Jason Lewis announces run for Congress

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Jason Lewis

“Mr. Right” is in the mix. The AP story says, “Conservative commentator Jason Lewis joined the race Monday for an up-for-grabs Minnesota congressional seat with a message about promoting smaller government and relaxed regulations. … Lewis actually lives in a neighboring congressional district — right on the border, he pointed out — but there is no requirement that members of Congress reside in the district they represent. His home was in the 2nd district until the last redrawing of political maps.” Surely there’s tape of Jason in his radio days ripping Hillary Clinton for “carpetbagging.”

In the PiPress Rachel Stassen-Berger writes: “Unlike the other candidates, Lewis, who has considered and declined to run for several other offices, would give Republicans a statewide reach and some national recognition. His candidacy will also give Democrats more than two decades recordings from the radio host dubbed ‘America’s Mr. Right’ to paw over for opposition research. He is a frequent speaker at Minnesota Republican events and, according to Lewis’ already launched campaign website, both he and Republican candidate for the Eighth Congressional District Stewart Mills plan to appear at a Tea Party gathering later this week.” And what has he said about “career politicians” sponging up “government pensions”?

In the Strib, Michael Brodkorb writes, “Lewis, who is 60, said ‘I want to get things done’ in Congress and if elected Lewis said he would be a ‘citizen legislator, who serves for a short time and then comes home.’ Former Sen. Ted Daley, R-Eagan, and Chris Andryski, a CPA from Savage, are also considered possible Republican congressional candidates in the district. Andryski confirmed this morning that he is still contemplating a run for Congress.”

Also in campaign news, Keith Ellison is going with Bernie. Tom Scheck at MPR says, “Ellison released a statement saying he’s backing Sanders because Sanders has ‘demonstrated a willingness to push for progressive ideas that will help American families and restore balance’ to the nation’s economy. Ellison, a founder and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said he and Sanders stand together on many issues including a ban on private prisons and an end to subsidies for oil companies.”

Meth = crime. In the Mankato Free Press, Don Nienaber reports that (not surprisingly), “Methamphetamine has become so popular in Minnesota and the Midwest that big-time suppliers from Mexico don’t even bother stopping in Chicago or other large cities on their way north. Narcotics users in the big cities to the south prefer cocaine, said Andy Johnson, leader of the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force. So the methamphetamine is sent straight north, where the demand for high-quality versions of the drug are highest.”

That little girl who died Sunday on Lake Minnetonka? Carbon monoxide poisoning. Says Kelly Smith in the Strib. “An Edina 8-year-old girl who died suddenly after a medical emergency on a Wayzata dock Sunday died from carbon monoxide poisoning, family said Monday.”

In another recent tragedy, Libor Jany of the Strib says, “A mother whose three young children died in a house fire in north Minneapolis earlier this month was not at home when the blaze broke out, authorities said. A preliminary investigation into the fatal fire that killed Latorious, 6, Latoria, 5, and Latorianna Thomas, who was about to turn 2, has found that Taneisha Stewart’s absence at the time “is a factor in the deaths of the children.’”

Might be getting time to put the bike away. Stribber Paul Walsh’s story says, “A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a car heading the other way in northeastern Anoka County, the first of two motorcycle fatalities in the metro area and among four traffic fatalities throughout the state Sunday, authorities said. … If there is a profile of a typical motorcycle fatality victim, state statistics show that the rider is a male, older than 40, is in a crash involving only the motorcycle and is not wearing a helmet.

Also, say the Forum News Service people, “Minnesota has surpassed the 300 traffic death mark, about a month ahead of last year. However, the number of deaths on Minnesota roads continues to trend downward. In the past five years, Minnesota has seen a 12 percent decline in traffic fatalities, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.”

The cop in Cleveland and our guy, the lion-killing dentist in almost the same day. KMSP-TV’s story, by Lindsey Labelle says, “Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer became the subject of public outrage after killing the beloved Cecil the Lion this July, and Zimbabwe’s environment minister announced Monday he won’t be charged and Zimbabwe officials are no longer calling for his extradition. He can now return to Zimbabwe as a ‘tourist’ because he had not broken any of the country’s hunting laws, Environment, Water and Climate Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said.” Tough regulations over there.

And they stink when you squish them. Says Dan Kraker for MPR, “You know those ladybugs that appear suddenly in the fall, scrambling across the windows of your home like they’re trying to get out, while you wonder how they even got in? They’re back. Swarms of the critters descended on homes across Minnesota and Wisconsin the last few days as the temperatures warmed. These non-native bugs were introduced to the United States about a century ago to control pests. But they’ve become quite the pests themselves.”

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Comments (6)

  1. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 10/13/2015 - 07:14 am.


    “…A mother whose three young children died in a house fire in north Minneapolis earlier this month was not at home when the blaze broke out…” Before I offer either condemnation or sympathy, a relevant question would be: why was she not at home?

    “…If there is a profile of a typical motorcycle fatality victim, state statistics show that the rider is a male, older than 40, is in a crash involving only the motorcycle and is not wearing a helmet.” I’m not a motorcycle rider, and regard the unmuffled Harley-Davidson as a Satanic creation. Still, is there any statistical evidence suggesting that wearing a helmet would significantly lower the fatality rate? The rationale I’ve heard most often from Harley riders for helmet-less riding is that “…It’s about FREEDOM, man!”

  2. Submitted by ALAN BELISLE on 10/13/2015 - 09:12 am.

    motorcycle helmets

    Flying down the road with the wind in your hair is a great experience. But you should still wear the helmet. If you crash at high speeds, you are still road pizza, with or without helmet. But if you crash it at slow speeds, and most crashes are at low speeds, then it may just keep your head in one piece. Get the half helmet with your ears hanging out if you want to hear the wind and exhaust pipes.

  3. Submitted by John N. Finn on 10/13/2015 - 09:52 am.

    ” …fight for freedom.”

    From a local motorcyclists’ rights organization newsletter reporting on their legislative lobbying efforts (emphasis mine). Mandatory helmets along with muffler enforcement not likely. Their top priorities, you know. Opposing the lower .08 DUI limit used to be one of their issues, but you can’t win them all.

    ” …and I don’t anticipate anything that would hinder our way of life and of course we will keep a vigilant eye open for THOSE WHO WISH TO OPPRESS US. It has been a quiet year for us bikers in the sense that our rights were not attacked or encroached upon and that is something to be proud of. That means that our organization and others like us are being taken seriously as a force to be reckoned with.”

    • Submitted by Tim Walker on 10/13/2015 - 03:07 pm.

      John, that excerpt does, sadly, describe the up-is-down, black-is-white mentality of the loud-pipes, no-helmet crowd of numskull bikers.

      The irony is that “a quiet year for us bikers” regarding a lack of legislative changes means yet another year of their loud pipes disturbing the peace for the rest of us.

      And John, would you be okay with sharing the name of the newsletter that your excerpt came from?


      • Submitted by John N. Finn on 10/13/2015 - 07:43 pm.


        St. Croix Valley Riders http://www.scvr.org/ Or it just as well have been a local chapter of ABATE which originally was A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. But realizing that the name wouldn’t win supporters in government, it’s now All Bikers Aimed Towards Education or something. Nationally, as far as loud pipes are concerned. the American Motorcyclist Association claims to be an advocate for respecting motor vehicle noise laws. However, should any locality try to enforce such laws for motorcycles, they will do everything they can to thwart the efforts.

  4. Submitted by Tim Walker on 10/14/2015 - 03:26 pm.

    Thanks, John!

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