Ramsey County weighs future of ice arenas

Imagine: a Minnesota without ice rinks. In the Pioneer Press, Youssef Rddad writes: “A task force is holding a series of meetings in November to address the future of Ramsey County ice arenas. … With aging infrastructure and a looming deadline to phase out the main chemical used to refrigerate ice arenas, the county has put together the group charged with assessing improvements to arenas and looking at arena usage. … ‘Each and every one of these rinks, with the exception of Vadnais, will have to have fairly significant renovations,’ said Jason Sprague, a task force member.”

Not going down without a fight. In the Star Tribune, Alejandra Matos writes, “ The board of Heritage Academy of Science and Technology filed a lawsuit Thursday against Minneapolis Public Schools after the district canceled the school’s contract last week. … The lawsuit alleges that the school district breached its contract with Heritage Academy and discriminated against its board, which is almost entirely Somali. The Heritage board is seeking monetary damages and asking that the court stop the district from intervening.”

Just who does the state dentistry board work for? In MPR, Tom Scheck writes, “In a move to protect public health, the Minnesota Board of Dentistry earlier this year considered following the example of 11 other states and establishing a system of inspections of dentists' offices. The proposed random inspections were to make sure the dentists and their staffs were following proper sanitary procedures. … Minnesota's dentists strongly opposed the plan, and the board — a majority of whose members are dentists themselves — rejected it. At the same time, dentists on the board were sharply critical of an administrator who had supported the inspections. … Minnesota dentists' offices are inspected by the state board only after someone files a complaint. That means dentists and their staffs are the only ones with the responsibility to ensure procedures are being followed to prevent infections.”

Tomorrow’s Halloween. So: here’s Vanessa Nyarko in MPR with “25 things to do for Halloween in the Twin Cities.” And at the Pioneer Press, Andy Rathbun has a spooky slideshow of ten haunted places in St. Paul. And for the Star Tribune, Melissa Walker put together twelve Halloween ideas around Twin Cities for all ages. Finally, check out Mia’s cool jack-o-lanterns:

In other news…

American taken prisoner in Iran is former roommate of Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon:

“Woman held hostage for 10 days in St. Paul, charges say” [Pioneer Press]

Dog the Bounty Hunter joining search for Rose Downwind. [Valley News Lives]

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