Feds boost monitoring of social media to address terror recruitment

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@FBI is now following you on Twitter. MPR’s Mukhtar Ibrahim outlines the feds’ efforts to stay abreast of technology in their fight against terrorism: “Hours after his friend Abdirizak Warsame was arrested on charges of conspiracy to aid ISIS, Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir took to Twitter and allegedly began threatening to kill FBI agents. … Before Abdulkadir had the chance to delete what he'd posted on Dec. 9, the FBI was on it. Agents had been tipped off by an informant and obtained screenshots of the tweets, according to the criminal complaint detailing charges against him. … It was the latest evidence of how intensely federal law enforcement officials are using Twitter to track and monitor potential recruits and their associates in the Twin Cities who might be thinking of joining extremists groups or making threats against officials. … From January to June, Twitter received 63 information requests from local, state and federal law enforcement authorities in Minnesota, a 50 percent increase from the 42 information requests it received in 2014, according to the company's transparency report.”

If you need an antidote to all that, check out photographer Arthur Nazaryan’s project about Minneapolis’ Somali community, described by the Atlantic’s Emily Anne Epstein: “Minneapolis, Minnesota, is home to roughly 30,000 people of Somali origin. Many of them are refugees, having fled famine and decades of war—a situation not dissimilar to that of today’s Syrian refugees. For the past year, photographer Arthur Nazaryan documented this enclave of new Americans to show that Somalis, and migrants in general, could be more than ‘perpetrators or victims of conflict.’ ”

Robbing the same bank twice is just asking to be caught. The Rochester Post Bulletin’s Kay Fate has the details on a would-be bank-robber foiled by a television reporter — on the air: “The suspect in Monday's Rochester bank robbery returned to the bank Tuesday to rob it again, police say — and was arrested at gunpoint less than 45 minutes later near Coates. … But it was the odd set of circumstances that led to his capture that has people talking, beginning with a TV news reporter who noticed a man walking toward the bank as he prepared to do a live update about Monday's robbery. … It was the suspect, on his way to the second robbery, but Adam Sallet, a reporter with KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa, didn't know it — not until a bank employee ran up to him during his live noon broadcast moments later.”

No relief from the courts for Enbridge’s attempt to avoid an Enivornmental Impact Statement on the Sandpiper Pipeline. Zach Kayser writes for the Forum News Service: “The Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request for review by Enbridge Energy and state regulators of a lower court's ruling in September that the proposed Sandpiper crude oil pipeline requires further environmental study. … Previously, the Court of Appeals overturned the PUC's approval of a permit for the Sandpiper project because the PUC did so without an Environmental Impact Statement, a specific kind of environmental study that could delay the project.”

In other news…

In a reversal, the DNR will be plowing the Gateway Trail this winter. ❄ 🚲 🏃 [Pioneer Press]

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division would like you to know that your home distilling operation is dangerous and illegal. FYI. [The Growler]

Day brightener: “Brothers rent out theater for Star Wars, guests must donate toys for entry” [KMSP]

Think you know what goes on in Greater Minnesota? Think again: “Tense Conversation Sparked Over ‘Clothing-Optional’ Parties in Virginia” [WDIO]

Want to see a Minnesota mom sink a half-court granny shot? Here you go. [CBS]

It’s always L.A.: “Wolves owner Glen Taylor 'proceeding' toward selling 30 percent of team” to “a group led by Los Angeles private-equity investor Steve Kaplan” [Star Tribune]

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