Questions raised about Ilhan Omar’s marital status

MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi
Ilhan Omar celebrating her victory with supporters on primary night.

This probably should’ve been addressed earlier: J. Patrick Coolican at the Star Tribune is investigating the rumors surrounding history-making primary winner Ilhan Omar’s marital status: “Hennepin County records show Omar applied for a marriage license in 2002 but never used it. It was not immediately known whom she planned to marry. Seven years later, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in Eden Prairie, according to their marriage record. Elmi could not be reached for comment. Minnesota courts have no records of Omar and Elmi filing for divorce. Her campaign flatly denied that Elmi is her brother. It would only say that she and Ahmed Hirsi, who is pictured in campaign literature and is the father of their three children, are together and raising a family.”

No sneaking in healthy snacks: Dana Thiede at KARE has a short on security upgrades at the Great Minnesota Get-Together: “Officials announced Tuesday that bag checks will be instituted at all entry gates. That means bags, purses, coolers and packages will be subject to inspection at all 11 entrance points through the entire 12 days of the fair.

Good job, loving partner, and the alcove of your dreams: Michelle Bruch at the Southwest Journal has an update on Master Properties’ proposal for Franklin and Lyndale that doesn’t include Theatre Garage: “Eight walkup units would front Lyndale, and the building would contain a total of 113 units, more than the 82 units previously proposed. Rent rates are anticipated to start at $1,200 for a 530-square-foot alcove unit and run up to $2,200 for a walkup unit of about 1,100 square feet with a private garage.”

Didn’t he read the detour signs? The Duluth News Tribune has the feel-good tale of some MnDOT workers rescuing a retriever trapped at the U.S. Highway 53 bridge construction site in Virginia: “After determining that it was a wayward dog — a dog that needed help — crews tried to coax it the rest of the way down. When that didn’t work, ‘a worker volunteered to go up on a man lift. The pup reportedly jumped right into the basket and was an obedient guest, sitting nicely the whole way down.’ “

In other news…

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  1. Submitted by Robert Owen on 08/16/2016 - 03:34 pm.

    The Glean likes to poke fun at the Power Line “boys” from time to time. Wouldn’t it be fair though to credit Power Line for being the first to bring up this information that’s now being reported at the StarTribune and KMSP?

  2. Submitted by Pat Terry on 08/16/2016 - 05:05 pm.

    Omar is not a bigamist – she is only legally married to one person. It just happens to be someone other than the man she lives with and who fathered her children. That is kind of odd, but in itself not a legal issue.

    The problem – and the real question here – is why did she marry the other man in 2009? If she married him to help him with his immigration status, but was not actual “with” him, then she has committed immigration fraud, which is a felony.

    Omar’s daughter is around 13, meaning that, assuming that the current partner is the father, her current family arrangement was already in place in 2009 when she married another man. Is it possible they split up and she married someone else before reconciling? I guess.

    I don’t think this ends well.

  3. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 08/17/2016 - 12:22 pm.

    Omar and Powerline

    Powerline is spreading an unsubstantiated rumor that Omara married her brother, no better than the lies conservatives are peddling in political speech, such as Guiliani’s claim that there were no successful terrorist attacks in the US before Obama. And this rumor becomes page 1 news of the Star Tribune. Pardon me, but this is pathetic. Unless there is solid evidence to support a claim, a reputable newspaper does not report it until something is provided. The real story is that the Republican hate speech propaganda machine continues to find new targets.

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