Minneapolis schools select new superintendent

Sergio Paez
Courtesy of Minneapolis Public Schools
Sergio Paez

If he survived Boston traffic, he can survive our winters. The AP says, “The Minneapolis Board of Education has picked a Massachusetts candidate as the next superintendent of Minneapolis public schools. After a nearly 10-month search, the board on Monday selected Sergio Paez. Paez comes to Minneapolis from Holyoke Public Schools in Massachusetts, where he served as superintendent from 2013-15. Previously, he was an assistant superintendent for Worcester Public Schools.”

The cops in that infamous tased-for-sitting-in-a-public space case in St. Paul aren’t getting a break from the judge. Says Elizabeth Mohr in the Pioneer Press, “The federal judge overseeing an excessive-force lawsuit against St. Paul and three police officers didn’t mask her skepticism of the cops’ defense Monday. She said the officers who responded to a security guard’s report of an uncooperative male in the skyway had reason to investigate, but not probable cause to make an arrest. Though U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson didn’t rule on the city’s move to dismiss the lawsuit, she said she was ‘fairly persuaded we’re going to have a trial in this case.'”

He turned himself in. Amy Forliti’s story for the AP says: “A Minnesota man who joined al-Shabab in Somalia more than seven years ago and more recently went online to urge others to carry out violence on behalf of the Islamic State group has turned himself in to authorities in Africa, the U.S. State Department said Monday. Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan surrendered to Somalia’s federal government on Nov. 6, the State Department said in an email to The Associated Press. It’s not immediately clear why his arrest wasn’t announced earlier.”

Shannon Prather and Karen Zamora of the Strib report nuance in the story of all those untested rape kits. “Three law enforcement agencies are firing back after a statewide report found that they have the most untested rape kits in the state — an accumulation of evidence that has raised concerns. The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and the Duluth and St. Cloud police departments say the statewide report doesn’t show the full picture. They say that they’re following the law by saving every shred of evidence while processing only those kits that have value in a criminal case. Moreover, kits aren’t tested when a known rape suspect admits to sex, or when a victim decides not to press charges.”

Another AP story says: “A Minnesota man is accused of threatening Mayo Clinic staff on a Facebook post which police say shows him holding a replica assault rifle. Rochester authorities say the 36-year-old Pine Island man was apparently dissatisfied with his treatment at Mayo and posted a photo saying he was going to go ‘intern hunting.’”

There was no violence in the building of Minnesota! WCCO-TV says, “Minnesota’s top ranking military leader is defending some controversial art inside the newly-renovated State Capitol. National Guard Major General Rick Nash says the Civil War paintings and other military artifacts that some consider too violent are an important tribute to Minnesota soldiers who saved the Union. Governor Mark Dayton first raised the issue of violence depicted in the historic paintings hanging in the reception room outside his office. Some of those paintings and other military artifacts could be removed, or taken to less visible locations.”

In an opinion piece, the Strib argues that the surplus and Federal transportation dollars aren’t going to come close to the cost of fixing everything that needs fixing. “Legislators can expand on an idea included in the House transportation bill last session. It would have sent proceeds from the existing sales tax on motor vehicle repair parts — a $234 million item in fiscal year 2017 — to the state’s highway trust fund. Why not add a sales tax on repair services as well as parts? That addition would net $141 million more this year if applied only to consumer repairs, and $33 million more if repairs purchased by businesses were added. Constitutional dedication of such measures for transportation is also in order.” You mean we can’t wait for private enterprise to volunteer to fix the roads? What is this country coming to?

At the Wall St. Journal, Tom Corrigan says, “The Roman Catholic Diocese of Duluth, Minn., filed for bankruptcy Monday after being hit with an $8.4 million verdict in a clergy sex abuse case. The diocese, which spans 10 counties in northeastern Minnesota, filed for chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Duluth, court papers show. Last month, a jury awarded $8.4 million to a man who says he was sexually abused in the late 1970s by a priest serving in the Diocese of Duluth. The diocese, which has said it is considering an appeal, says it knew nothing about the abuse and couldn’t have prevented it. The Diocese of Duluth is being held responsible for $4.8 million of the $8.4 million judgment, Susan Gaertner, a lawyer for the diocese, told The Wall Street Journal.”

This one is not open and shut. Chao Xiong of the Strib says, “The fatal stabbing of Peter Kelly in April left his tightly knit hometown of St. Croix Falls, Wis., shocked that such a tragedy could befall the married father of five who dedicated countless hours to youth sports. But as evidence about the attack on the St. Croix River trickled out in courtroom testimony and attorneys’ filings, public sentiment grew complicated and divided, reflecting the challenges jurors could face in deciding the fate of the Minnesota man charged in his death.”

Now this is an outrage! Michael Rand of the Strib reports, “As if the past few days weren’t rough enough for Vikings fans — with the Packers winning Thursday on a stunning Hail Mary and Minnesota getting humbled in a 38-7 loss to Seattle on Sunday, sending the border rivals into a first-place tie in the NFC North — they got even worse for some Vikings fans on Monday. Paul Severson tweeted out a picture of a promotional cup he got at a Twin Cities-area McDonald’s bearing a giant Packers logo and offering a buy one, get one free promotion on breakfast sandwiches and other sandwiches if the Packers win.”

The Twin Ports are working to help a sick heart. Maria Lockwood in the Grand Forks Herald says, “Superior native Aaron T. Rose waits at the University of Minnesota medical campus for a new lease on life, the same facility where his father received a heart transplant in 1983. ‘They say I have the sickest heart in Minnesota,’ said Rose, a photojournalist whose work has been featured in Time Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. A former Spartan football player and avid half-marathon runner, the 29-year-old suffers from cardiomyopathy, the same disease his father Tom had that required a heart transplant. That transplant added years to Tom Rose’s life and introduced him to Rosemary, the cardiac nurse who would become his wife.”

And you thought all those Who concerts took a toll on your hearing. Lorna Benson of MPR writes, “[Dr. James Sidman] Sidman knows about what’s called ‘bone conduction’ because of his work with hearing-impaired patients. Some of the hearing aids he prescribes amplify skull or tooth vibrations to help patients hear better. But until now, no one had really researched whether this same sound path could expose newborns to too much ventilator noise. So Sidman, author of the ventilator sound study, decided to measure the sound levels of five different ventilators at the points where the tubing is secured on the baby’s head. That’s where the tubes transfer vibrations like this to the skull. When Sidman got his data back, he was surprised to find that that ventilator tubes produce sound pressure levels anywhere from 60 to 115 decibels in the spots where they make contact with facial bones.”

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  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 12/08/2015 - 01:00 pm.

    Before our Republican Representatives Can Go Along

    with doing anything to provide funding for Minnesota’s deteriorating roads and bridges,…

    they’ll need to retire to a quiet, sacred place,…

    where they can offer up prayers to Grover Norquist,…

    seeking some divine sign that the “deity” whom they serve,…

    approves of raising some tax revenues in order to do so.

    Lacking the divine approval of Lord Norquist,…

    ripples in the holy bathtub in which they hope to drown the government, perhaps,…

    they will continue to rythmically march,…

    and hypnotically chant, their reason d’etre,…

    “no taxes, no taxes, no taxes,”…

    no matter how many of their constituents’ lives their intransigence costs.

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