After deluge, more rain on the way

It’s not going to stop. Paul Walsh and Mary Lynn Smith of the Strib say, “More rain is expected over the area from Friday into early next week, an unusual pattern for September, forecasters say. Minneapolis has seen 30.81 inches of rain so far this year, the most ever recorded for that period, according to the National Weather Service. The year 1911 set the rain record for a whole year with 40.15 inches; by this time that year, 29.58 inches of rain had fallen, according to Weather Service records.”

Latest target in the AG’s sights: pharmaceutical companiesJon Collins at MPR says, “The Minnesota attorney general has joined dozens of other states in filing a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies accused of manipulating the market for a medication used to treat opioid addiction. Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson joined 35 other state attorneys on Thursday in filing a lawsuit in U. S. District Court against the makers of Suboxone, which is used to minimize opioid withdrawal symptoms. The lawsuit alleges that the drug’s manufacturer, Indivior PLC, unlawfully extended its patent on the drug to prevent competition from generic drugs.”

These Prince tributes are starting to blur together. But Jon Bream of the Strib says, “Sheila E. will play a Prince tribute concert in the Twin Cities after all. Prince’s former drummer and fiancée will perform Oct. 23 at Orchestra Hall in what is being billed as the Purple Philanthropy Sheila E. Benefit Concert. The Purple Philanthropy fund is administered by the Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project.”

A big wind is coming. Says Mike Hughlett in the Strib, “Already a national leader in wind energy, Xcel Energy said Thursday it will increase its wind generation capacity in the Upper Midwest by 60 percent, enough electricity to power about 750,000 homes. Minneapolis-based Xcel plans to add eight to 10 wind farms that will serve Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Together, they will provide about 1,500 megawatts of power when the wind’s blowing. That’s almost as much as the 1,600 megawatts of power produced by Xcel’s two Minnesota nuclear facilities, though they essentially generate power constantly.”

If this stops even one. Mary Lynn Smith (again) says, “A driver who killed a bicyclist on a rural Minnesota road was convicted this week of careless driving. The McLeod County attorney last year charged Emily Givens, 26, of Hutchinson, with criminal vehicular homicide, alleging that she was reading a text message when she hit and killed Penny Verdeck, 40, on April 26, 2015. … At issue was whether Givens actually read two short texts near the time of the crash. In an analysis of her phone, the messages registered they had been read. Givens said she didn’t read the messages but the messaging app automatically opened up when she used her thumbprint to open the phone to change a Pandora radio station.

Wayne Rupard of the Forum News Service says, “After two racially charged photos were circulated on social media within 48 hours of each other, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy said more will be done at the school to educate people on campus about diversity and inclusion. … One depicts two women and a man wearing UND apparel smiling in what appears to be a residence hall. The photo is captioned ‘Locked the black b**** out’. The second image shows four people in blackface with the caption ‘Black lives matter.’ Both photos were posted on Snapchat, a popular mobile app used to post videos and images, and went viral after Shaun King, a social justice reporter at the New York Daily News, tweeted the photos out to his more than 362,000 followers on Twitter.”

You want Plan B? Mike Nowatzki of the Forum folks reports, “North Dakota Democrats running for congressional, statewide and legislative office proposed Thursday a state-owned oil refinery and rerouting the Dakota Access Pipeline as potential solutions to the ongoing dispute over the four-state oil pipeline.”

OMG! This is so exciting! Right here in our little old flyover state! FOX 9 says, “[TMZ] previously reported that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services received an anonymous call that Pitt was intoxicated on a private jet last week and became physically and verbally abusive to his children. TMZ says the private flight landed on Wednesday, Sept. 14 just before 8 p.m. at an airport in Minnesota. … The Koochiching County Sheriff confirmed to Fox 9 Pitt and Jolie were at the Falls International Airport in International Falls on Sept. 14. According to FlightAware, the couple’s private jet landed at the airport from Nice, France and was on the ground for about an hour before continuing to Burbank, California.” Was he going to drive back to LA in the truck?

