Who is Black Lives Matter St. Paul’s Rashad Turner?

MinnPost photo by Kristoffer Tigue
Rashad Turner

A timely profile from MPR’s Tim Nelson: “Rashad Turner doesn’t want your sympathy. He doesn’t want to be your friend. He doesn’t care if you like him. Turner says black Minnesota deserves more than it gets, and he’s going to change that by getting in the way every chance he can. … Turner, 30, has drawn hundreds of people to Black Lives Matter protests to try to make that happen. And along the way, he’s generated controversy and, in some cases, provoked a withering backlash. … And he’s not done. … ‘I do think that we need to continue to force the issue, and if that means shutting down every event that comes to St. Paul until we get that change, that’s what we’ll do,’ he said.”

Speaking of Black Lives Matter St. Paul, it seems the City of St. Paul isn’t quite sure what to do about Sunday’s protest of the Twin Cities Marathon. The Pioneer Press’ Ted Vezner considers the options: “As Black Lives Matters protesters gear up for another a protest rally — this time at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon this weekend, debate has grown on social forums over when and if arrests should be made. … As opposed to legal action taken in Bloomington over a Mall of America protest last winter, thus far St. Paul has arrested or charged no one during Black Lives Matter marches across the city.”

No major gun-law changes in Minnesota in the wake of Thursday’s mass-shooting in Oregon. At least that’s Gov. Dayton’s take, according to the AP: “ Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is downplaying the prospect for significant gun law changes in the wake of the latest mass shooting at an Oregon community college. … The two-term Democratic governor has proposed tightening background checks for firearm purchases at gun shows. But he says ‘Minnesota’s laws are as strong as you’re going to get out of the Minnesota Legislature.’ ”

Mary Tyler Moore may be going the way of so many Eastern European Lenins. For Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Whitney Oachs reports: “The statue of Mary Tyler Moore hasn’t stood on Nicollet Mall since construction began over the summer, and there is a chance it won’t come back to the street at all. … The statue had been expected to move to the IDS Center’s Crystal Court, which was often pictured on the show. But according to IDS Center spokesman Chris Barnett, there was a lack of interest from TV Land to move it there.”

In other news…

CD2 candidate watch: Atkins won’t run. [AP via Austin Daily Herald]

“Suspect Apprehended After Chaska Double Shooting” [WCCO]

Minneapolis voters may get a chance to raise their own taxes to pay for parks maintenance. [MPR]

This seems like a totally reasonable use of school resources: “Anoka-Hennepin enlists debt collectors to get lunch money” [MPR]

The Strib’s style rules regarding expletives evidently don’t apply to the code for its website. [@webster, h/t Secrets of the City]

Truly terrifying: “Islamic Protector Group hacks City of Austin website” [Rochester Post Bulletin]

The hipsters have won: “PedalPub pedaling out of Rochester in November” [Rochester Post Bulletin]

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  1. Submitted by Bill Schletzer on 10/02/2015 - 01:24 pm.

    my question….

    Why isn’t the St Paul BLM associated with the national organization. My impression is that the Mpls branch is a member of the national organization but not the St Paul group. How come?

    • Submitted by Curt Carlson on 10/02/2015 - 01:48 pm.


      Perhaps the national organization stands for more than simply disrupting public activities to provoke a reaction?

  2. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 10/02/2015 - 03:04 pm.

    Who Can Turn the World on With a Smile?

    It has been nearly 40 years since the Mary Tyler Moore Show was on the air. Some incidental atmospheric scenes were shot here, and the show was ostensibly set in Minneapolis, although there was nothing in it that made it uniquely “about” Minneapolis. It could just as easily have been in any other city in America.

    So why would anyone care about the statue?

    • Submitted by Verne Greenlee on 10/03/2015 - 09:07 am.

