Ventura to ask Supreme Court to hear his defamation case

MinnPost file photo by Daniel Corrigan
Jesse Ventura

Not down for the count. Randy Furst at the Star Tribune reports Jesse Ventura will ask the United States Supreme Court to hear his defamation case: “[Ventura] and his lawyer plan to defy the odds, seek redress from the U.S. Supreme Court — a very long shot — and go to trial a second time. ‘I feel I’ll win again,’ said Ventura. ‘Every time I’m the major underdog, guess who comes and makes me the favorite? The people. The people will come and take me from underdog status to victory.'”

Hope the crops survive. Also in the Star Tribune, Tim Harlow has an extensive recap of last night’s heavy rains: “Rain totals were still coming in on Thursday morning, but some places in western Minnesota were soaked with more than 8 inches of rain. Totals included 8.78 inches in Olivia, 8 inches in Willmar, 7.1 inches in Lake Lillian, 7.03 inches in Plainview, 6.3 inches just southeast of Hutchinson, 5.6 inches in Swanville, 5.4 inches in Cosmos, 4.9 inches in Mayer, 4.7 inches in Arlington, 4.6 inches in Morton, 4.2 inches in Montevideo and 4 inches in Red Wing.”

Good dog. Mara H. Gottfried at the Pioneer Press has a sweet story about a police dog helping a lost little boy find his way home: “The officer and boy started walking and looking around, but the child’s bare feet were hurting. Murphy carried him for several blocks. … ‘After a while, he gave up and started to cry because he was lost,’ [St. Paul police officer Pat] Murphy said. Enter Murphy’s police dog, Sarik. With the boy in the care of another officer, Murphy got Sarik to track the boy’s scent to his home.”

St. Paul’s nice too. Whatever. Jennifer Conlin in the New York Times offers the 13 must-see/eat/drink spots if you plan on spending 36 hours in Minneapolis: “Head to Lake Harriet and the Lyndale Park Rose Garden, the perfect place for your picnic. During the summer, there are concerts at the nearby Lake Harriet Bandshell showcasing pop, blues, folk and rock. Grab a bench and enjoy the music with the sun still shining. But when it sets, stay put — this is when movie night begins. …”

Maybe the New York Times travel section will write about you. Mattie Quinn in Governing has a piece on lawmakers pouring millions of dollars into making their states a destination for medical patients: “In [Leigh] Turner’s home state, Minnesota, there’s a $6.5 billion effort to build the ‘Destination Medical Center’ in Rochester. Using the Mayo Clinic as its core, the goal is to make the town a global destination for all things health and wellness. Approved by the city council in 2015, the plan is expected to span 20 years.”

In other news…

Finally: “And here’s the list of 39 banned vanity license plates in Minnesota” [City Pages]

Trainwreck in book form: “Pam Borton’s new book details Tubby firing, Teague dysfunction” [Star Tribune]

Don’t tell them we haven’t mastered the zipper merge yet: “Driving tips: how you can help limit traffic jams” [New York Times]

Is this what firewalls are for? “Delta says electrical problems included ‘small fire’ “ [Pioneer Press]

#RaiseTheStein: “Green Party’s Stein to campaign in Minneapolis” [MPR News]

Twenty percent off: “Macy’s to close 100 stores” [USA Today]

Maybe call them “tiny taprooms” or something? “Granny pods find lukewarm reception in Minnesota cities” [MPR News]

The other half of the population — brilliant! “Red Wing Shoes ready to show its softer side” [Rochester Post-Bulletin]

End of an era: Village Wok closing its doors after 40 years [Facebook]

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  1. Submitted by Julie Barton on 08/11/2016 - 01:49 pm.

    Granny Pods w/ a loft are “accessible?”

    I followed the link to the article, as this is something I find very interesting. But the picture on the article shows a tiny house with a loft, then the picture of the designers/developers show them with the loft, including the ladder to it, in the background. The next paragraph says they worked with experts to make it accessible? Not according to the pictures you didn’t. My mid-40s self wouldn’t want to climb up there, let alone have a loved one who has balance or mobility issues!

    So, I assume the model they are shown next to isn’t actually a “granny pod.” Which leads me to wonder why they wouldn’t share of picture of an actual pod or its basic blueprint instead of another model. Of course, my assumption could be wrong, and they really do have a loft for the elderly/infirm…..

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