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Pedestrian detained in Edina files discrimination lawsuit

The GleanWill be interesting to see where this goes. The Star Tribune’s Brandon Stahl writes: “A black man whose confrontation with an Edina police officer was caught on video and caused a national uproar is suing the officer and the city, saying he was a victim of racial discrimination. … Larnie Thomas, 34, was walking on the 5900 block of Xerxes Avenue S. on Oct. 12 when he was stopped by Lt. Tim Olson, who accused him of walking in the street. Thomas said he did nothing wrong and became angry with Olson, who grabbed Thomas by the back of his jacket. Thomas was cited him for disorderly conduct and pedestrian failure to obey a traffic signal. He was released.”

U of M law professor (and former George W. Bush ethics lawyer) Richard Painter filed a complaint against the FBI over the recent Clinton email disclosures. He explained his thinking in an op-ed for the New York Times on Sunday: “ The F.B.I.’s job is to investigate, not to influence the outcome of an election. … Such acts could also be prohibited under the Hatch Act, which bars the use of an official position to influence an election. That is why the F.B.I. presumably would keep those aspects of an investigation confidential until after the election. The usual penalty for a violation is termination of federal employment. … That is why, on Saturday, I filed a complaint against the F.B.I. with the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates Hatch Act violations, and with the Office of Government Ethics.”

Now here’s an industry that was ripe for disruption. KSTP’s Kevin Doran reports: “The high cost of college textbooks is always a worry for students.  And that financial burden can have an impact on grades. … A program created at the University of Minnesota is saving students all over the country millions of dollars. … ‘An open textbook is funded, published, and licensed to be freely available and flexible,’ [College of Education and Human Development Chief Information Officer David] Ernst added. … He says faculty bought in to the idea. ‘So that means students can download it for free or they can get a very cheap print copy of it. And actually faculty can take the book and change it to make it fit the needs of their students.’”

Some more details on the sudden departure of Surly star brewer Todd Haug. Mpls.St.Paul’s Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl report: “This one hurts, Minneapolis, so brace yourselves. … Todd Haug—the brewer most associated with the maximalist, super-hopped, still sweetly malty IPA that he pioneered with Surly Furious, effectively turning it into Minneapolis’s signature beer style—is leaving for Chicagoland’s Three Floyds Brewing Co. … I talked to Todd and his wife Linda as they drove back to the Twin Cities after house-hunting in Chicago. Todd told me he will not be replacing head brewer Chris Boggess, but joining him to help with expansion plans for the brewery and their forthcoming distillery; he will also eventually brew some of his own signature beers. Linda Haug is joining Three Floyds too, she will be consulting on their brewpub.”

In other news…

You’re not watching enough football and it’s killing the economy: “Pizza and wings chains hit by NFL ratings slump” [Marketplace]

NYT media columnist Jim Rutenberg interviews Sen. Al Franken on the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger: “Seeking Ownership of Both the Information and the Superhighway” [New York Times]

Speaking of Sen. Franken:

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  1. Submitted by Mark Gisleson on 10/31/2016 - 02:00 pm.

    If you’ve never had Three Floyds

    you cannot begin to imagine how brilliant their strong ales and stouts are. My #1 favorite brew to bootleg across state lines (painfully small distribution area).

    Good luck Todd! With any luck everyone will learn from everyone else and brewing history will be made.

    P.S. Save me a case of Three Todds whenever you figure out what that should be.

  2. Submitted by Jim Million on 10/31/2016 - 04:48 pm.

    Painter citation:

    Would that be “Hatch et al”?

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