Hundreds of Minnesota cities need serious water system upgrades

Think a water-safety crisis couldn’t happen here? Think again. The Pioneer Press’ Bill Salisbury catalogs Minnesota’s many sewer and water-treatment needs: “[Dennison] is one of hundreds of small cities in rural Minnesota with diminutive tax bases that are struggling to find money to replace aging wastewater, stormwater and drinking water systems or upgrade them to meet changing environmental standards. … Their plight isn’t as hazardous as that in Flint, Mich., where high lead levels in drinking water pose a serious health threat. But it reflects a growing national concern over government’s role in providing safe, clean and affordable water.”

Big day for heroin in the Bemidji area. The Bemidji Pioneer reports: “One person died and three others have been hospitalized after overdosing on heroin in Beltrami County on Saturday. … The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office and Bemidji Police Department each responded to two separate emergency calls on Saturday related to heroin overdoses, according to a release Sunday afternoon from the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office. … No information on the time or location of the calls, or the genders or ages of the overdose victims has been released at this time.”

Pretty hard to differentiate between the two, really. The AP’s Kyle Potter has an update on a former Minnesota governor’s political preferences (via the Star Tribune): “Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he’s split between backing Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Donald Trump on the other end of the political spectrum. … It may seem like an odd choice between candidates, but Ventura told The Associated Press on Monday that he sees echoes of his own underdog win for governor in 1998 in their campaigns. Ventura earned a spot in Minnesota’s political history books by winning the state’s highest office as a member of the Reform Party, a third-party organization later renamed the Independence Party of Minnesota.”

Don’t ever tweet, but especially don’t tweet this kind of thing. Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky writes: “Before yesterday’s loss to Illinois, Minnesota announced that three Gophers players would be suspended for the game for an unspecified violation of team rules. … On Friday evening, [freshman Kevin] Dorsey posted two videos to his Twitter account. They were deleted within 30 minutes, and Dorsey deleted his account soon after. … Each video reportedly showed Dorsey and another man engaged in a sex act with a woman. It’s apparently not clear whether the second man in each video was the same, or whether it was two separate women, and only Dorsey’s face was clearly shown.”

In other news…

Minnesota is the 35th most religious state. 47 percent of Minnesotans say they pray every day. [Pew Research]

That St. Louis archbishop who is so concerned about the Girl Scouts played a role in covering up sex abuse when he was auxiliary bishop for St. Paul and Minneapolis. [New York Times]

A Minneapolis icon changes hands: “Once Upon a Crime bookstore in Minneapolis is sold” [Pioneer Press]

Lockdown at Eden Valley-Watkins schools. [St. Cloud Times]

Can there be a women’s National Hockey League? [WCCO]

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  1. Submitted by Frank Phelan on 02/29/2016 - 06:00 pm.

    Municipal Water & Your Wallet

    If a city elects legislators that love to talk about bloated government and the evils that go in in that den of iniquity known as St. Paul, that city should get zero help from the state tax payers and just stick with local control and funding. If state government is evil and does nothing right, stay away from it.

    If a city elects legislators that advocate for a state role in helping citizens replacing crumbling infrastructure, then by all means that city should get state aid.

    Now is the time for principled conservatives to put tough talk into action.

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