Mystery man saved Dulono’s driver’s life

Mystery good samaritan. The Star Tribune’s Paul Walsh has the latest on the Dulono’s Pizza delivery driver who was shot Saturday morning: “A man passing by saw [Andrew] Gryskiewicz slumped over in the car and ‘started banging on the window, trying to get Andrew’s attention,’ said [Gryskiewicz’s father Duffy] Boeser, who’s been in touch with police about the investigation. Unable to rouse Gryskiewicz, the man yelled toward a residence for someone to call 911, Boeser continued. … The emergency call was made, and by the time officers arrived, the man had left. … ‘Police don’t know who he is,’ Boeser said. ‘He just kind of took off.’”

The Vikings stadium is the gift that keeps on taking. Public Record Media’s Mike Kazuba writes: “In May of last year, the Minnesota Vikings announced that the team was contributing another $14 million to its new $1.1 billion stadium in downtown Minneapolis. … It was the 11th time in a little over a year that the team had announced it was putting additional money into the controversial project. In its May press release, the Vikings organization made sure to state that the team had now put more money into the project ($566 million) than the public ($498 million). … But documents obtained by Public Record Media, a St. Paul non-profit, show that the amount of public money has also moved upward – mainly through ancillary projects, both big and small, that have not been counted as part of the public’s official $498 million contribution.”

Our former governor is really making the most of this Trump thing. The Atlantic’s Vann Newkirk writes: “Jesse Ventura—known in his time in the ring as ‘The Body’—is the former governor of Minnesota who still stands as the most prominent professional wrestler to successfully enter politics. His new book, ‘Sh*t Politicians Say,’ is a collection of quotes curated by Ventura, and his disdain for American politicians and parties shines throughout it. Something in his crass and irreverent—sometimes offensive—style seems to speak to why wrestling has had such an influence on politics recently. … Our conversation about politics, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, the two-party system, wrestling, ballet, the war on drugs, and more has been edited for length and clarity.”

Rybak floated as Wasserman Schultz replacement — back in 2012. That detail emerges in Politico’s story on the background efforts to replace her as chair: “After Obama’s 2012 victory, Messina and longtime political adviser Patrick Gaspard, who worked under Wasserman Schultz at the DNC, pressed the president to push her out, advising that he tap former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak as her replacement. Obama — who cared little for the party machinations — figured the move would be more trouble than it was worth and told his aides that he was OK having Wasserman Schultz serve as chairwoman until he left office. ‘It’s embarrassing that Obama left the problem for Hillary,’ one former West Wing adviser told Politico.”

In other news…

Still cleaning up the northland: “Storm update: 7,000 customers remain without power; 400+ utility workers in field” [Duluth New Tribune]

Safe to say Hillary just locked up Minnesota: “Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP Pick, Is a Replacements Fan” [Pitchfork]

The Glean

Not much of a party: “St. Paul’s political convention history: The Prohibition Party’s 1916 gathering” [MPR]

We’re so gross: “Five tons of trash collected by 2,000 volunteers at Minnehaha Creek Cleanup” [Star Tribune]

For World War I centennial: “New Camp Ripley exhibit takes visitors ‘over the top’ ” [Brainerd Dispatch]

A “lounge for Trust subscribers and donors”: “It won’t be a restaurant for the former Solera” [Star Tribune]

Drafted in 2009: “[Viking] Phil Loadholt plans to retire from the NFL” [Star Tribune]

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  1. Submitted by chuck holtman on 07/25/2016 - 01:04 pm.

    The Generous Mr Wilf

    “In its May press release, the Vikings organization made sure to state that the team had now put more money into the project ($566 million) than the public ($498 million).”

    I’ve just recently seen the conclusions of an analysis indicating that the combined state and Mpls share of stadium costs is about $1.25 billion, while the Vikings’ cost (net of construction-related revenue streams) is $80-$130 million.

    Each of these computations has its assumptions, of course, but I’m guessing the latter is a bit closer to the reality.

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