Twin Cities Somali community divided over terror-trial verdict

Divided reactions in the Twin Cities Somali community to Friday’s terror-trial guilty verdicts. The New York Times’ Jack Healy and Matt Furber report: “The trial of [Mohamed Farah] and two other young Somali-American men splintered families and opinions here in the country’s largest Somali community. Former friends testified against one another, describing how they had watched propaganda videos, bought fake passports and plotted their paths to Syria. Family members squabbled in the halls of the courthouse. Some said they had been threatened or shunned. … Some in the Somali community praised the government. They said that the three defendants had gotten a fair trial, and that they hoped the convictions would prompt candid talks about extremism and its allure to some young men here. … But others called the case a setup, and said the defendants had been goaded to act and praise terrorism by a onetime friend who made secret audio recordings as a paid federal informant.”

On balance, probably a good idea to keep the nurses happy. The Star Tribune’s Jeremy Olson reports: “Nurses at five Allina Health hospitals will vote Monday whether to authorize potential strikes or accept three-year contracts in a showdown over Allina’s insistence that they give up their union-protected health insurance and move to their employer’s standard benefits.”

Don’t jinx it! MPR’s Mark Steil reports: “The barns at the Pullet Connection chicken farm are nearly full of young birds again, a big change from last June. That’s when avian flu struck the operation near Redwood Falls. The family farm saw more than 400,000 birds destroyed and the barns — normally teeming with cheeping, fuzzy chicks — fell silent. … ‘The process was so difficult to go through that you never want to do it again,’ said Barb Frank, Pullet Connection co-owner. … Frank says that emotional toll put her and the farm’s employees on edge this spring as the one-year anniversary of the outbreak approached. Infected migrating waterfowl have been leading suspects in the outbreaks. But the fall and spring waterfowl migrations came and went with no new infections.

The GleanThe time Muhammad Ali visited Rochester, called local reporter an idiot. The Post-Bulletin’s Heather J. Carlson writes: “In the summer of 1980, Muhammad Ali was looking to make a comeback. … But before the Nevada Athletic Commission would give him a boxing license, he had to undergo a detailed physical. … Ali headed to Rochester, checking in at the clinic on July 23, 1980.  … In his 1980 story, [Repoter Jim] Thielman wrote, ‘Ali appeared relaxed, almost docile when he opened the press conference.’ … But that all changed after Thielman asked Ali if he was afraid of getting hurt. The boxer sprang to life and let the reporter have it. … Thielman said Ali responded, ‘Me get hurt? Me get hurt? I’m going to get on an airplane today and fly out of here on that plane. I could get hurt if that plane crashes.’ … Then Ali said this to Thielman: ‘What are you, the local Howard Cosell? Howard Cosell gets paid to be an idiot. What’s your excuse?’ ”

In other news…

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    “Minnesota’s own United Health Group hits #6 on the Fortune 500 ranking of U.S. companies by revenue.” United Health isn’t interested in your health. It’s interested in your money.

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