Prosecutors drop criminal case against archdiocese

MinnPost photo by Rita Kovtun

No criminal case against the archdiocese. The AP reports (via KSTP): “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has agreed to publicly admit wrongdoing for the way it handled abuse allegations against a former priest. … And prosecutors say they’ll drop six criminal child endangerment charges that alleged the archdiocese turned a blind eye to repeated misconduct by Curtis Wehmeyer, who was convicted of molesting two boys in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin.”

We’ll see! MPR’s Brian Bakst caught up with House speaker Kurt Daudt in Cleveland: “Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt, a Republican delegate to the national convention, outlined potential upsides to having Donald Trump atop the Republican ticket but said the impact of the presidential race on down ballot races isn’t clear yet. … ‘I don’t think that voters in Minnesota are going to necessarily attach Donald Trump to a House candidate. Likewise, I don’t think they’re going to attach Hillary Clinton to some of these House candidates,’ Daudt said after a delegation breakfast Wednesday. ‘I think when you look at the ideas, the records, the issues, the stances on issues they are going to have to weigh, “Do I support this candidate for the state House and this presidential candidate?” They are not joined at the hip.’ ”

Really interesting study on making parks work for all Minnesotans. The Pioneer Press’ Frederick Melo writes: “Asked what safety concerns kept them from visiting the metro’s regional parks, focus groups of African-Americans spoke worriedly about violent crime and accidents. Asians tended to bring up snakes, bees, hunters and water viruses. … African immigrants feared rape, killings, stabbings and drownings. Latinos brought up darkness, crime and animals. A combined focus group talked of fears of kidnappings and getting lost in the wilderness. … It might strike a park enthusiast as a dramatic list, but the common thread is that regional parks are big, scary places for many immigrants and people of color.”

Relatedly, “Here’s a map of every Twin Cities resident — and his or her race” [Pioneer Press]

For a billion dollars you’d think we could’ve gotten rock-proof glass. The Star Tribune’s Rochelle Olson reports: “All finished and just two days before its ribbon cutting, U.S. Bank Stadium Wednesday morning sported a giant hole in a glass panel on the ground level.  The broken window is near the Ecolab gate entrance to the Hyundai Club. The hole, big enough for a small person to squeeze through, takes up about a quarter of the panel. A shield is installed behind the glass though, so a person wouldn’t be able to gain entry to the stadium, officials said.”

In other news…

$120 billion in revenue: “Cargill tops Forbes list of U.S. private companies, which has seven other Minnesota firms” [Star Tribune]

Minnesota came in second in Slate’s definitive ranking of “Which State Did the Best Job Bragging at the RNC.” (Congrats to Rep. Tom Emmer!)

Take note: “Olmsted County’s pertussis cases still ‘spiking’ ” [Rochester Post Bulletin]

Still a thing, apparently: “Minneapolis Aquatennial Kicks Off Wednesday” [WCCO]

R.I.P.: “Obituary: Local radio personality Dick Driscoll rubbed elbows with likes of Elvis” [Pioneer Press]

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