Minnesota loses 12,500 jobs in October; unemployment rate steady

Minnesota industries that lost jobs in October included leisure and hospitality.

A sign of bad times to come? MPR reports: “Minnesota’s unemployment rate held steady in October at a seasonally adjusted 4 percent even as employers cut 12,500 jobs, state officials said Thursday. … That 4 percent rate remains better than the 4.9 percent national rate, but the state continues to lag the nation in job growth. Minnesota’s gained 31,375 jobs the past 12 months, up 1.1 percent, compared to the nation’s 1.6 percent growth rate, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development reported.”

We’ll see! MPR’s Tim Pugmire reports: “ Senate Republicans picked Paul Gazelka as their new majority leader last week after winning a narrow one-seat advantage (34-33) over Democrats. … Gazelka is pro-gun, anti-abortion and supports traditional marriage. Last session, he introduced a bill to allow businesses and organizations, based on religious views, to deny marriage-related services to same-sex couples. … But those aren’t necessarily the issues he intends to press during next year’s session. Gazelka said the approach will be different from the last time Republicans were in charge of the Senate, in 2011 and 2012, when they passed two constitutional amendments voters ultimately rejected to ban same-sex marriage and require a photo ID to vote.”

Should police review police conduct? The Pioneer Press’ Mara H. Gottfried writes: “Over and over, people stepped up to address St. Paul City Council members Wednesday night, and they mostly had the same thing to say: Police officers should not be members of the commission that reviews misconduct complaints against the city’s police officers. … The council is weighing changes to the Police-Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission, which has been in place for more than 20 years. The commission has always included two officers and five citizens.”

State of Hockey indeed. For the New York Times, Pat Borzi reports: “ In nearly every hockey-playing state, the name Herb Brooks elicits one memory: the Miracle on Ice, in which Brooks coached the United States to a victory over the powerful Soviet Union team at the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980. … But in Minnesota, where Brooks was born and raised, his legacy touches all five of the state’s universities that play Division I hockey.

In other news…

Minnesota’s senior senator weighs in on this one: “Senate Democrats’ Surprising Strategy: Trying to Align With Trump” [New York Times]

Major staffing problems at Human Services: “$59M in overtime at Minn. agency includes $294K for one worker” [Star Tribune]

Is there any problem that can’t be solved with good branding? “‘Skyway Avoidance Society’ aims to lure people back to Minneapolis sidewalks” [Star Tribune]

Bummer: “Saffron restaurant in Minneapolis closing” [Pioneer Press]

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  1. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 11/17/2016 - 03:29 pm.


    “…Gazelka said the approach will be different from the last time Republicans were in charge of the Senate…” To point out the obvious, “different” doesn’t automatically mean “better.”

  2. Submitted by Sean Olsen on 11/17/2016 - 04:15 pm.

    “Won’t focus on social issues”

    That’s what they always say at this time of year, and then the session arrives and things suddenly change.

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