Ceiling collapses at First Avenue nightclub; three injured

Scary, but it also seems like it coulda been worse. In the Star Tribune, Mary Lynn Smith, Liz Sawyer and Jon Bream report: “A ceiling collapse at the legendary downtown Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue sent three people to the hospital Wednesday night, and Minneapolis firefighters are evaluating the integrity of the building. A 30-foot-by-30-foot section gave way during a concert about 10 p.m., the Minneapolis Fire Department said. ‘A large portion of the ceiling fell and took out water pipes with it,’ said Nate Kranz, First Avenue general manager. ‘We have no idea why or how it happened. … ’ Kranz said a couple of people were taken out by ambulance. Hennepin County Medical Center spokeswoman Christine Hill said three people were brought into the emergency room and are in satisfactory condition with non-life-threatening injuries.” 

Does everyone now feel safer and more manly? The AP reports, “North Dakota has reached concealed weapon license reciprocity with Minnesota, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announced Wednesday. Stenehjem said North Dakota Class 1 concealed weapon licenses are now recognized in Minnesota, and vice versa. All Minnesota license holders have reciprocity in North Dakota but only Class 1 license holders in North Dakota have reciprocity in Minnesota. Class 1 licenses require a shooting proficiency requirement.”

So should we be more worried? MPR’s Lorna Benson reports, “A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report indicates Lyme disease is more widespread in the U.S. than previously realized, with reported cases each year not far behind breast cancer. But while local researchers acknowledge the ticks that carry the disease are growing in number and territory, they caution that the CDC data may be overstating the spread of the disease. Minnesota is known to be one of the hot spots for Lyme disease. The number of cases has quadrupled over the past two decades to around 1,000 a year.”

They love this stuff. The New York Times’ Julie Bosman writes, “Along the rocky shore of Mille Lacs Lake on a recent morning, flat-bottomed fishing boats were idle in their docks. No customers wandered into a bait shop selling night crawlers, minnows and jumbo leeches. The restaurant at Twin Pines Resort was hushed and nearly empty, despite the postcard-perfect views of the vast, sparkling lake it offers from the patio. And it was no mystery why. That morning, it had become illegal to fish here for walleye, the most treasured fish in Minnesota, on Mille Lacs Lake, perhaps the most famous place in the state to fish for it. … Fishing is at the heart of Minnesota culture, with more fishing licenses issued here per capita than in any other state.” And we always serve walleye with grape salad.

If The Commish comes back to Minnesota, how many local politicians can fit in the frame with him? Mike Florio at NBCSports writes, “The NFL’s version of “Shark Week” landed to Manhattan on Wednesday, where Commissioner Roger Goodell and his team of lawyers showed up for a settlement conference followed by oral argument in the dispute regarding Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. On Thursday, the band of billable-hour machines heads to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for what originally was a hearing on the motion for contempt of court arising from Judge David Doty’s ruling in the Adrian Peterson case. … It’s actually unclear at this point whether Goodell personally will attend Thursday’s conference in Minnesota. When being personally accused of not giving a federal court proper deference, however, it’s always a good idea to show complete deference.”

And if Goodell is too toxic to make it, there’s always someone else squeezing our leaders for a stadium. Says Peter Cox of MPR, “Residents of St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood are watching closely as the city dangles a property at Interstate 94 and Snelling Avenue as a possible soccer stadium site. Tuesday night, they raised both concerns and hopes for the project. Just a few hundred feet from where St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman showed Major League Soccer President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott the site of a potential new soccer stadium, people who live in the area gathered around tables and talked through the pros and cons of the development.” Maybe we can buy them off with a deal on Personal Seat Licenses.

Meanwhile, WCCO-TV reports, “The city of Saint Paul is trying to close a projected $10 million deficit. Mayor Chris Coleman said Tuesday the solution is a property tax increase and changes at parking meters. He called for a 1.9-percent tax levy as part of his 2016 budget proposal.”

Speaking of shopping, the folks who’ll live here will never run out of places to buy shoes. Says Jim Buchta of the Strib, “A few blocks from the Mall of America, construction began Wednesday on an apartment building that will have 394 units, becoming one of the biggest in the Twin Cities. IndiGO, which is being developed by Lennar Multifamily Communities, will sit at the southwest corner of 34th Avenue and American Boulevard E. in Bloomington and be so large that tenants can choose between two light-rail stops to commute into the city. The project is part of new wave of housing development that’s shifting from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul to inner-ring suburbs where there’s been a dearth of apartment construction.” I’d like to see something with an eight square foot lanai, please.

What could possibly go wrong? Says Josephine Marcotty of the Strib, “The vivid blue expanse of Lake Superior and the national lakeshore near Madeline Island here in northern Wisconsin have always been largely immune to environmental threats from factory farms — until now. A proposal to build the first large-scale livestock facility in the Lake Superior watershed has triggered fierce reaction in the tiny towns along its southwest shore, where residents depend on the lake for drinking water and the annual flow of tourism dollars, a third of which comes from Minnesota.” The run-off might add a nice tint to those ice caves.

So wonderfully cruel: Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibi spent a few days with the GOP campaign(s) in Iowa. Among his observations: “In the modern Republican Party, making sense is a secondary consideration. Years of relentless propaganda combined with extreme frustration over the disastrous Bush years and two terms of a Kenyan Muslim terrorist president have cast the party’s right wing into a swirling suckhole of paranoia and conspiratorial craziness. There is nothing you can do to go too far, a fact proved, if not exactly understood, by the madman, Trump. … It’s not surprising that Trump’s most serious competition will likely come from Wisconsin’s Walker, who is probably the only person in the race naturally meaner than Trump.  A central-casting Charmless White Guy who looks like a vice principal or an overdressed traffic cop, Walker traced a performance arc in the past year that was actually a signal of what was to come with Trump.” Oh sorry … Walker Watch

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