Minnesota Appeals Court finds anti-sexting law unconstitutional

Just as the founding fathers intended. MPR’s Bob Collins has the news from the Minnesota Court of Appeals: “The Minnesota Court of Appeals has found a key provision of a law designed to prevent using the internet to contact children about sex unconstitutional. … The court ruled in the case of Krista Ann Muccio, a cafeteria worker at Simley High School and Inver Grove Heights Middle School in Inver Grove Heights, who was ‘sexting’ a 15-year old boy. … A Dakota County judge found that provision violates free expression and the three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals today agreed.”

More demand and less compensation for foster homes. The Star Tribune’s Brandon Stahl reports: “A dramatic increase in the number of children placed in foster care since 2014 means that Minnesota needs foster homes more than ever. While the number of foster care providers has gone up by 10 percent since 2011 to 3,811, it has not kept pace with the increase of children going into foster care. … Many foster parents like Mooney say the state’s reduction in payments means they’re breaking even or losing money, as they care for kids whose behaviors they believe are more challenging than they were five or 10 years ago.”

Duluth revisits a dark chapter of its history. The Duluth News Tribune’s Peter Passi reports: “On the 96th anniversary of the lynching of three black circus workers in Duluth, Mike Tusken, the city’s newly appointed police chief, described the challenge of coming to grips with his own family’s involvement in the incident. … He said it wasn’t until 2000 that he learned his great-aunt, Irene Tusken, had been the purported victim of an assault and rape at the hands of the circus workers. That crime was subsequently disproved by a doctor’s examination, but the very allegation was sufficient to enrage the public and incite a crowd to break into the jail, take the suspects by force, beat them and hang them from a lamp post.”

Things are looking good in Brainerd! The Brainerd Dispatch’s Renee Richardson writes: “Brainerd recently hit a jobless rate it hasn’t matched in 15 years. … The most recent county and city jobless data available from the state lists April numbers with Brainerd posting an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent. The last time the city reached that mark was in October of 2001.”

In other news…

What a sad accident: “Trees fall on campers in BWCA; 1 dead, 2 injured” [Star Tribune] UPDATE: KSTP reports that the man killed was 1st District Rep. Tim Walz’s brother, Craig Walz.

Wait, they kill the gophers? 142nd Annual Viola Gopher Count continues longstanding Minnesota tradition [KTTC]

Minneapolis is #2! In the size of the wage gap between women and men working in tech [Business Insider]

Minneapolis’ Open Streets makes USA Today’s list of “10 cities that put cars in park for a day.”

Wisconsin Democrats not fond of Trump: “No crossover appeal for Trump and Clinton in Wisconsin” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Amazing that something like this can fall out of the sky:

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