25-pound invasive carp caught on the Minnesota River

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Department of Natural Resources Minnesota River specialist Tony Sindt holding a bighead carp caught last week on the Minnesota River.

Here they come. Jennie Lissarrague at KTSP reports a commercial fisherman caught a 25-pound bighead carp on the Minnesota River near New Ulm last week: “DNR officials say it’s the first bighead carp confirmed in the Minnesota River, although another invasive carp – a grass carp – was caught in the same area back in December. DNR Invasive Fish Coordinator Nick Frohnauer said in a statement that the capture doesn’t necessarily mean there is an established population of invasive carp in the river.”

James Card of the New York Times ventured to International Falls last month to cover the Arrowhead Ultra 135: “All racers are required to carry a minus-20-degree sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a bivouac sack, a fire starter, a stove and pot, eight ounces of fuel, a two-quart insulated water container, a headlamp or flashlight, two flashing LED lights, 10 square inches of reflective material on their front and back, a whistle and 3,000 calories of food. Racers can receive no outside help while on the course. None of this is negotiable.

Solvejg Wastvedt, covering education for MPR News, reports some St. Paul School Board members aren’t satisfied with the discipline proposals brought forth by school officials: “Board chair Jon Schumacher said the district’s main discipline policy, which aims to take a preventative approach, isn’t working in all schools. ‘It doesn’t always sound like those tools are available. It doesn’t always sound like there’s support available. It doesn’t always sound like there are real alternatives for those kids,’ he said.”

“Rahm E-Mix-uel” still available for use. Jim Hammerand at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal notes St. Paul-based Candyland Inc. has won a court order barring another competitor from using the term ‘Chicago Mix’ to sell their popcorn snacks: “Cornfields has settled the lawsuit by promising to stop using the name on its G.H. Cretors popcorn, which it makes for retailers such as Costco, Whole Foods and Hy-Vee. Similar names like ‘Chicago Style,’ ‘Chi-Town Mix,’ ‘Windy City Mix’ or other combinations using the words Chicago and Mix are also off limits under the latest agreement.”

Purple from head to toe. Ben Goessling from ESPN catches up with 88-year-old former Vikings head coach Bud Grant to chat about his short-sleeved attire during the Jan. 10 game versus the Seahawks, when it was minus-6 at U.S. Bank Stadium: “Grant said. ‘I had to make a statement somehow. It was our last [outdoor] game; let’s celebrate. It got a hoopla-la, and that was all afterward.'”

In other news

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