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North Minneapolis residents demand return of suspended police inspector

Minneapolis Police
Inspector Mike Friestleben

Update on suspended MPD inspector. MPR’s Matt Sepic writes: “Some north Minneapolis community leaders are demanding a popular police commander be returned to his job, saying he’s needed to mend relations and help investigate after a fatal shooting that left one dead and seven injured. … The Minneapolis Police Department said early this week that Inspector Mike Friestleben was put on paid leave pending an investigation by the city’s civilian Police Conduct Oversight Board. The chief wouldn’t provide any details. … ‘Every time we get close to an officer who makes a step to work with the community, this city gets rid of him,’ said community activist Spike Moss.”

The new Dorothy Day center is coming along. The Pioneer Press’ Maja Beckstrom gives an update: “At a community breakfast a year ago, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis unveiled architectural drawings for a new campus to house and serve the homeless in downtown St. Paul. … What’s happened in the year since then? Five stories of concrete have gone up and more than $31 million in private donations have flowed in. Catholic Charities is also back at the Legislature asking for public money to complete a building project that advocates say will transform how the charity, along with government, can help homeless people into permanent housing.”

Target shows some leadership. New Now Next’s Cody Gohl writes: “Though it was the first to publicly state its stance on full trans-inclusion in public bathrooms, Target is now being joined by other retailers who are starting to weigh in on the question of trans rights. … Starbucks, Hudson’s Bay Co.—parent company to Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue—and Barnes & Noble have all come out in support of trans people’s rights to use the bathrooms that best align with their gender identities.”

Ordnance vs. ordinance in St. Cloud. The St. Cloud Times’ David Unze reports: “It was an odd and alarming sight to some: a man walking near the Sauk Rapids Bridge with an AK-47 slung across his back, a loaded magazine inserted. … When officers from Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud converged on Tyler Gottwalt as he walked across the bridge in November 2014, he assured them he had a right to tote a military-style rifle because he had a permit to carry. … Sauk Rapids officers consulted with Benton County Attorney Philip Miller and agreed; they let Gottwalt go. … St. Cloud officers disagreed and cited him for violating a city ordinance that prohibits carrying an uncased firearm in public.”

In other news…

Really should have sold these naming rights: “Downtown East, or East Downtown, is now going to be called ‘East Town’” [Star Tribune]

Name change came too late to save Big Brain, though: “Beloved Minneapolis comic book store Big Brain is calling it quits” [Star Tribune]

Company not named: “Feds: MN company lost $40 million to internet scam” [Minnesota Lawyer]

Controversy aside, it’s nice to see a story on Scott Seekins that isn’t about what he’s wearing: “Gallery under fire over use of Native American imagery” [MPR]

Sponsored by ranked choice voting boosters FairVote, so we should know our winner in a few weeks: “Twin Cities’ best sausage makers compete for your votes to be crowned ‘Best of the Wurst’” [The Growler]

It’s a proud day for Minnesota: “’Oregon Trail’ officially inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame” [The Oregonian]

Here’s Rep. Keith Ellison being laughed at by TV news people when he predicted Trump’s success last summer:

Magnus Nilsson is kind of a big deal: “Meet the Superstar Swedish Chef” [Mpls.St.Paul Magazine]

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  1. Submitted by Steve Hoffman on 05/06/2016 - 02:22 pm.

    Advance Notice

    “he assured them he had a right to tote a military-style rifle because he had a permit to carry.”

    Now if only there were some way of telling the Second Amendment Carry Activist from the Disturbed Loner With Issues — BEFORE the first shots are fired. Suggestions from the 2nd-Amendment crowd?

    • Submitted by Henk Tobias on 05/07/2016 - 04:25 pm.

      Having just taken the conceal carry class

      and spending an afternoon with the 2nd-Amendment Crowd, I can say with confidence that Skin Color would be the primary indicator that they would look at.

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