Jury selection begins in Duluth clergy sex-abuse case

Duluth clergy sex-abuse trial getting started. In the Pioneer Press, Elizabeth Mohr writes, “Jury selection began Monday in a clergy sex abuse lawsuit against the Diocese of Duluth, marking what attorneys say is the first such a case to go to trial under Minnesota’s Child Victims Act. … The Child Victims Act, enacted by the Legislature in 2013, suspended the statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse who wished to sue, even if the abuse took place decades ago. The previous law prevented legal action after victims reached age 24. The new law allows such claims to be brought until May 2016.”

Stocking up on purr-colators. “Feline fun and cups of caffeine are the driving force behind the Twin Cities’ first cat cafe, which could launch in Minneapolis next year,” writes the Star Tribune’s Eric Roper. “A local trio is in the planning stages of opening The Cafe Meow, echoing a cat cafe craze that began in Japan and has spread to the United States. The business has no firm location and likely won’t launch for another year, but the co-founders hope to launch a Kickstarter next month to get it funded and potentially open in late 2016.” Just put that latte on my tabby.

Since we know Glean readers are always clamoring for Jesse Ventura news… The AP reports, via WCCO: “An attorney for the estate of slain ‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle has asked a federal appeals court to overturn a $1.8 million defamation judgment for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. … Lee Levine told 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges they should overturn the verdict on First Amendment and other legal grounds. Levine says that at the least, the Kyle estate deserves a new trial because the judge improperly allowed the jury to hear that the publisher’s insurance would cover their verdict.”

Well, at least somebody likes the new Vikings Stadium. In a feature about “9 Next-Generation Stadiums in the Works Across North America,” Curbed writer Patrick Sisson says: “ A battleship-shaped battlefield complete with towering, swinging doors that open towards downtown, the Minnesota Vikings’s forthcoming new football field certainly lives up to the ideal of gridiron toughness. That makes its sustainability features all the more impressive. Designed by HKS, the angular, 65,000-seat multi-use stadium features a steep roof covered in large part by insulating clear plastic, which will allow in copious amounts of sunlight, helping to cut costs and hopefully earn a LEED rating after it opens next August.”

In other news…

Minnesota fitness culture as unwelcoming as all other aspects of Minnesota culture: “I need to get fit, but I don’t fit in with Twin Cities fitness culture” [Star Tribune]

“You Have to See These Photos of Fall in Stillwater.” We don’t make the rules. [Stillwater Current]

We Day lineup at Xcel will feature Ciara, Darren Criss and Chelsea Clinton [WCCO] 

Happy Charles Schulz Day! [WCCO]

The first rule of Minnesota Vikings’ Donut Club is you do not talk about Minnesota Vikings’ Donut Club. [MMQB]

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