      Mary Tyler Moore née Richards

      Ostensibly the statue is of Mary Richards the character played by MTM. The statue is of a fictional character, which to me, makes it even less significant. The day of the installation it seemed as though everyone forgot that part. Yes, over 40 years ago – ask anyone under 40 who Mary Richards or Mary Tyler Moore is and one will get a lot of blank looks. I tried it and then realized (again) how old I am getting.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg on 10/04/2015 - 09:14 am.

      Fictional v.s. real Minnesota

      There was one episode of the show that really drove home for me how little the writers actually knew about life in Minnesota.

      The episode was about vacations, and one of the characters was being “forced” to take a winter vacation rather than a summer one and was going on about how that was so unfair and “Who takes vacations in the winter, anyway?”.

      I remember thinking that these writers obviously didn’t do their homework because they clearly didn’t realize that Minnesotans quite regularly choose to take winter vacations to warmer climates in order to get a break from the cold.

      Yup – that show had a Minneapolis/Minnesota connection in name, only.

  3. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 10/03/2015 - 07:41 am.

    Thank you,

    RB Holbrook. The statue was an homage to a TV show that hasn’t been seen in decades, except, perhaps, for some obscure syndication somewhere. The show was mostly filmed on a studio set by professional actors who had no legitimate long-standing connections to Minneapolis of which I’m aware. Trying to trade on the genuinely ephemeral fame brought by a TV show of many years ago is a sad testament to what, for lack of a better term, I’ll call community insecurity.

  4. Submitted by ALAN BELISLE on 10/03/2015 - 08:32 am.


    Let me get this straight… By being a jerk and a general pain in the butt, we are supposed to like this guy better? Interfering with traffic and races gets how many jobs for black people? Sorry, I just don’t understand how this is supposed to work.

    • Submitted by Lydia Howell on 10/04/2015 - 09:09 am.


      When too many white MInnesotans DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE the REALITY of police abuses of authority, brutality and shooting of unarmed (mostly) people of color, the unemployment rate of Black adults being TWICE as high s for whites, the continued HOUSING DISCRIMINATION—yeah, people have to be “disruptive”. I’m not saying I always agree w/the TACTICS of #BLM St. Paul–but, I sure do AGREE with the goals. We will never solve problems that we refuse to even acknowledge exist. By the way, I;m white and have been an activist & independent journalist working on police brutality since I moved to Minneapolis (from TEXAS) in 1988. Hate to break the MN Nice bubble, but, there’s NO DIFFERENCE (except SOMETIMES a “cosmetic” one) between Minnesota & Texas when it comes to policing. Police union head Paul Ford is totally WRONG in his idea that #BLM is alienating the community form police. It’s BRUTAL & DISRESPECTFUL police officers and a POLICE FORCE that REFUSES to hold officers accountable, change training and engage in REAL community policing that’s the problem. #BLM did NOT “invent” the issue of police brutality—it;’s simply making this a NATIONAL issue. Here in the Twin Cities, since 1999, COMMUNITIES UNITED AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY (CUAPAB) has supported individual victims and their families as well as worked on policy issues. 24 Hour Hotline (612)874-STOP http://www.cuapb.org

  5. Submitted by Elsa Mack on 10/03/2015 - 09:54 am.

    Mary Tyler Moore statue

    While I have never been a fan of the show, I have very frequently seen people taking each other’s pictures with the statue. So a lot of people do seem to like it, and care about it, regardless of whether it really represents Minneapolis or not.

  6. Submitted by beryl john-knudson on 10/04/2015 - 02:50 pm.

    We have lost the right of privacy…

    …in so many subtle ways…and now if dissent, public protest is to be considered irrelevant or nobody’s listening or cares , well here we go folks, smiling into a future where civil liberties disappear without even Joe and Joanna Blow knowing what happened.. until democracy is separated from society by a chain link fence…then barbed wire and where next… freedom ; never know until you lose it; never care unless it affects you…way to go, eh?

    We’re getting close when the light tuns yellow…wait until the light turns red?

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