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Ellison moves closer to officially running for DNC chair

MinnPost photo by Bill Kelley
Rep. Keith Ellison speaking at the DFL election night party on Tuesday.

Is there any doubt how much he’d annoy The Donald? For MPR, Matt Sepic writes, “Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said he doesn’t know ‘any good thing’ Donald Trump has done. Ellison made the comment during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning. Ellison confirmed he’s considering a run for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. ‘I say the most important criteria is vision. What is your vision for the party? Do you have a vision to strengthen the grass roots and help them turn out people in their local communities? That’s the real thing,’ Ellison said.”

A Politico profile says: “Ellison, a 53-year-old five-term House member, is already running — although not yet officially — to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He’s been endorsed by incoming Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) said it would be “terrific” if Ellison got the job. Other Hill Democrats are lining up behind him, and an online petition supporting his candidacy already has garnered more than 530,000 signatures.”

I blame it on the election. Says Paul Walsh for the Strib, “With the past month or so, [Roseville] police said, their department has detected a spike in purse and wallet thefts in the afternoon in restaurants and coffee shops. ‘The suspects appear to be targeting females who sling their purse over the backs of their chairs,’ a statement from police issued late last week read.” So no slinging, ladies.

Also from Mr. Walsh: You wouldn’t want to come home to this. “A pickup truck veered off a central Minnesota highway, struck several trees and came to rest in a backyard, where the driver was found dead. … Richard K. Larson, 64, of Litchfield, Minn., was killed in the wreck, the patrol said.”

Local cable host Ahmed Tharwat takes his shot at our soon-to-be 45th president. In a Strib commentary he writes, “President-elect Donald has alienated and scared lots of people and groups during his two-year campaign — Mexicans, women, blacks, gays. But no one was more scared than Muslims. … I understand that the banning of Muslims statement was taken off the @realdonaldtrump official website. But it is very hard to take it out of the conversation. Attacks on Muslims spiked on a daily basis, and it is going to get worse once The Donald grabs (gropes?) the White House in January.” 

Is there anything you don’t know yet about the “Super Moon”? Here’s more via Paul Huttner at MPR, “The moon is a familiar sight in our sky, brightening dark nights and reminding us of space exploration, past and present. But the upcoming supermoon — on Monday, Nov. 14 — will be especially ‘super’ because it’s the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won’t see another supermoon like this until 2034. … At perigree — the point at which the moon is closest to Earth — the moon can be as much as 14 percent closer to Earth than at apogee, when the moon is farthest from our planet. The full moon appears that much larger in diameter and because it is larger shines 30 percent more moonlight onto the Earth.”

Got a cheap house you want to sell? Stribber Jim Buchta reports, “When they arrived in the Twin Cities from London, Jane Green and her family moved into a stale corporate rental apartment. Why, she wondered, weren’t there any decent single-family houses to rent? She saw a gap in the market — and a business opportunity. Green started buying single-family houses around the metro area and created a profitable small business renting them out. She now owns 27 rentals, mostly houses, and the formula has been so successful, strangers are asking her to help them put their money in the Twin Cities rental market.”

And The Greatest Generation fought The Big One for what, again? PiPresser Dave Montgomery reports, “Donald Trump won Tuesday’s presidential election over Hillary Clinton — if you only look at people who showed up to vote, anyway. Of course, only people who show up count, so Trump will be America’s next president. But if you look at the entire voting-age population, the clear winner was staying home. Trump’s 60.1 million votes were 47.3 percent of those voting — but just 25.9 percent of eligible voters. Hillary Clinton’s 60.6 million votes were 47.6 percent of voters but just 26 percent of those eligible. A full 45.4 percent of eligible voters didn’t show up.”

Fighting over what? A 30 year-old hedge fund trader? Says Dave Orrick in the PiPress, “Two likely cougars, or mountain lions, have been spotted in northern Minnesota — fighting. The exceedingly rare event — wildlife officials aren’t aware of two cougars being spotted together in Minnesota before — raises the possibility that one could have been a female. Which raises the possibility — albeit a remote one — that we might be on the verge of a breeding population that could establish itself permanently. That hasn’t happened since European settlement.” Oh! Cats.

This is beginning to be like Spinal Tap’s drummers. Also in the PiPress, Chris Thomasson reports, “Yet another significant injury has hit the Vikings’ offensive line. Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer said after Sunday’s 26-20 loss to Washington at FedExField that left tackle Jake Long is likely out for the season after suffering a torn left Achilles tendon on the next-to-last play of the game. … He joins Matt Kalil and Andre Smith, the starting tackles to begin the season, as offensive linemen likely shelved for the campaign. Guard Alex Boone and Brandon Fusco also have missed time this year.” Zygi still has insurance on all these contracts, right?

At ESPN, Ben Goessling writes, “Some of this isn’t anyone’s fault. The Vikings have been riddled with injuries on offense in a fashion that’s required them to conduct almost a weekly inventory of what they can do to be productive on that side of the ball. Their offensive line, which has been permeable against a pass rush and ineffective while run blocking, could need another adjustment if Long is out. But [Sam] Bradford knows all too well how quickly seasons can dissolve when things go awry around a quarterback. With the Vikings’ losing streak now at four games, he could be on his way to another painful reminder of that fact.” But they are going to win the Super Bowl, right?

Forbes’ Roger Aitken mulls Warren Buffett saying he has faith in Well Fargo. “Billionaire investor Warren Buffett dubbed the ‘Sage of Omaha’ has given an exclusive interview to CNN, in which one of the world’s greatest investors maintained that Wells Fargo is a “great bank” despite making a huge mistake. He still retains faith in the US bank and hasn’t sold any of his holding. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is the largest shareholder in Wells Fargo with a holding of around 10% (c.500 million (m) shares) in the bank, with Buffet personally holding about 2m shares.”

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  1. Submitted by Howard Salute on 11/14/2016 - 12:41 pm.

    Did Warren get demoted?

    Warren Buffet was always know as “Oracle of Omaha”. It’s new to me (and maybe Warren) that the “Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is now dubbed the ‘Sage of Omaha’“.

    What pays more…a Sage higher or an Oracle?

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