He’ll be ok. Matt Egan and Chris Isidore at CNN say, “Calls for Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to step down are getting louder. But Stumpf is likely to walk away with a fortune even if he’s forced out over the national uproar about the creation of millions of fake accounts. Stumpf will leave with about $200 million — made up of cash, Wells Fargo stock and options, a CNNMoney analysis has found. Even if Stumpf is fired ‘for cause,’ such as violating company policy, he would have to forfeit only a portion of that sum. Stumpf, 63, has been CEO since 2007 and was at the helm the entire time that the phony accounts scandal was taking place at the bank.”

There’s something, or nothing, in the water. Another Forum story, this by Brady Slater says, “On the crest of the state’s pre-eminent tap-water tasting event Wednesday in Duluth, taste testers David LaFrance and Tony Belden bandied about the topic of the city’s water. ‘Duluth has some of the best-tasting water in the world.’ said the Denver-based LaFrance, chief operating officer of the American Water Works Association, whose Minnesota section is holding its annual conference at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center this week. … While Duluth’s tap water earned a finalist distinction at the conference, it came up short in the coveted Best in Glass competition, which named St. Cloud’s the state’s best tap water.”

Speaking of stuff in the water, another Forum story says: “Zebra mussels have now been confirmed in two popular recreational lakes in western Minnesota. They were found in Lake Sallie and Lac qui Parle Lake the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported on Thursday. The department also confirmed reports of zebra mussels in Lake Andrew in Douglas County and Big Birch Lake in Todd and Stearns counties.”

But will the Mayor get a thank you note from Joe Soucheray? Jamie DeLage of the Strib says, “St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has carried out a threat to veto an 8.8 percent increase in the tax levy approved Wednesday by the city council. Coleman already had proposed a 7 percent increase that was several times higher than increases in recent years. In a veto letter to council members Thursday, Coleman asked the council to sustain his veto and accept the budget he proposed in August. A large part of the proposed increase will be consumed because the Minnesota Legislature hasn’t had a special session to break its budget impasse. St. Paul was expecting an extra $3 million in local government aid out of the state budget package.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Julie Barton on 09/23/2016 - 07:31 am.

    Careless Driving conviction? weak…

    She was also charged with vehicular manslaughter, and because they couldn’t prove she was reading a text, they couldn’t convict her of that charge. Her own admission was that she was distracted – changing Pandora songs/something – what does it matter if she was distracted by a text, facebook or Pokemon Go?

    Careless driving is not a win in this situation.

  2. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 09/23/2016 - 09:33 am.

    It seems our Business leaders

    Are paid a great deal of money for NOT knowing what’s going on at their companies. How many times have we heard that the guy at the top, getting huge checks, had no idea that scandal X,Y or Z was going on during his watch. Anyone who works in any medium to large size company knows that management is basically clueless, what we don’t know is why they’re paid so much.

    • Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 09/23/2016 - 09:46 am.

      “Make Me More Money”

      It sounds as if the management at Wells Fargo had made the same statements to underlings as the guy in charge of Consumer Lending at TCF did a few years back:…

      “Make me more money!”…

      with the clear implication that those in charge didn’t care HOW that “more money” was made (by hook or by crook was completely acceptable),…

      but anyone who DIDN’T figure out ways to extract more profit out of the pockets of TCF’s consumer loan customers would be summarily fired.

      The sad thing is that, aside from Thrivent (the Lutheran-owned investment company) and a few others operated by church denominations,…

      and a collection of Credit Unions and small town banks,…

      this seems to be the operating philosophy of EVERY big, national investment/banking concern in the US.

      • Submitted by Henk Tobias on 09/23/2016 - 01:17 pm.

        Not confined to banking…

        …profit at any cost is the guiding “principle” of our national business leaders. Just look who we’ve got heading up the Republican party. In Trump’s mind, if he made money on a deal, and everyone else associated with that deal lost money because of the way he handled it, its a win for him and too bad so sad for them.

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