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Snow slams morning commute, more on the way Wednesday


Sorry about your commute this morning, and maybe tomorrow too. MPR’s Paul Huttner reports: “What could be the most challenging week of winter for commuters continues today with another shot of snow and wind. Low pressure deepens and sails through the Upper Midwest today. The system drives another shot of snow and more slick roads for commuters. A second clipper brings another snowy swipe tomorrow.”

Oh, and your commute for the next five years. KSTP’s Jay Kolls reports: “January 09, 2017 10:23 PM … The busiest stretch of highway in Minnesota during rush hour gets final approval and staging for the $265 million project starts this August. … A nearly three-mile portion of 35W will see a Bus Rapid Transit Line (BRT) built between downtown Minneapolis and 42nd Street starting this August with completion expected in the fall of 2021.”

Your precious skyways are safe … for now. The Star Tribune’s Nicole Norfleet reports: “The New York developer that plans to transform the soon-to-close Macy’s in Minneapolis will keep skyways linking the property open during construction. … Representatives from investment firm 601W Cos. met with Minneapolis city officials Monday to briefly discuss the project. … Macy’s Inc. said last week it will close its store on Nicollet Mall in March. 601W is paying more than $40 million for the property and plans to renovate the three buildings that make up the location into a mix of retail and office space.”

Well, freedom isn’t free. The AP reports (via MPR): “Local sheriff’s officials say they’ve tallied the numbers on the costs and resources needed to maintain law and order at the encampment of demonstrators protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline. … The Morton County Sheriff’s Office says the state and local cost to ensure public safety since last August is $22 million. Sheriff’s officials say 91 in-state agencies and 33 out-of-state agencies have provided support.”

In other news…

Can’t be good for business: “Ties between Best Buy’s Geek Squad, FBI probed in porn case” [Star Tribune]

North Dakota really blows: “Great River deal will boost wind power capacity by 65 percent” [Star Tribune]

MORE BEER: “Cold Spring Brewing Co. proposes new facility” [St. Cloud Times]

Best of luck to them: “Empty since 1982, downtown St. Paul spot finally gets a restaurant” [Pioneer Press]

Wondering why signs tell you not to go below Minnehaha Falls when they are frozen? This video lays it out pretty clearly. [Facebook]

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 01/10/2017 - 12:40 pm.

    Wow, 22 million dollar subsidy

    and no one says a word. The really funny thing about all the unseen subsidies we extend to the Oil Industry is the fact that most of them pay little or no taxes. So pretty much every dime is paid by the taxpayer. At least they could say thank you. And before you go whining about Protesters…blah blah blah..please read your Breast Pocket Constitution, we still have the right to peaceably assemble, which is exactly what the DAPL protesters were doing. Pipeline Security and then the Morton County Sheriff’s Office turned it violent. First with attack dogs on Thanksgiving and then with expensive military equipment later on. Did they really need that expensive show of force for group of unarmed US Citizens.

  2. Submitted by tim johnson on 01/10/2017 - 03:49 pm.

    gotchyergummee right hyar

    Well, ;you ask a dumb question….here’s just a snowflake or two of what Henry Wadsworth thought of Minnesota winters

    pread the meadows and the corn-fields,
    And beyond them stood the forest,
    Stood the groves of singing pine-trees,
    Green in Summer, white in Winter,
    Ever sighing, ever singing.

    ” And the pleasant water-courses,
    You could trace them through the valley,


    By the rushing in the Spring-time,
    By the alders in the Summer,
    By the white fog in the Autumn,
    By the black line in the Winter ;
    And beside them dwelt the singer,
    In the Yale of Tawasentha,
    In the green and silent valley.
    Ye who love the haunts of Nature,
    Love the sunshine of the meadow,
    Love the shadow of the forest,
    Love the wind among the branches,
    And the rain-shower and the snow-storm,
    And the rushing of great rivers

    Then again he raised his war-club,
    Smote again the Mishe-Mokwa
    In the middle of his forehead,
    Broke his skull, as ice is broken
    When one goes to fish in Winter.
    Thus was slain the Mishe-Mokwa,
    He the Great Bear of the mountains,
    He the terror of the nations.

    In the land of the White Rabbit.
    He it was whose hand in Autumn
    Painted all the trees with scarlet,
    Stained the leaves with red and yellow ;
    He it was who sent the snow-flakes,
    Sifting, hissing through the forest,
    Froze the ponds, the lakes, the rivers,
    Drove the loon and sea-gull southward,
    Drove the cormorant and heron
    To their nests of sedge and sea-tang
    In the realms of Shawondasee.

    Once the fierce Kabibonokka
    Issued from his lodge of snow-drifts,
    From his home among the icebergs,
    And his hair, with snow besprinkled,
    Streamed behind him like a river,
    Like a black and wintry river,
    As he howled and hurried southward,
    Over frozen lakes and moorlands.

    There among the reeds and rushes

  3. Submitted by tim johnson on 01/10/2017 - 09:56 pm.

    gotchyergummee right hyar

    The above was in response to Huttner’s first draft, seen below;which he apparently quickly edited to remove the Longfellow reference….slippery, sudden go the weather guy
    on the shores of suburburbia
    in the land of skyblue water…/challenging-commutes-snow-and-wind-today-thaw-nex…
    Paul Huttner January 10, 2017, 8:40 AM Jan 10, 2017 2 Comments. “Into each … It would have been interesting to hear Longfellow’s take on a Minnesota winter.

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