”

    I can understand how difficult it is for them to learn the lessons more distant history might teach them,…

    although it would do us ALL a great deal of good if they would do so,…

    but to forget the history of FOUR YEARS AGO?!

    Rather than the old “doomed to repeat it [history]” aphorism, another truism comes to mind: To do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result than the one you accomplished each and every previous time,…

    is insanity.

    It’s unfortunate, but they seem determined to prove it true.

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