Violent crime up in Hennepin County in 2015

Hopefully just a blip and not a trend. KSTP’s Jennie Lissarrague reports, “New numbers released Friday show that violent crime in Hennepin County increased in 2015. … The numbers were released by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and show that violent crime in the county rose 8 percent last year compared to 2014. Property crimes in the county, on the other hand, were down 6 percent. … According to the numbers, homicide was up 48 percent, with 62 homicides reported in 2015 and 42 reported in 2014. Rape was also up 16 percent, and aggravated assault was up 13 percent.”

Possible downside to that “war on terror” rhetoric. MPR’s Riham Feshir reports on a possible defense for the Minnesotans accused of trying to join ISIS: “Four of five men awaiting trial for allegedly trying to join ISIS have argued to dismiss conspiracy murder charges under ‘combatant immunity’ laws. … Attorneys for Hamza Ahmed, Adnan Farah, Guled Omar and Abdurahman Daud, are asking a federal judge to drop conspiracy to murder outside of the United States charges.… Combatant status grants immunity from prosecution to armed forces of ‘belligerents in an armed conflict’ at least until or unless they ‘actually engage in unlawful combat.’ ”

Farmers have concerns about buffers. The West Central Tribune’s Tom Cherveny writes, “Renville County farmers took aim at Minnesota’s new buffer law in a listening session hosted by Republican legislators Thursday in Olivia, although the lawmakers also heard from those who felt the law addresses water quality problems in the region. … Farmers cited a wide range of concerns. Jim Zenk, of Olivia, said he believes a five-foot buffer would achieve the same water quality benefits, and asked if the 16½-foot width was really aimed at providing wildlife habitat. ‘Is this what it’s really about?’ he asked.”

Fine dining really is dead. The Star Tribune’s Tim Harlow has the latest closing: “The Twin Cities has just three Old Country Buffet restaurants left after its parent company abruptly shut down seven locations Thursday part of a national restructuring that closed a total of 74 restaurants. … The shuttered restaurants in the metro area include Richfield, Fridley, Crystal, Roseville, Maplewood, West St. Paul and Woodbury, according to a spokeswoman for Ovation Brands. … Restaurants in Maple Grove, Coon Rapids and Burnsville will remain open.”

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Pat McGee on 02/05/2016 - 01:28 pm.

    Crime up…

    Since most of the Hennepin County crime is in Minneapolis, perhaps they should get a new police chief. Clearly the methods of the current one aren’t working.

  2. Submitted by Roy Everson on 02/06/2016 - 11:26 am.

    It pays to advertise

    At least one strong-signal local far-right radio station (whose uber-Patriotic name 1 28w0n’t mention) promotes regular programing featuring the need for heavily armed Citizens. Topics include gun safety as a Family bonding event, the latest efforts by lib-coms to take your guns away, and all the usual fearmongering debates like is there ISIS around every corner or only the gun-free corners. Then come the ad breaks for really cool holsters — his and hers — ammo, 3-day emergency rations, and First Aid kits, (just kidding about the last one) .

    I doubt all this Money and effort is spent merely for humanitarian causes.

  3. Submitted by Justin Adams on 02/06/2016 - 12:12 pm.

    Does “That” explain “This”?

    So increased violent crime statistics being reported today caused 6000 people to get permits to carry last month?

    I’m willing to grant that fearfulness of violent crime probably caused some people to seek carry permits.It seems to me, though, that the fact that 6000 more people are carrying guns every month could be at least a contributing factor in the uptick in violent crime.

    I think causation probably goes both ways on that one.

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