Chris Coleman will run for governor

MinnPost file photo by Terry Gydesen
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman

Shocker. The Pioneer Press’ David Montgomery reports: “St. Paul’s longtime mayor Chris Coleman will run for Minnesota governor in 2018. … Coleman, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, had been exploring such a run for months before making it official on Tuesday morning. He had traveled to parades, protests and local meetings around the state and recently announced that he would not seek a fourth term as St. Paul’s mayor.”

Time is running out for a special session before the regular session. The AP reports (via WCCO): “Gov. Mark Dayton is challenging legislative leaders to agree on a special session to offset health insurance rate hikes. … The potential special session could also provide hundreds of millions of dollars in tax relief and fund $1 billion in public works projects. But after months of negotiations the deal is not quite done.” 

More luxury aparments please! The Minnesota Daily’s Kevin Beckman report: “As the University of Minnesota prepares for major building development on the school’s East Bank, officials are creating a plan to completely change the face of an area called East Gateway District. … Representatives from the University’s Office of Capital Planning and Project Management presented a detailed plan of the school’s vision for the area to members of the University’s Board of Regents Thursday. … The East Gateway area encompasses over 70 acres of underdeveloped land, and school officials said they hope to continue to expand the edges of campus into those parts. … ‘It is a tremendous asset that has great potential for the University,’ said Monique MacKenzie, director of Planning, Space and Architecture at the University.”

Big Al Franken profile in this week’s New York Times Magazine. Mark Leibovich writes: “At 65, Franken retains the thick build of the high-school wrestler he once was. The resting pout of his mouth — the Baby Huey countenance to match his honking voice — has assumed more of a smirk. Franken is not good at masking emotions. He cries easily and can become impatient and never bothered much to disguise his contempt for adversaries, at least until he arrived in the Senate, whose hidebound traditions of decorum demanded at least an honest effort. Franken has been mostly successful at this, and has been strenuous in his attempts to leave his comic past behind, though he was once busted for making dismissive faces and hand gestures behind Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader gave a floor speech in 2010. ‘This isn’t “Saturday Night Live,” Al,’ McConnell said, admonishing Franken, who later wrote a note of apology.”

In other news…

There’s bad news, and there’s bad news: “More ‘mega-rains,’ tick diseases on tap for Minnesota, report says” [Pioneer Press]

Mining update: “Government seeks to dismiss Twin Metals mining lease lawsuit” [MPR]

And who’s against Democracy? “Democracy for America endorses Ellison for DNC chair” [Politico]

8th Ward Minneapolis Council Member Elizabeth Glidden won’t seek re-election next year. [Facebook]

Not like they’re doing any good over here: “Vikings to Participate as Visiting Team vs. Browns in a 2017 London Game” [Minnesota Vikings]

More like Williams-Sayonara: “Williams-Sonoma’s closing highlights Mall of America’s struggle with home stores” [Star Tribune]

UK gets Low: “Low review – merry Christmas from the Minnesotan miserablists” [The Guardian]

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  1. Submitted by Aaron Albertson on 12/13/2016 - 03:12 pm.

    Could he win?

    If i’m back in Minnesota after college in 2017 which is likely, obviously i’ll be voting in that election. But idk, it seems like the DFL needs someone who could play better to rural voters. I’d rather see someone like Tom Bakk, Tim Walz, or Rick Nolan running for governor.

    • Submitted by Pat Terry on 12/13/2016 - 05:12 pm.

      Walz would be great.

    • Submitted by Richard Callahan on 12/13/2016 - 05:38 pm.

      You think it would make much difference?

      Rural Minnesota has been voting Republican for years even though it’s the Republicans who are cutting their aid to cities, transportation funding, social welfare, you name it, because the Republicans are social conservatives. You against gay marriage? Abortion? You hunt? You got my vote.

      • Submitted by Aaron Albertson on 12/16/2016 - 03:47 pm.


        We won’t flip every rural voter, but even 10-20% couldn’t hurt. I don’t expect we’ll win Sherbourne or Benton County, but I don’t think it’s too hard to put Itasca County back in our column, or win St. Louis by the normal 66-33 margin (Clinton won the county with 51% to Trump 41 I believe). Also, if our governor has some upside there, he could flip legislature seats there. Another I think is that we just don’t talk about economic issues as much as we could. That doesn’t mean ignore social issues of course, but we need to talk more about issues such as jobs and wages, bring them to the forefront.

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