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Trump comments on St. Cloud mall attacks

MinnPost photo by Ibrahim Hirsi
Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud

This was inevitable. City Pages’s Mike Mullen reports: “With seven weeks left before Election Day in America, Donald Trump is not moderating his policy toward immigrants and refugees. He’s doubling down. … We’ll see ‘more and more’ attacks ‘all over the country,’ Trump predicts. And it’s all our fault. … On Sunday, Trump responded to the shopping mall stabbings in St. Cloud that left nine people wounded, and a bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City that injured 29 people. As is his wont, Trump’s first reaction came with some thoughtful, heartfelt tweets. … Note his use of exclamation points. This means he really means it.”

And Ted Nugent had this contribution to public discourse: “Victims Of Minnesota Stabbing Spree Were ‘Pathetic’ And ‘Embarrassing’ Because They Were Unarmed” [Media Matters]

Are we undergoing a little bit of an indigenous-food revival? MPR’s John Enger reports: “Hundreds of tribe members and others from around the region spent the weekend on the Red Lake Nation reservation in northern Minnesota learning how to grow and gather indigenous food. … The three-day event was the Red Lake Nation’s first Intertribal Food Summit which tribal leaders hope will spur the momentum of a movement among their people — a growing interest in returning to the food their ancestors grew, hunted and gathered. … As part of the event, native chefs led cooking demonstrations, and there were classes on seed storage and grazing techniques. Foraging expert Kevin Finney took a group through the forest, looking for wild food.”

The Strib takes a look at what the data say about how dangerous it is to be a police officer in Minnesota. Jennifer Bjorhus writes: “Angry public protests over police killings of black men and this year’s ambush attacks of police in Baton Rouge and Dallas have provoked feelings that law enforcement is under siege. … However, being a police officer in Minnesota is actually safer now than it was in the 1980s, although the situation may have worsened again in recent years, according to a Star Tribune analysis of law enforcement data.”

Some very sad news out of Iowa. WCCO reports: “The body of a college student from Eden Prairie was recovered from a river in Decorah, Iowa over the weekend. … The city’s police department said that the body of 21-year-old Bjorn Norderhaug was found in the Upper Iowa River near Clay Hill Road just outside of town. … Luther College confirmed that Norderhaug was a student there, a computer science major who was reported missing on Saturday.”

In other news…

Awkward: “Is Minneapolis sick-leave rule tougher than St. Paul’s? Ask KSTP, it has to follow both” [Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

Skål! “Duluth’s Vikre voted best specialty distillery” [Duluth News Tribune]

In case you were wondering: “What was up with Adrian Peterson’s televised limp through the Delta Club?” [Star Tribune]

More complaints about the acoustics in U.S. Bank Stadium: “Guard Alex Boone says fans need to ‘shut up’ when Vikings on offense” [Pioneer Press]

Hope you got yours: “That was much too fast: Prince tribute concert tickets gone in an instant” [Star Tribune]

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  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 09/19/2016 - 05:58 pm.

    It might be noted

    That the Avon policeman who killed the stabber was highly skilled and trained, even for a police officer. It is unlikely that most people, even if armed, would have been as effective. No bystanders were hit by wild shots, which would probably have been the case if a large number of under trained individuals had decided to play vigilante.
    This is an argument for restricting handguns to highly trained professionals; not even to most law enforcement officers.

  2. Submitted by C.S. Senne on 09/20/2016 - 04:15 pm.

    Trump supporters

    My favorite Trump-acolyte commenter said, after a bomb went off in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, that Chelsea Clinton must be arrested immediately for this. You just can’t make this stuff up! Yes, Donald did say, “I love the poorly-educated!” And he should.

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