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Why the Wetterling case was cracked when it was

Jacob Wetterling
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Jacob Wetterling

A little bit about why the Wetterling case was only cracked now. The AP’s Amy Forliti reports: “A fresh look at an old case. Renewed publicity sparked by a curious blogger. An assault victim with the courage to come forward. And a DNA match in a decades-old crime. … These were just some key factors as authorities worked to solve the Oct. 22, 1989, abduction of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old boy who was kidnapped from a rural road near his home in St. Joseph, about 80 miles northwest of Minneapolis.”

What’s the price of dysfunction? About $199,500, evidently. The Pioneer Press’ Bob Shaw reports: “Officials have hit Lake Elmo with a penalty for the poor behavior of its city council — $200,000 per insurance claim. … The Insurance Trust Board of the League of Minnesota Cities decided Wednesday to raise the deductible payments from $500 to $200,000 for the city. The increase means that insurance claims in the future will cost the city $200,000 apiece, with the city’s insurance paying the rest.”

If you’re not on Twitter and Facebook, this is what you’ve been missing out on. MPR’s Bob Collins recaps the latest outrage: “If ever there was a time for everyone to cut everyone else some slack, the last few days was it. Indeed, in the wake of the recitation in court on Tuesday of the last minutes of Jacob Wetterling, one could almost feel Minnesotans pulling just a bit closer, trying to shield themselves from the indecency and depravity of it all. … So the attack on Wednesday evening by Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J. — she never uses her real name — on KARE 11 journalist Jana Shortal because of her clothing while reporting the Wetterling story seems an indecency and cruelty all its own.”

Also in internet things. The Star Tribune’s Liz Sawyer writes: “Anyone can look miserable when you catch them unaware — even at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. A candid shot of two teens on the Sky Glider leaves the impression that these millennials are bored with the fair — and each other. Sitting side by side high above the fairgrounds, she’s engrossed in her phone, he’s sulking into his seat. … The image went viral Tuesday on Reddit, getting thousands of shares. A Photoshop battle later ensued on the forum, poking fun at what could have been a romantic ride near sunset. One imitation had her riding with a sad Keanu Reeves — a popular internet meme. Another shows the two distracted teens gliding through explosions without looking up.”

In other news…

Details, people: “MN Supreme Court Rules Rep. Barrett Ineligible For Election” [The Uptake]

You can buy a $1B stadium, but you can’t buy love: “16 ESPN pundits pick Packers to reach Super Bowl; none pick Vikings” [Star Tribune]

Sad update on Woodstock the Therapy Chicken:

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