Politicians, community leaders react to Trump’s comments on Minnesota Somalis

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Donald Trump

Trump’s comments on Somali-Americans made news in Minnesota throughout the weekend. In the Strib, Mila Koumpilova reports, “For the state’s Somali community, Trump’s remarks inspired outrage, renewed calls to vote in November and plans to respond during the candidate’s planned visit to the state Aug. 19. … The remarks were not a departure for Trump, who has previously called for temporarily halting Muslim immigration and the resettlement of refugees from countries that have grappled with homegrown terrorism. But they were the first time he has singled out local refugee groups, in Maine and Minnesota.”

The Power Line boys are no great fans of The Donald. But there are people they like even less. Writes Scott Johnson, “Minnesota’s large and ever increasing Somali population is the ultimate protected minority in our left-wing utopia. The Somalis are black. The Somalis are Muslim. The Somalis vote Democratic. Enough said.”

Also in orange comb-over land. Esme Murphy at WCCO-TV has this: “The Minnesota Republican party is predicting Trump will rebound nationally and that Clinton’s campaign will stumble as she continues to fumble questions about her emails. Chris Fields, the deputy chair of the Minnesota GOP, said on WCCO Sunday Morning that Trump’s campaign would do well to focus on the economy.” Yes, and the big group photo during The Donald’s visit will be a true collector’s item.

Speaking of those probably not squeezing into the shot with Their Candidate, Maya Rao of the Strib reports, “Voters in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District are weighing four candidates in the Republican primary on Tuesday, in the nationally watched race to replace retiring Rep. John Kline, who has held the seat for 14 years. The GOP is eager to leave behind the bruising infighting and focus on the general election in November, where Democrat Angie Craig has a large advantage in fundraising and time on the campaign trail.” 

Rao’s story mentions another candidate, Matthew Erickson, but Brendan O’Connor at Gawker takes it up the ladder. “Who is Matthew Erickson? Matthew Erickson is the guy who compares himself to Clint Eastwood characters and writes creepy tweets about cute 17 year olds who can’t vote for him. … 

Erickson may well be hanging black bunting over this: In the Strib Eric Roper writes, “Koscielski’s Guns and Ammo, which dueled with City Hall since its opening in 1995, turned out the lights in recent weeks. … Its longtime proprietor, Mark Koscielski, grew up in Minneapolis and felt passionately about keeping his business there. ‘You have a right to go shop in your own city for what you want,’ Koscielski said in an interview last week, ‘whether you want to go down to Cub Foods and buy a pound of hamburger meat or if you want to go buy a gun or a case of beer.’” Hey dear, would pick me up a six pack of Glocks while you’re out?

And in that vein, you may recall hearing that the GOP platform asserts that porn is a greater danger to us all than 300 million guns. So, in a Strib commentary, Mary Schiesel Middlecamp writes, “While much of the Republican Party platform devalues equality, science, inclusiveness, and the separation of church and state, there is arguably one plank that is not wrongheaded or unreasonable — namely its declaration that pornography has become ‘a public health crisis.’ … By designating it as a ‘public health concern,’ if not a ‘crisis,’ porn would be recognized as a social issue so widespread and problematic that individuals need help and support from society at large to deal with it.” 

R.I.P. Sid. (No, not THAT Sid.)  Kristi Belcamino of the PiPress says, “Sidney Applebaum, co-founder of Rainbow Foods and Big Top Liquors, died Saturday. He was 92. A grocery career was in his blood. … As a boy, Applebaum bundled soap, bagged rice, worked as a box boy and delivered fruit and produce for his father’s downtown grocery stand. As an adult, he opened Applebaum’s Food Markets chain of groceries, Big Top Liquors and Sid’s Discount Liquors and co-founded Rainbow Foods warehouse-style supermarkets, where he remained president until 1997.”

No, not for sale … yet. According to the AP, “The administrator of Prince’s estate says it is not planning to sell Paisley Park, one day after asking a judge for permission to offer several Prince properties for sale. A court filing on Friday had included Paisley Park, Prince’s home and recording complex, among a list of properties that could be sold. But on Saturday, Bremer Trust issued a brief statement saying: ‘Bremer Trust, the special administrator for the Prince Rogers Nelson estate, has no plans to sell either Paisley Park or the property referred to as the ‘Purple Rain’ house.’”

Sticking around. Says Phil Miller of the Strib, “Miguel Sano won’t be taking any bus rides across the Eastern Seaboard with the Rochester Red Wings, at least for now. After igniting a weekend of speculation about their cleanup hitter’s pending demotion, the Twins decided that Byron Buxton’s difficulties at the plate require more urgent attention than their issues with Sano’s work ethic.” On Sunday, Sano hit two home runs and smacked a ball into the roof of Tropicana Fied, which had never been done before. 

For something called Romper, Hannah Westmoreland Murphy offers some deep science on stuff you buy on impulse at Target. “If You Purchase Leggings… If anyone tells you that leggings aren’t pants, you need to eliminate them from your life immediately because you don’t need that kind of negativity. This purchase says, ‘I want to look like a contributing member of society, but I [bleeping] hate denim.’ Don’t we all, my friend. Don’t we all.”

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  1. Submitted by Frank Phelan on 08/08/2016 - 09:00 am.

    MN GOP & The Economy

    When the MN GOP says their candidates should concentrate on the economy, is that the same economy that added over a quarter of a million jobs in July?

    But that may be better than concentrating on a party that has been unable to pay it’s bills.

  2. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 08/08/2016 - 10:16 am.

    But They’re Not Racist!

    No, the Zoo Crew over at Power Line aren’t racist, or anti-Muslim, or anything like that. No, no, no–it’s just that every leftist hippie in the state thinks those people are so cool. It’s such an affront to the poor, beleaguered white people of the state!

    Speaking of prominent local right-wing hacks, it seems that the source for Trump’s diatribe was a Washington Times story that relied heavily on a study from those intellectual heavy-hitters at the Center for the American Experiment. Talk about people who deserve each other.

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