St. Paul Mayor Coleman to meet with leader of marathon protest

MinnPost file photo by Terry Gydesen
Mayor Chris Coleman

To be a fly on that wall: The Strib’s Kevin Duchschere writes: “Coleman’s office confirmed Wednesday that the mayor will meet privately Thursday morning at City Hall with Rashad Turner, the leader of the St. Paul Black Lives Matter group. Coleman had asked for a meeting with the group’s leaders before the race. Turner, responding to a text message Wednesday, said he would comment after meeting with the mayor. The St. Paul group has said it plans to shut down the marathon near the finish line at the State Capitol to raise awareness of recent incidents involving St. Paul police and people of color. More than 11,000 participants are expected for the 26.2-mile race, which begins at 8 a.m. Sunday in downtown Minneapolis.”

It’s a principles thing. Stribber Allison Sherry notes, “Republican Rep. Tom Emmer joined 150 other Republicans in voting against a measure to fund the federal government. Emmer, who represents Minnesota’s most conservative Congressional district, was the only member of the state’s delegation to vote against the bill. The measure passed 277-151. Republican Reps. John Kline and Erik Paulsen supported it. So did the five Democrats Reps. Tim Walz, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, Rick Nolan and Collin Peterson. In a statement, Emmer said he voted against it because he didn’t like the short-term nature of the measure … .”

Yes, he almost looks transcendent. Pam Louwagie of the Strib adds to reports of the Dalai Lama’s good health by saying, “Besides a problem with an ailing knee hurting his mobility, the Dalai Lama reported that his health was good, according to several in the crowd. ‘The doctors are telling him he’s not 18, he’s 80, and that they want him to pace himself accordingly but that his health is sound,’ Nancy Dadak said. ‘He has a nonstop schedule and I think that it’s wonderful that people are recognizing the need to protect his schedule a little more.’” I hate it when the doctor tells me I’m not 18 anymore.

Not Real ID but chip credit cards. Martin Moylan at MPR says, “Historically, banks that issue credit cards have usually been on the hook for payment card fraud, not consumers or merchants. Nothing is changing for consumers. But now merchants are at risk of getting stiffed if they don’t use chip card readers, which can block a sale to a fraudster. Firms relying on swipe-only card readers might not be paid for goods or services bought with counterfeit cards, which crooks can produce with relative ease.”

Kind of related: The AP says, “Starting Thursday, Target will now match its online prices with more than two dozen online competitors including and The change in policy marks a big step for the Minneapolis-based retailer, which until now only matched prices at its own stores. Target is also allowing 14 days, up from seven, for shoppers to get a price adjustment. And the retailer is increasing the number of online rivals that it will match from five to 29. That includes for the first time stores that require membership, like Costco and Sam’s Club.” So … $1.50 polish/hot dogs at Target?

Post-Walker Watch Walker Watch. From Madeleine Behr at the Appleton Post-Crescent: “Nearly two-thirds of Wisconsinites do not want Gov. Scott Walker to run for a third term, according to a Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday. The poll indicated that 62 percent of Wisconsinites hope Walker’s role as governor ends in 2018, while 35 percent would support a third term bid — with support for another run coming largely from Republicans. Walker’s approval rating also dipped from the previous August poll — from 39 to 37 percent. The decline, however, is within the poll’s margin of error.” Further proof that, you guessed it, “it’s working.”

Speaking of “We’re not Wisconsin,” Adam Belz of the Strib reports, “Per capita personal income grew 3.8 percent over the past 12 months in Minnesota, the best rate of growth in the Upper Midwest and a little above average nationally, according to new data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Average income in Minnesota rose by $1,871 to $50,614 per year from the second quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2015, driven mostly by a rise in wages, salaries and other compensation, but also by growth in dividends, interest and rent income.”

Are you prepared for the hurricane? Steve Frazier at KMSP-TV tells us, “Hurricane Joaquin is now trekking across the Atlantic. The warm blue waters of the Caribbean may seem worlds away but in reality it’s all part of the flow that will eventually affect us here in Minnesota. … That high pressure bubble that we are now living under will actually become a bit tougher and give us more protection. Hurricane Joaquin will be pumping tons of rising air into the atmosphere, which in return, will sink over us here in the Upper Midwest, increasing the strength of the high that is giving us our tranquil spell.” Oh … so it’s good for us?

Speaking of balmy, John Myers at the Duluth News Tribune says, “The long, glorious summer of 2015 just kept rolling along into early autumn, giving Minnesota its warmest September in recorded history. The Minnesota State Climatology Office says the average statewide temperature for September 2015 will come in above 64 degrees, smashing the old record of 63 degrees set in 1897. … Duluth still hasn’t seen its first official frost of the season with 36 degrees Wednesday the coldest morning so far. On average Duluth sees its first frost either Sept. 27 or Sept. 30, depending on what period of records are used.”

Where great news organizations meet, The Daily Caller quotes Alpha News by saying, “Copies of recently disclosed purchase orders link the University of Minnesota to a fetal tissue provider featured in one of the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, according to Alpha News in Minnesota. The purchase orders, dating back to 2008, were released to Alpha News earlier this month. Alpha News requested copies of purchase orders after noticing online records at the University of Minnesota that list Advanced Bioscience Resources as a vendor. Advanced Bioscience Resources is a life science company featured in one of the Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.” Back in March Michael Brodkorb reported, “The launch of Alpha News was first promoted today by the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance on Facebook. Many of the initial news stories from Alpha News cover issues which have been advocated by the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance.”

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