Wolves coach Flip Saunders diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma

MinnPost photo by Craig Lassig
President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Flip Saunders

The Timberwolves released a statement announcing President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Flip Saunders has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for what his doctors called a “very treatable and curable form of cancer.” Flip: “I am taking it step by step and day by day to understand how to best manage this process. I want to thank Dr. Burns as well as my medical team at Mayo Clinic for their hard work in diagnosing my situation and creating a plan to help me achieve a cancer-free outcome. I am attacking this with the same passion I do everything in my life, knowing this is a serious issue. I also know that God has prepared me to fight this battle.”

Phil Picardi at MPR News reports on the hurdles facing Minnesota’s budding medical marijuana business. Listen to his interview with Manny Munson-Regala, CEO of Cottage Grove-based LeafLine Labsof — one of the state’s two marijuana producers.

The Vikings are NFL champs … when it comes to arrests. Mark Reilly at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports there have been 260 National Football League player arrests since 2010, and 18 of those cases involved a member of the Minnesota team: “The Minnesota Vikings wound up edging the Denver Broncos (16 arrests). The fewest number of arrests were to be found among Houston Texans players, with just one since 2010. The Vikings also lead the league in arrests since 2000, while the Indianapolis Colts lead in the past year with five arrests.

Anyone seen Dr. Palmer lately? AP reports six anglers are in trouble with the Minnesota DNR after they were caught with 676 fish over the limit at Upper Cormorant Lake: “DNR Conservation Officer Bill Landmark says the evidence was seized from freezers inside the group’s cabins. The six adults were charged with misdemeanors. If convicted, the six could be ordered to pay a fine, plus $5 restitution for each fish and lose their fishing license for three years.

Doualy Xaykaothao at MPR News notes Minnesota’s food safety exam [required of many business people, such as restaurateurs] can be taken in English, Spanish, Korean and other languages, but not in Somali: “[Bette Packer, a registered environmental health specialist,] pointed out that the Somali students get the concepts orally, but the Western style standardized test throws them off. ‘We want them to be successful. We want them to have pride, and you don’t have pride if you fail, fail, fail.’

In other news…

Not bringing booty back: Meghan Trainor cancels Minnesota State Fair performance due to vocal hemorrhage. [WCCO]

Valley View Kennel: the puppy mill near Paynesville with a family-friendly front. [City Pages]

A casting call for a chance to be on the CBS show “Survivor” is being held this weekend at Mall of America. [WCCO]

Regarding MinnPost’s piece on office temperatures biased against women, The Wrap host David Gillette engages in a debate with fellow TPT staffer Rachel Finch about the controversy, with “Almanac” co-host Eric Eskola moderating:

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  1. Submitted by jason myron on 08/11/2015 - 02:02 pm.

    Poaching should be a felony

    These six anglers just facing misdemeanors and fines is a joke. Put some teeth in these laws. Automatic loss of fishing and hunting privileges permanently. 10,000 dollar fine and mandatory six months in jail.

  2. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 08/11/2015 - 02:34 pm.


    I’m with Jason Myron on this one. A couple of fish over the limit is one thing, but hundreds? That’s not done without forethought. Change the law so people who do this can be nailed by the authorities when it’s appropriate. “A fine” means… what? $25? $2,500? $25,000? It needs to be more than the proverbial slap on the wrist.

  3. Submitted by Bill Coleman on 08/11/2015 - 04:30 pm.

    Added punishment

    At a minimum, they should lose their trucks and boats. And have to walk home to Indiana with bright yellow shirts that say “Honk if you hate poachers!”

  4. Submitted by Dan Berg on 08/11/2015 - 05:49 pm.

    Progressive punishment

    Make the punishment progressive so that each one over the limit is 50% more than the previous. It will add up quickly in these types of instances.

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