Former Prior Lake librarian killed by Florida officer during exercise

Why were real guns even present? Paul Walsh at the Star Tribune has the horrific story of a former Twin Cities woman fatally shot while participating in a Citizens Academy exercise in Florida: “‘In a horrible accident,’ Mary Knowlton, 73, of Punta Gorda, ‘was mistakenly struck with a live round’ Tuesday evening after she and another of the 35 academy participants were randomly chosen for a “shoot-don’t shoot” role-playing exercise that involves decisions about when to use lethal force, said Police Chief Tom Lewis. Knowlton was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital in nearby Fort Myers and pronounced dead, the chief said.”

New band name: Fugitive Dust Rule. The Duluth News Tribune reports U.S. Steel will pay Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $49,500 to the agency for the violations at its facility near Keewatin: “The MPCA determined that Keetac periodically violated Minnesota’s fugitive, or airborne, dust rule beginning in early December 2012, and nine violations occurred until February 2015. Keetac has been idled since May 2015 due to decreased demand and foreign steel imports.”

Not a fan of Mr. Right. David Wasserman at the Cook Report gives Angie Craig the edge over Jason Lewis in CD2: “For over a decade, Kline had proven a highly popular figure with white collar Twin Cities suburbanites thanks to his military background and perch atop the Education and the Workforce Committee. But Lewis defeated Kline’s handpicked candidate, moderate businesswoman Darlene Miller, 49 percent to 31 percent and now even GOP strategists admit his win will make it more difficult for the party to hold the seat.”

Cute animals work. Kathleen Kusek at Forbes opines on General Mills’ challenge to counter negative health perceptions of ready-to-eat cereals: “Trix introduced the animated ‘silly’ rabbit in 1959, whose Sisyphean attempts to procure the breakfast cereal empowered generations of kids to proclaim it was made especially for them, not rabbits. Introduction of an ‘honorary’ Trix Rabbit that is an actual live bunny is GM’s attempt to communicate that their most popular presweetened cereals are more ‘real’ than they used to be because they no longer contain artificial flavors or colors.”

Don’t tell Minneapolis. Joe Gose at the New York Times discusses the latest developments in downtown St. Paul: “The federal building, known as Custom House, has 202 high-end units on floors six through 17, and a 149-room Hyatt Place hotel on floors two through five is scheduled to open in September… Some 1,430 downtown apartments are under construction in the Lowertown Historic District or in the planning stage, and the number of residential units in the district will climb to 8,100 over the next few years.”

In other news…

Don’t tell St. Paul: “Apartments with Trader Joe’s to break ground in downtown Minneapolis” [Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

Have you tried rebooting the server? “Delta struggles through third day of computer problems” [Star Tribune]

Usually fans don’t feel cheated until the final two minutes: “Man scammed in purchase of Vikings tickets” [Rochester Post-Bulletin]

Maybe keep a lower profile next time: “After Hugo road rage incident, cops find weapons, drugs, charges say” [Pioneer Press]

Just 68.7 percent? “Tom Emmer records weakest Minnesota GOP U.S. House primary win in 50+ years” [Smart Politics]

Garrison Keillor: “Trump as president is unthinkable. That’s why so many find it fascinating.” [Washington Post]

We’ll wait for the Hallmark Channel movie: “Minneapolis cops turn pet detectives to rescue runaway guinea pig” [City Pages]

More fun than a cardboard box: “Cat costumes galore at the Cat Video Festival” [Pioneer Press]

RIP: Minnesota native and Boston, New York, and London transit chief Robert Kiley dead at 80 [New York Times]

Kudos: “Metro Transit named 2016 System of the Year” [Metro Transit]

Boom to bust: “Williston crew camps get Sept. 1 deadline to close” [Inforum]

Enter Sandman, Gate E, Concourse 11: “Pandora to livestream Metallica’s August 20 concert at Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium” [BusinessWire]

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  1. Submitted by Jim Million on 08/10/2016 - 02:18 pm.


    They’ve been up and down and back up and now down again over 30 years.
    Please note this recent announcement: “Enbridge just bought $1.5B stake in Bakken pipeline.”
    They may be leaving the Sandpiper project behind them, but certainly believe Williston will be back up.

  2. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 08/10/2016 - 05:55 pm.

    It’s no accident

    “‘In a horrible accident,’ Mary Knowlton, 73, of Punta Gorda, ‘was mistakenly struck with a live round’

    No, a horrible accident was when a boy scout was killed by a falling tree in the BWCA, I don’t mean to sound callous but someone killed while playing silly games with a loaded weapon is not an accident its stupidity.

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