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Dayton, Ellison pitch Clinton to Sanders delegates

Plus: Franken dismisses campaign chair role; Barton Open School teacher claims retaliation by principal; the story behind Prince’s late-night hoops challenge; and more.

Rep. Keith Ellison introducing Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

J. Patrick Coolican at the Star Tribune reports on efforts in Philadelphia by Gov. Mark Dayton and Rep. Keith Ellison to bring Sanders delegates from Minnesota and Tennessee into the nominee’s camp: ” ‘I want to talk to the Bernie Sanders delegates,’ Dayton said, growing emotional as he evoked campaigns past. ‘One of the reasons (Sanders) was so successful is that he sounds a lot like Paul Wellstone, and that’s a high compliment,’ Dayton said of his late friend, who continues to be an icon in progressive Minnesota politics. ‘I understand what it feels like. I remember when Paul died, the sense of loss, the sense of nihilism, you know, what matters? (Sen.) Strom Thurmond gets to live to 100, and Paul Wellstone doesn’t make it to 60? Why God? What’s the point?’ “

Burgess Everett at Politico cornered Sen. Al Franken at the Democratic National Convention and, given his fundraising prowess over the last year and a half, wondered if Franken should be the next chairman of the party’s campaign arm: “‘No. I really don’t. I think that’s a full time job and … the part about the Senate I like the most is being a legislator. If we get the majority I’ll have a greater chance to do that in a way I want. But no I don’t want to do that,’ Franken said in an interview.”

Dylan Thomas at the Southwest Journal has the story on a Barton Open School teacher claiming retaliation by principal after she challenged his decision to release another teacher: “The incident has some Barton parents calling for the ouster of Jonas Beugen, the school’s third principal in as many years. The teacher, Flory Sommers, a 29-veteran of Minneapolis Public Schools, filed a union grievance against the district and in May took the matter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which forwarded her complaint to the Office of Civil Rights, Sommers’ attorney, Gregg Corwin, said.”

Scott Bauer at the Associated Press has more information on the Wisconsin state appeals court ruling that two teens should be tried as adults for attempting to murder their classmate: “Investigators say the girls, who were 12 at the time of the attack in 2014, plotted for months before luring their classmate into some woods after a birthday sleepover and repeatedly stabbing her. … Experts testified that one of the girls has schizophrenia and an oppositional defiant disorder that requires long-term mental health treatment. The other girl has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder and a condition known as schizotypy, which a psychologist testified made her vulnerable to believing in Slender Man.”

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Jerry Bembry at The Undefeated has the real story behind the famous Dave Chappelle skit about Prince’s late-night hoops challenge, courtesy of Shalamar’s Micki Free: “[Eddie and Charlie] Murphy’s crew changed into athletic gear. And Prince’s crew? ‘Yes, it’s true, we had on “blouses,” and frilly shirts,’ Free said. ‘The same clothes we had at the club. Prince played in 6-inch heels!’ “

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