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Why Donald Trump’s name almost didn’t appear on Minnesota ballots

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Donald Trump

He’s on the ballot now, but the Minnesota GOP’s, uh, confusion, over getting their Presidential nominee actually, you know, on paper so people could vote for him got a lot of attention across the country. Politico’s story, by Daniel Strauss, says, “Donald Trump’s name will appear on Minnesota ballot, a state official said, after its initial absence from the secretary of state’s website caused minor alarm in Minnesota GOP circles. ‘We just received the last item,’ said Ryan Furlong, communications director for the Minnesota Secretary of State, about Trump’s paperwork. ‘We were waiting for a pledge from one of the alternate electors. The filing is complete and the Republican ticket should be listed on our site shortly.’ The initial absence of Trump’s name and that of his running mate Mike Pence had caused some concern that a mix-up could cause big headaches for the Republican nominee.”

In the Strib, J. Patrick Coolican writes, “As of [Thursday] morning, Donald Trump’s name did not appear on the sample ballot on the website of Secretary of State Steve Simon. Michael Brodkorb, a former GOP political operative …  reported on Twitter last night that the Republican Party of Minnesota had failed to properly submit the name of its presidential and vice presidential candidates, as well as electors and alternate electors for the Electoral College. The deadline for submission is Monday August 29.”

Amber Phillips of The Washington Post says, “It turns out Minnesota Republicans skipped over one rather banal but important step: electing alternates for the electoral college. Minnesota Republicans elected their members to the electoral college — the people who actually cast the ballot for president and vice president — at their state convention in May. But apparently they forgot to elect alternates for those electors, a necessary step in Minnesota to certify your party gets on the ballot. Minnesota GOP officials blamed new rules about requiring alternates for the confusion, and others have pointed out the state party’s constitution didn’t even allow for electing alternates. But the bottom line is still this: The state Republican Party messed up — and Trump was the one who took the hit.” Is this the same crowd who thinks they can run a government like a business?

Following on their premiere APM Reports investigation, Tom Scheck at MPR says, “St. Louis County Child Protection Services has found four cases of maltreatment at a now-closed juvenile correctional facility in northeastern Minnesota. In a wide-ranging set of documents released late last week, county investigators said that in one instance an employee of Mesabi Academy broke the clavicle of a youth after shoving him against a wall. In another, a staff member ignored fighting between residents and even slept on the job while kids fought, investigators found. The findings are the latest from a months-long investigation by the county into the Buhl, Minn.,-based facility.”

A point of interest. Allison Sherry of the Strib says, “The liberal House Majority PAC just dropped $350k on Duluth TV ads targeting Eighth District Republican challenger Stewart Mills in this ad. Mills is running against incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan in the district that stretches from Brainerd to the Canadian border. The backstory: Mills ran two years ago and lost by a mere 1.4 percent. The rule of thumb is once you go up on TV, you need to stay up on TV. Spending his own money this time, Mills went up on TV in early August … early for a challenger, but Mills has the cash. Nolan’s internals must be taking a hit.

Not so many bottles in Minnesota. Says Lorna Benson at MPR: “New federal data show that 90 percent of Minnesota mothers breastfeed their newborns. That’s seventh best among all states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Minnesota ranks fifth for mothers who are still breastfeeding at six months. Research indicates breastfeeding has many benefits to both children and their mothers.”

Heads up, folks. Another MPR story reminds drivers, “State transportation officials are cautioning Twin Cities drivers to be ready for delays next week as key sections of Interstate 94 in St. Paul are shut down. From 11 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. Tuesday, the westbound lanes on I-94 will close between Marion Street and Lexington Parkway. The eastbound lanes of I-94 will close in that same stretch starting at 11 p.m. Wednesday until 5 a.m. Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Transportation said in a statement.”

And soon she’ll be butter. The KMSP-TV story says, “19-year-old Haley Hinrichs from Goodhue, Minn. was crowned the 63rd Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Wednesday evening. Hinrichs, who represented Goodhue County, was one of 12 dairy county princesses from across the state competing for the title. For the next year, Hinrichs will serve as the official goodwill ambassador for the Minnesota Dairy Industry. She will spend her first day as Princess Kay having her likeness sculpted into a 90-pound block of butter, a Minnesota State Fair tradition.”

Want a good laugh? Here’s my Wry Wing Politics blogging buddy, Joe Loveland, on “Five Reasons To HATE State Fair TV News Coverage.” “Reason #2: Because skinny people repeatedly fabricating overeating stories is never that funny. One of the many recurring gags we will suffer through during State Fair TV news coverage involves willowy anchors and svelte reporters exchanging witty repartee about how grotesquely bloated and obese they are from going all Joey Chestnut on Commoner Food all day long. Oh, the humanity! Their image consultants tell them that pretending to be like the binging masses will help their Nielsens. But make no mistake, they are mocking us, as they spit and rinse their Sweet Martha’s at station breaks, and nibble the sensible sack lunches packed by their personal nutritionists.”

Also good for mordant humor. Minnesota Vikings fan Drew Magary, at the sports site Deadspin, does his annual, “Why Your Team Sucks,” on … our soon-to-be-Super Bowl champion Minnesota Vikings. A sample: “See, this is why Minnesotans deserve to watch shanked 27-yard field goals for the rest of eternity. They are a group of passive-aggressive psychopaths who have somehow deluded themselves into believing they’re plain, honest folk. There are Bridgehampton socialites more willing to speak their mind than these silently fuming lutefisk eaters. It’s an entire state of TV morning show hosts. And the whole ‘one of us’ thing is genuinely repugnant. This state treats itself like a country club and it treats the rest of the world like it’s on a waiting list to get in. If only Minnesotans knew how little everyone else thinks of that frozen wasteland. By God, I will scream my contempt out loud through the new Gjallarhorn. Also, Norv is still the OC. If Norv Turner were a doctor he’d leave a scalpel inside you by accident. Watch any game called by Norv and you will witness at least one drive, perhaps more, that seems to have been deliberately sabotaged. Wait, why are we running the ball with no timeouts left? Why did he call that fullback lateral? IS HE A DOUBLE AGENT?! Norv can rot in hell. Blair missed the kick.” Drew is not about forgiving and forgetting thing.

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