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Dayton considers June special session

Plus: what went wrong with Mesabi Academy; Twin Cities’ very white hip-hop scene; food truck noise; strange security breach at MSP; and more.

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and Gov. Mark Dayton
MinnPost photo by Briana Bierschbach

Mulligan! MPR’s Tim Pugmire reports that Dayton is contemplating handing legislators a do-over: “Gov. Mark Dayton says he plans to tell legislative leaders next week what his requirements would be for a potential special session. … Many lawmakers want another chance to act on the bonding bill that failed to make it to the governor’s desk in the closing minutes of the 2016 session. … Dayton told reporters Wednesday that he will start thinking about a special session this weekend, after he’s acted on the remaining bills on his desk, including the tax bill and supplemental budget bill.”

What went wrong in Buhl. Continuing its series of reports on the soon-to-close Mesabi Academy juvenile correctional facility, APM Reports gives a picture of the failures at multiple levels that enabled the abuse and cover-up there: “A flawed, confused system prevents judges, social services officials and guardians from discovering critical information about the condition of the residential treatment facilities regulated by the Department of Corrections. Mesabi Academy, scheduled to close next month, is a case study. Since opening in 1998, the juvenile correctional facility had been seen as a reliable jobs provider, receiving subsidies from government and tens of millions of dollars in loans from its parent. But attempts to sustain the business may have compromised resident and worker safety.”

Is the Twin Cities hip-hop scene too white? At the Twin Cities Daily Planet, Kayla Steinberg raises the question: “Minnesota is more than a thousand miles away from hip hop’s mainstays on either coast. Yet, Complex listed Minneapolis as one of the 15 best cities for hip hop fans in the United States, and Mic named the Twin Cities the ‘greatest hip-hop scene you’ve never heard of.’ … Despite the geographical pull to mimic other regions, Twin Cities hip hop has managed to trademark its own experimental sound, humble aesthetic (most artists opt for toned down and muted attire), and, of course, the white supremacy that comes with our state’s infamous Minnesota Nice.”

Are food trucks too loud? Over at, Old Man Lindeke has some concerns: “I like food trucks. I’m usually too cheap to spend $10 on food truck food, but that doesn’t matter because they do a great job at enlivening our public spaces. Food trucks mean more people outside, occupying formerly empty spots in the streetscape. … That said, one overlooked aspect of food trucks is their noise. For all the public space good that food trucks do, it only takes one bad generator to ruin a sidewalk.”

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Makes sense. Via WCCO: “a year after it happened, details of an intrusion at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are being released. … According to an Associated Press investigation, which uncovered the security breach, a man with a knife jumped the fence in February of last year. A report of the intrusion said the man told authorities he went for a walk from a nearby hotel to avoid a fight with his girlfriend.

In other news…

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Buddy flick in the making:

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