Coleman: ‘All options on the table’ to prevent disruption of Twin Cities Marathon

MinnPost file photo by Terry Gydesen
Mayor Chris Coleman

The race must go on. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman responded to threats by Black Lives Matter St. Paul to shut down this weekend’s Twin Cities Marathon with a statement, related by the Pioneer Press’ Tad Vezner: “On Wednesday, city officials responded, with Mayor Chris Coleman saying the group’s “threatened actions pose an unacceptable risk to runners, spectators and protesters themselves. To paraphrase an old adage, the right of anyone to protest ends at another’s nose, or, in this case, someone else’s feet. … ‘Therefore, I have asked Chief Smith to keep all options on the table to prevent disruption of the race or prevent runners from finishing the marathon.’ ”

Will a judge have to do a job the Legislature and governor won’t? The Star Tribune’s Jeremy Olson has the latest on the Minnesota Sex Offender Program: “An attorney for a group of men confined in Minnesota’s controversial sex-offender treatment program urged a federal judge Wednesday morning to compel reforms that would put more offenders on a path to discharge and placement in less-restrictive community treatment settings. … Given multiple opportunities to reform a system already deemed unconstitutional, the state has only bemoaned that it ‘can’t be done, costs too much, takes too long, is impossible, etc.,’ said attorney Dan Gustafson. He represents a group of sex offenders who have sued the state, arguing that the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) violates their constitutional rights by confining them indefinitely without appropriate therapy.”

When the Seward Co-op isn’t liberal enough for you … City Pages’ Michael Rietmulder writes about a controversy surrounding the store’s soon-to-open expansion: “Next Tuesday, the Seward Co-op plans to open its “Friendship” store in south Minneapolis. But not everyone is thrilled about high-end produce coming to 38th Street and 3rd Avenue. … An online petition with more than 1,000 signatures bills the healthy-hippie grocer as a sign of gentrification and wants the co-op to negotiate a ‘community benefits agreement.’ Launched by Marcus Harcus under the banner of the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) and the Bryant Neighborhood Organization, the petition states that the co-op would be unaffordable to many residents and its staff would not reflect the neighborhood’s diversity.”

Jason Lewis for Congress? Star Tribune blogger Michael Brodkorb has heard rumors: “…Republicans in Minnesota are buzzing about the possibility of former radio show host Jason Lewis becoming a candidate for Congress in 2016. … Lewis is contemplating a run for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, according to multiple sources. … In response to a request for comment, Lewis declined to speak yet about a possible run for Congress, writing ‘… not right now.’ But Lewis added, ‘[y]ou’ll be hearing something soon, however.’ ” (Here’s MinnPost’s Sam Brodey on the strange paucity of candidates in that race.)

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 09/30/2015 - 04:12 pm.

    healthy-hippie grocer?

    Anyone who would write that really isn’t paying attention to what’s been going on at local and national food coops. While their clientele may look like hippies, these are not the coops of the 60s and 70s. They’re businesses being run with an eye toward the competition. Places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are stealing their customers so they are working hard to be competitive with them and in my opinion losing a bit of there soul in the process.

  2. Submitted by Phil Dech on 09/30/2015 - 09:04 pm.

    BLM and marathon

    The Pioneer Press article is a good read. I will be running the marathon, so have been very interested in how all of this plays out.

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