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‘Hit list’ of Minnesota police officers posted by ISIS affiliate


Fodder for the next GOP debateSusan Du at City Pages reports, “ISIS hackers have posted a hit list of 36 police for various Minnesota agencies, the FBI confirmed Tuesday. Information posted includes the officers’ names, phone numbers, and home addresses. The list was published by the ‘Caliphate Cyber Army’ on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. The list was discovered and initially reported by Vocativ, which runs deep web analyses.”

The Star Tribune editorializes on Gov. Mark Dayton’s surplus-spending plan: “Low-income families also would likely be beneficiaries of the least-specific part of Dayton’s budget. It devotes a big chunk of one-time money — $100 million — to an assortment of efforts to narrow the income gap between white and nonwhite Minnesotans. Dayton said the vagueness of that proposal is by design, and he invited legislators and others to help fill in the blanks. We fear that with that approach, Dayton risks not being taken seriously and disappointing communities that are already feeling left behind.”

Ex-Viking Mike Wallace took a shot at Teddy Bridgewater.  Sean Wagner McGough at says, “Despite a previous report that stated Wallace could return to the Vikings after they cut him a week ago, Wallace indicated the exact opposite. He was never going to return to Minnesota, because he realized he needed ‘a good quarterback.’ Apparently Bridgewater didn’t match the description. ‘When this process started, I knew that I wasn’t going back to Minnesota. I was like, ‘I need a good quarterback. I need a quarterback who I know is proven and can get things done,’” Wallace said, per the Baltimore Sun.” Hmmm. That Diggs kid didn’t seem to have a problem.

I certainly hope it’s executive housing. In the PiPress, Bob Shaw writes, “The 27-hole Tartan Park golf course has been sold — to be redeveloped into an 18-hole course with housing. Golf course developer Hollis Cavner bought the Lake Elmo course from the 3M Co., he announced Tuesday at a news conference. Cavner said he plans to transform the 477-acre property into a smaller, better golf course and 357 homes. … The golf and residential development will be called the Royal Golf Club at Lake Elmo.”

News for when there really isn’t much in the way of news. For the Grand Forks Herald Jonathan Streetman writes, “The Grand Forks County Commission has scheduled a meeting to discuss public safety and loitering issues after reports of a couple exiting the men’s bathroom together. … [Commissioner Diane] Knauf said a deputy was called to escort a young couple from the building after they spent all afternoon in the lobby for no apparent reason. Knauf reported seeing the same individuals a few days later leaving the first floor men’s bathroom at the same time. ‘I went into the men’s bathroom and it was a mess,’ Knauf reported to the commission, adding that items were strewn across the floor and it appeared as if someone had been smoking in there. Knauf said a nearby office worker told her there was so much commotion going on in the bathroom, and then out in the lobby, that she didn’t want to leave the office.”

New revelations of sex abuse and the cover up of such by the Catholic church continue. The AP reports, “Three ex-leaders of a Franciscan religious order were charged Tuesday with allowing a friar who was a known sexual predator to take on jobs, including a position as a high school athletic trainer, that enabled him to molest more than 100 children. Giles Schinelli, 73; Robert D’Aversa, 69; and Anthony M. Criscitelli, 61, were successively the provincial ministers of a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church in western Pennsylvania from 1986 to 2010. In that role, each assigned and supervised the order’s members. …  Anthony Criscitelli is pastor of St. Bridget Parish Community in Minneapolis.”

It’s an election year. Stock up. Jim Hammerand of the Business Journal reports, “J. Carver Distillery is rolling a new grain-to-glass Minnesota bourbon out of the Waconia distillery. J. Carver Bourbon Whiskey is made from Minnesota-grown grains (75 percent corn and 25 percent rye) and aged in barrels made in Avon and Park Rapids. … J. Carver describes the bourbon as as having corn sweetness with a spicy rye finish and exhibiting ‘notes of cinnamon, toffee and oak.’ It’s meant for straight sipping but can also be used in bourbon cocktails such as Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs, the distiller said.” And if you’re from Wisconsin, you can pour it on your Froot Loops.

You might want to lock the thing. Kate Raddatz at WCCO-TV says, “A new crime report shows there were 379 auto thefts in Minneapolis between Jan. 1 and March 7. That’s up from 272 in the same time period from 2015. ‘There’s no concrete data on why that is, it’s just more people looking to sell the cars or just quick transportation,’ Minneapolis police crime prevention specialist John Reed said. The 4th and 2nd precincts saw the biggest spike in auto thefts, around 52 percent. Only the 5th precinct saw a decrease in the crime.” 

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