Rybak apologizes to Minnesota delegates over email flap

Minnesota DFL Party
DNC vice chairman R.T. Rybak posing with Minnesota delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

Mayor culpa. Patrick Condon at the Star Tribune reports former Minneapolis mayor and DNC vice chairman R.T. Rybak spoke to Minnesota DFLers yesterday about those leaked emails: "'I want to issue you a formal apology on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, and I want to look in the eye of every single person that believes in politics here and say your trust was violated,' Rybak said. 'What happened was wrong, wrong, wrong.' … Without naming [DNC Chairwoman Debbie] Wasserman Schultz directly, Rybak said the change at the top was needed. He pointed out he had been a detractor for some time ... ."

WCCO-TV has a piece on alleged hate message left on a St. Paul mosque: "The incident was reported at the Da’wah Mosque in the city’s Frogtown neighborhood, located on University Avenue near Dale. CAIR reported the message left at the mosque contained a slur against Muhammad."

Also in St. Paul, Mara H. Gottfried at the Pioneer Press is following the attempts by St. Paul police to once again reopen Summit Avenue following more protests in front of the governor's residence: "Officers took several of the shouting protesters into custody about 10:45 a.m. after several hours of clearing. The street was reopened by 11 a.m. But several minutes later, traffic was block again as protesters walked out onto Summit."

Ross Kenneth Urken at Newsweek has an in-depth piece on the limited cancer care Native Americans have access to, and some Minnesotans who are trying to help: "'We have to take this issue into our own hands,' says [Joy] Rivera. She was one of the first three employees of the [American Indian Cancer Foundation], founded in 2011 by Dr. Dave Perdue, a Minneapolis-based gastroenterologist. The team has since grown to 15 people, who pound the pavement across the Northern Plains, from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Montana and the Dakotas. 'They’re really doing shoe-leather public health,' says Perdue."

In other news…

Wake-up call: Hilton Minneapolis sells for $143 million, about $9 million less than its purchase price in 2010. [Finance & Commerce]

Tears and memories: Rep. Keith Ellison on why Sanders delegates are booing at the Democratic National Convention. [Vox]

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Nailed: Builder to replace substandard lumber in Twin Cities apartment projects. [Star Tribune]

If only they tasted good in white wine: Zebra mussels found in lakes near Vergas, Alexandria. [Detroit Lakes Online]

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  1. Submitted by Pat Berg on 07/26/2016 - 11:22 pm.

    Summit Avenue protests

    There’s a picture gallery accompanying the MPR article on this subject at:


    Looking at the last picture – a sign posted detailing the ordinances the protesters are in violation of.

    I just hope they’re better at policing than they are at spelling . . . . . . .

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