Archbishop tried limiting investigation into himself

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St. Paul's Cathedral

Madeleine Baran at MPR News reports on Archbishop John Nienstedt‘s authorizing of an investigation into his own behavior to clear his name, then his attempt to derail it, as affidavits began revealing questionable conduct: “‘The archbishop is himself a scandal,’ [Rev. Eugene] Tiffany told MPR News in an interview last month. Tiffany said he was concerned about Nienstedt’s interest in college-age men at St. John Vianney Seminary and his practice of staying overnight at the seminary, 5 miles from his home.”

No scientific consensus on sodium levels for kids. Cory Zurowski at City Pages takes Rep. John Kline to task for attempting to roll back initiatives passed in the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010, which was designed to get more more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains onto students’ lunch trays: “Kline and other GOP lawmakers are teaming up with the SNA to roll back the standards. They want to revert to the old standards that required only half of all grains offered to be whole-grain rich, leave sodium levels where they are until science proves further reductions benefit children, and trash the rule requiring kids to take the half cup of fruit and vegetables with every meal. The Burnsville Republican justifies the rollback by noting that participating school districts are absorbing $3.2 billion in additional compliance costs over a five-year period.”

Bob Sansevere at the Pioneer Press interviews American cycling legend Greg LeMond about Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France and performance-enhancing drugs: “From 2000 on, I knew pretty much everything you know now (about Armstrong). It was hard to watch because it was defrauding people who donate to charity. I watched him denigrate and destroy people. I knew it could be a lightning rod (to speak out). I said basically I was disappointed he was seeing a doctor, a (well-known) doping doctor. There was a powerful group of people that colluded with him to destroy my name and reputation. That was hard.” On Friday, LeMond, will join Special Olympians to participate in the Greg LeMond CEO Ride for Kids.

Related mad-at-bicyclist news… Minneapolis author Steve Stratman takes to the Strib’s Op-Ed page to call out Twin Cities bike jerks: “The velodrome is closed, so you gird yourself for a spirited attack on the Lakes Loop. Lycra is your Elvish Kevlar, your helmet blessed by the Valkyries, and you’ve considered welding Ben Hur spikes to your pedals to shred the spokes of lollygaggers. Gear, gear, gear. Where disposable income meets the devil’s playground. But I love gear, too. It’s art fused with mechanical engineering. Right up until it’s embedded in someone’s body part.”

MSFA board members extend naming rights to each other: Jon Collins at MPR News reports former state Sen. Duane Benson is resigning from the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, claiming board chair Michele Kelm-Helgen called him a liar and impugned his character: “Benson, a former Minnesota Senate GOP leader appointed by DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, didn’t detail the reasons behind his resignation. Kelm-Helgen, however, said it was tied to an ongoing dispute with Benson and others over her pay. A recent state report showed Kelm-Helgen is paid more than $35,000 less than her male counterpart on the stadium development team, MSFA executive director Ted Mondale.

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Wes Davey on 06/19/2015 - 10:11 pm.

    Madeleine Baran of MPR deserves a Pulitzer for her reporting on Nienstedt and the cover-up in the archdiocese.

  2. Submitted by Steven James Beto on 06/21/2015 - 09:06 am.

    A Flaw of Character

    Homosexuality, whether a dalliance or a life-style, is not a character flaw. The flaw of character is exposed in what one does to himself or others in an attempt to cover it up.

  3. Submitted by Richard O'Neil on 06/22/2015 - 02:26 pm.

    ‘The archbishop is himself a scandal,,,

    I am no fan of the Archbishop, but this piece is innuendo.

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