DFL lawmakers propose $2M in state funding to fight terror recruitment

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More money may be on the table to fight terror recruitment. MPR’s Mukhtar Ibrahim writes, “Three Minnesota House DFL legislators are calling for $2 million in state funding for a program intended to combat terrorist recruitment in Minnesota. … The money will support community-based programs, such as the youth group Ka Joog, that are trying to steer young people away from extremist groups, according to the lawmakers. … The three House Democrats argue that there are currently not enough resources to help these programs. Last April, legislators earmarked $250,000 to fund combat terrorist recruitment.”

You can’t fly with DEET — who knew? The Star Tribune’s Pat Pheifer reports, “A box of mosquito repellent destined to help protect pregnant women from the Zika virus in Haiti was turned away Saturday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when a group of Minnesota medical volunteers tried to check it as baggage, a trip organizer said Sunday. … The eight Twin Citians were flying to Caphaitian, Haiti, via Miami, on American Airlines Saturday morning. Non-aerosol bottles of the DEET-based repellent were in a box that weighed about 30 pounds, said Dr. Leslee Jaeger, who delivered the bug spray — purchased with donated money — to its would-be couriers.”

The state’s top-paying jobs aren’t necessarily the most prominent. The St. Cloud Times’ Kirsti Marohn has Minnesota’s top-10 earners (plus a searchable database of state salaries): “The chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities was Minnesota’s highest paid state employee again last year. … Chancellor Steven J. Rosenstone earned $439,840 in total compensation in fiscal year 2015, including a base salary of $384,695 and $55,144 in other pay.”

Don’t worry St. Paul, you’ll always be 1st in our hearts. KARE’s John Croman writes, “The iconic giant red number one atop the First National Bank Building has gone dark until further notice, as the building’s new owners explore their options for repairing it. … Since the 1930s the sign has been a nighttime beacon visible as far as 70 miles away on a clear night. Day or night it’s one of the most recognizable features of the St. Paul skyline.”

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Pat Berg on 02/08/2016 - 04:18 pm.

    Flying with DEET

    I don’t have confirmation of this, but I suspect that it wasn’t the DEET itself that was the problem so much as the quantity of it they were trying to ship. In many cases, beyond a certain volume, materials have to go through all the regulatory processes associated with shipping the chemicals involved, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that a case of DEET would be enough to trigger that requirement.

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